The Differences Between SketchUp and AutoCAD

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Undoubtedly, AutoCAD and SketchUp are two very good programs nowadays, and that's why it will be hard for you to decide which one to go for out of the two. Before going into the differences between SketchUp and AutoCAD it'd be best to look at what they entail. With this, you will be able to decide which of the programs you want to go for.

What Is SketchUp?
SketchUp, formally known as Google SketchUp is a three-dimensional tool that allows you to create three-dimensional models. It is simple to use with its Pull and Push tool, which lets you make any surface that's flat into 3D objects. SketchUp also has a comprehensive models database that was created by other users that can be downloaded and used for your projects.

Furniture designers, interior designers, architectural design, graphic designers, video game creators, 3D printers, and other design professionals can find great help in the use of SketchUp. SketchUp allows you to also draw in two dimensions. You can try 3D modeling with SketchUp if you need a program that gives the best result. One fun thing about SketchUp is the existence of plug-ins developed by third-party providers.

The extension warehouse is a part of SketchUp where these plug-ins can be downloaded. Think of SketchUp as your play store for downloading android apps. There is also a feature of the Sketchup 3D warehouse that lets you download files created by other users. You don't need to create a model from scratch if you need one. Instead, you can search for models that have been completed using the SketchUp warehouse and then modify them.    

What Is AutoCAD?
AutoCAD is used in creating 2D and 3D models and drawings, such as a three-dimensional model as the floor plan. You can create your three-dimensional drawing by hand, and you can even use different layers or group objects when it comes to AutoCAD. Your objects can be reused in the future if you can also work with their database. You can reshape, relocate and resize different properties of your object.

AutoCAD is a software program for drafting and computer-aided design. It is a method of using computers to modify, optimize, analyze and create a design. AutoCAD has some other benefits in that it brings about more productivity in the designer, improves the quality of the design, creates a manufacturing database, and creates the design's documentation, which boosts communication. AutoCAD is great for collaboration allowing you to use sheet sets, PDF files, DGN files, etc.

Architecture, aeronautics design, cartography, product design, interior design, 3D map, raster design, plumbing, plant 3D mechanical, electrical can enjoy the features of AutoCAD. It has tools as well for 2D annotation, drafting, and drawing. You can perform tasks with centerlines, link data, and text from spreadsheets. AutoCAD also offers some tools and features such as section planes, 3D navigation, solid planes, point cloud, and so on for 3D modeling.

If you want to decide between AutoCAD and SketchUp for your needs, these are their differences :

User Interface
When using SketchUp, you will rely more on the use of tool icons and shortcut keys to design your objects. The user interface is easy and simple to master, and finding your way around them won't be a problem. AutoCAD, on the other hand, provides you with more ways you can use it: shortcut keys, command lines, tool icons, and menus.

Supported File Formats
SketchUp has a range of similar file formats, while AutoCAD works with more. AutoCAD is more compatible with a lot of file formats than SketchUp. SketchUp works with stereolithography (STL) files and Wavefront OBJ, while AutoCAD works with Inventor IPT, rhinoceros 3DM, and STEP files (the standard for the exchange of products)

Budget: Licensing and Pricing  
SketchUp provides a lot of options for its users in terms of licensing and pricing, and it allows you to save some money, whereas AutoCAD is more expensive but has a simpler scheme. AutoCAD is for professionals, while SketchUp is mostly used by hobbyists.

Ease of Use
SketchUp is a three-dimensional modeling program that's easy to master and use. At the same time, AutoCAD is a computer-aided design program that requires practicing for long hours and loads of familiarities before you can boldly say you have perfected it.

System Requirements
AutoCAD requires a more powerful and faster computer for it to work. For example, your windows computer should have at least:

  1. A fast processor like 3g or something faster
  2. Sixty-four bits operating systems
  3. 8 to 16g of memory
  4. One gig graphics processing unit.
  5. Seven gigabytes of free disk space.
  6. NET framework of 4.8 version or more
On the other hand, SketchUp works on a window machine that has:

  1. one gigahertz processor
  2. Four gigs of read access memory(RAM)
  3. A three-dimensional class video card with five hundred and twelve megabytes of memory or more.
  4. The class video card should work with hardware acceleration and a minimum of OpenGL 3.1
  5. Five hundred megabytes of the hard disk.

Toolsets and Extensions
You can use AutoCAD and SketchUp For your design needs. They can both make precise and detailed models and drawings. SketchUp makes life easier with its tools and plug-ins that are available in the extension warehouse. However, you can only have access to these when you have a shop license or Pro. You can install the plug-ins that you need.

However, AutoCAD has toolsets for various activities like mechanical designs, architecture, Floor plans, electrical drawings, and others. AutoCAD is a CAD design, while SketchUp is a three-dimensional modeling program. These programs have various features that can give you a hitch-free design process.

If you are considering a program that's best for you, SketchUp looks like a better choice for three-dimensional printing. It can deliver a great level of accuracy, making visualization a breeze and modeling easier. It is also not as expensive as an AutoCAD license. You don't also have to be a professional before you can operate the SketchUp program.

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