How to design a boho-style room?

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Why is the Bohemian interior style so loved? Simple, because there are no rules in terms of designing your home, unlike the minimalist or traditional movements. This home decor style was mostly inspired by the greatest artists, writers, and nomads that valued art and creativity more than money or anything else. You will find out everything you need to know about its origins of it by taking part in our Interior Design course. There you will learn not only about different styles and how to use them in real life, but also a lot of basic skills, essential for your interior designer career. You will be surprised to learn that this type of style first showed up in France, during the 19th century! After the French Revolution, the group of travellers called the bohemians started appearing. They were originally from Bohemia which is in the western region of the Czech Republic. The Bohemians believed in an unconventional lifestyle that embraced music, art, spirituality, and literature. Incredible, right? Let’s dive deeper into it and learn about Boho ideals and cultures and how this style wants to embrace more of the unconventional and go against the rules!

There are some important steps to follow if you want to create a beautiful Boho room, using the right colors, materials, furniture pieces, or patterns! Because the core of this style is more about relaxing and embracing your personal style, you would be able to add what you please in your place!

boho interior design

First thing first, you need to know that, in this home decor style, there is no matching decor. Each furniture piece is special, carefully placed, there is no perfection and no color. Is more about feeling the moment, to feel like you are alive, warm and comfortable, and full of colors! A relaxed space is loved by everyone. 

One of the most important things you will have to master is that Boho is not a style on it’s own. Boho is the intention behind creativity, behind mixing and marching different styles together and behind using unconventional pieces. So it is really important to learn how to apply this Boho feeling to all of your designs. This will come in handy when you are designing a rental, since then you would have to consider the owner’s personal taste and view. But with Boho you can add some statement pieces and you will have a finished put together look. 

For example, if you want to achieve a Bohemian look, good for your home, you can start by mixing textures. This style goes against the rules, which means that it does not lack textures. You can combine your favourite wood furniture with rugs made from natural fibres or you can add bright colored pillows to your sofa, together with baskets with motivational quotes on them. You can place a few books near your coffee table or hang a big painting on a wall. Because it was a style inspired by the greatest artists of that period, there should not be a lack of art! 

In terms of Bohemian style, there is no need for you to be minimalist. You can always try and play around with the furniture pieces you want to incorporate into a room. Avoid leaving open spaces or empty walls, try to add new elements that will catch your attention! A flowerpot, shelves full of your favourite items, anything! Careful to not make it crowded, there is a difference between a crowded space and learning how to maximise the space you have. 

Another important thing you need to know is the importance of colours. Vibrant tones of a white and tan or a soft shade of brown are perfect, try to avoid the excessive use of black or furniture pieces made from different types of dark woods. It would be ideal if you choose to stick with bright colored woods much more than with the other ones, which make a heavy effect. In our Interior Design online classes you will find more about the importance of furniture pieces and how they should look, according to the home-style we pick. Because each element is special in its way, it is important to learn how to combine or blend them, if that is the case!

boho plants interior

But in case you still want to add some dark elements to your room, try to pick some that have patterns, like rugs, or a bed frame. 

Another important matter to achieving the Bohemian style you wish is the aesthetic of it. Because patterns and colours have the power to show your personality, you can always play with them and find which one is the best for you! And if you want more relaxed air in your room, try to add some plants. There is no Bohemian room without a plant! They make your space lively, giving a natural vibe. Hanging plants or putting a simple flower pot near your window could have a great impact. 

Flowers are gorgeous, they are colourful and vibrant and you can combine them with art pieces. For example, you can add a plant pot with long and interesting leaves near your favourite art frame or you could pick a small hanging plant and put it together with a sculpture. By accessing the Interior Design course you will discover that it is more about creativity, imagination, and finding your true personality, rather than sticking to the rules, like the others. 

boho interior style

Patterns play a great role in the Bohemian style. They are the main key to it. Silver, gold, or chrome fixture furnishes are the most popular ones, and iron is the most picked! But try to not overdo it. There is no need for you to force your eyes, having a lot of patterns could cause you a headache and it could become a visual overload, which is not pleasing at all. You could try and mix your favourite patterns with the bold colours you like, for a better focal point. For a better understanding, in Turkey or India, you could see some examples.

To make your room more Boho, add handmade art pieces. Even souvenirs are a great idea! Wood and natural materials are a must, try to add a stack of old magazines near your coffee table for a vintage look! 

And you could learn all of this, even more, by accessing our Interior Design education. Our experts will help you, even if you feel like you won't succeed. There isn't a case for negative thoughts, you need to believe that you have the power to make your dream come true and you can design for your friends, too!

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