16 Bathroom linen closet ideas

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Organizing home essentials has a significant impact on a homeowner’s daily routine. It can either add up to your ease or mess up your schedule. Just like when you are in a hurry going to work and that bath towel is out of sight. No shower or no work? How about serving your guests a sumptuous meal and the table cloth that you bought from a store is lost? A big hassle isn’t it? Yes, these scenarios are just some of the many inconveniences you might encounter without organization in the house.

Part of the order that you are establishing in the house is proper cabinetry and sorting. Selecting the right cabinets and closets is significant in keeping your essentials neatly and safely. The materials used as well as your chosen design should be properly planned. Sorting inside these storages requires the help of some boxes, baskets, pull-outs or partitions. These come in different materials such as handcrafted rattans, plastic boxes, wired containers or aluminium partitions. The styles depend on how you opt to maximize the space in your closet.

The most important part of organizing is prioritizing your ease and comfort. Whatever design it may be, always choose the parts where it will be easier for you to identify the segments. Also, try decluttering first and assess which ones are not included in the closet. Now, are you ready to see some of the interesting styles you can try? We prepared some tips on how you can fix that linen closet of yours.

Basket with Labels by ©Our Perfecting Manor All Rights Reserved

One of the handcrafted products that are unique and helpful is the basket. Yes, the ones made from natural fibres like rattan. They come in handy with a cloth inside or handle. You may put labels on it for ease of access.

Bath Baskets by ©Bouclair All Rights Reserved Photo via Pinterest

Next on the list are these printed baskets. These are cheaper and come in different designs online. You may opt to mix it with other containers in the same hue.

Brilliant Hall Closet courtesy of ©lifestorage.com Photo via Pinterest

Wired baskets are also a thing nowadays! They are easy to clean and breathable in the closet. You may fold your linens neatly and stack them side by side in the basket. They come in different sizes too.

DIY Bathroom Linen Shelves by ©Ella Claire & Co. All Rights Reserved

Of course, when you are not comfortable with closets, open shelves may be your preference. This comes differently as the linens are exposed to a lot of factors. Nevertheless, baskets and glass containers may be mixed in your closets as well for you to recognize the essentials easier.

Easy Linen Closet Organization via ©crazylaura.com All Rights Reserved 

Big wired baskets, a hook and dark-coloured rattan baskets can be a good ensemble as well! The contrast between light and dark paints is perfect. You may try this style by starting with your preferred colour combination.

Linen Closet by ©Style At Home All Rights Reserved Photo via Pinterest

In this design, the brown hues dominate the closet. It looks natural and neat as the mix of small to large materials fit properly. The combination of a variety of materials harmonizes all the elements in the closet.

Linen Closet Organization via Pinterest All Rights Reserved

Nude or beige containers look perfect in this ensemble. You may also decorate a space in between them.

Linen Cupboard Transformation via ©news.com.au All Rights Reserved Photo via Pinterest

In this design, the partitions are divided depending on their purpose. The tall side would fit big bags or laundry baskets. Horizontal partitions are also good for open baskets. Here, black baskets look sleek.

Organizational Storage Trays by ©Palo All Rights Reserved Photo via Pinterest

Trays are also good for easy pull-outs. This style can limit the time and effort you might need for your bathroom essentials. It is also great to stack them depending on the thickness or thinness of the materials inside. They come in a wide range of measurements, too.

Organizing by ©The Container Store All Rights Reserved

White and brown are good combination colours for storage and labels. Try this style as you create alignment and symmetry in your closet. Choose a variety of containers with the same colour.

Plywood shelves in linen closet by ©Jaime Costiglio All Rights Reserved

Wood is a good material for a warm approach to your storage. Yes, plywood can be the cheapest you can have. They also look clean and organized inside the closet.

Repurpose Office Supplies via ©goodhousekeeping.com All Rights Reserved

Throwing that old folder rack? Recycle and upcycle! This can be used for towel holders. DIYs are common nowadays and the closet can be your finished product. 

Simplify Your Linen Closet via ©neatlydesigned.com All Rights Reserved

In this photo, you will see that white has always been timeless and classy. The expandable partitions provide support to the white rattan baskets and towels. It is an all-white ensemble for a clean look.

Small Linen Closet Organization via ©crazylaura.com All Rights Reserved

Cramped space? Worry not! This small closet proves that essentials can be kept nicely through a mix of containers with labels. Some big towels or linens can be rolled up for good storage.

Space via ©knofdesign.com All Rights Reserved

Wallpaper it is! In this style, the wallpaper creates a mood in the linen closet. Who says closets should be plain? If you are a fan of printed backgrounds, this style is a must-have!

Ventilated Linen Closet via ©flickr.com All Rights Reserved Photo via Pinterest

The breathable door in this closet is a must-try! Here, expandable partitions help in the organization of towels and linens. The space below provides a bigger space for your boxes.

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