13 living room ideas with sectionals

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When it comes to designing your living room, one favorite piece of furniture to add to this space is a sectional. This furnishing characterizes by having two or more pieces that you can join together or separate, depending on the arrangement you want to create in your living space.

This room is one of the most expected when we build a home, and sectionals are perfect for giving your home an authentic, versatile, elegant, and astonishing look. And many people believe that sectionals are only for big spaces due to the number of pieces or sections they have. But, don’t worry, if you have a small space, you can also include a sectional as part of your decoration because everything in interior design is all about creativity and how you position and distribute your décor. 

So, let’s see some living room ideas with sectionals that we have gathered to guide you in this incredible process of designing your dream home.

Leather sectionals
You can find sectionals in several sizes and materials, and leather is one of them. Leather sectionals will give your living room a homey and comfortable feeling and are perfect for contrasting with the material of rug, cushions, and blanket. You can add an extra layer of texture, for instance, with a soft blanket. And, of course, it will serve to bring an authentic look. Leather is easy to clean, and you can find it in different colors, so you can choose the best that fits your design style.

© The Dump Luxe furniture outlet

2. Sectionals away from the wall
Sectionals are often placed against the wall, but if you want to give a different air to the space, you can position it away from the wall. In the center of your living room, your sectional will create an inviting mood, breaking the big space, and becoming it more comfortable. You can complete the look with a coffee table, a rug, and a footstool.

© Royal Furniture

Throw pillows over the sectional
Sectionals have deeper seats, so fill them with pillows is an excellent idea to give a comfortable and relaxing look to the space. Throw pillows can also serve to give a splash of color and extra texture to the general style, and they are functional and decorative, at the same time. You can place a big and interesting base pillow on each corner of the sectional, and a small pillow with an accent color over them. In this sense, you will be playing with sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. 

© JRL Interiors

4. Sectional frame
If you would like to add a different style to your home and have enough space in your living room, you can divide a sectional and put one piece in front of the other, or with a 90º angle, to create a frame in your living area. In this case, you don’t need to add two sofas, but just one sectional placed differently. In the center, you can put a coffee table, and you can also include a table lamp on a side table to build a reading nook.

© Seams to fit home

5. Vibrant sectional
If the palette color of your home is neutral, and you dare to make something different in your space, you can add a sectional with vibrant colors to become the focal point of your living room and create contrast with the general ambiance. Or, if you want a neutral color for your sectional, you can add some throw pillows and blankets in accent colors.

©  DHI Furniture

6. Sectional + armchair
To design a new look for your living room you can choose an L-shaped sectional and pair it with an armchair. In the center, you can put a single coffee table, or even you can mix two little coffee tables to create a comfortable and relaxing mood. You will love this layout and would be perfect for sharing with friends.

© Decorpad

7. Add a rug
Adding a rug under your sectional in the living space is an excellent option to complete the look of the room. You can add a small rug with a vibrant color to create an eye-catching look in this space. This option will add texture and a splash of color to your living room. But also, you can add a big rug that covers all the space to make your room feel cozier and warm. In this case, the rug should be in neutral colors to not overwhelm the space.

© Designing Idea

8. L-shaped sectional into a U-shaped sectional
Sectionals are versatile, and you can make different changes and move your sectional to create a new look whenever you want. Thanks to the pieces that form a sectional, you can distribute them better than a traditional sofa. So, you can move an L-shaped sectional until you form a U-shape in the living space. And to complete the look, including a coffee table and a rug.

© Pottery Barn

9. Sectional against the wall
If you don’t have enough space in your home, you can equally add a sectional in your living room, but the arrangement will be crucial to make the most of the space you have in your home. In this case, you should place the sectional against the wall to create a cozy, beautiful, and warm room. You can either buy an L-shaped or U-shaped sectional.

© Home Décor Bliss

10. Statement art over a sectional
You can mix or combine a sectional with some statement pieces of art to give your living room an outstanding appeal. You can hang big and bold artwork with vibrant colors to create a special focal point when entering the room. And, as art is related to creativity, don’t hesitate to select all the pieces of art that fit your home style and personality. 

© Decorpad

11. Create a bed
Sectionals can have the arrangement you want, and you can separate, move, and change all the pieces to create different looks in your living room. And one of the best layouts you can design is a bed with pieces of the sectional. The idea is to place the sections next to the other in parallel lines. The final form will be like a bed, and it would be perfect for enjoying a movie night. 

© Arhaus

12. Gray sectional
If you like modern style and want to add cool colors to your living room, you can choose a gray sectional, that can perfectly combine with light colors on your walls. Also, you can include dark green or navy pillows or blankets to give a punch of color to the space.

© Big Lots

13. Add an ottoman
You can also add an ottoman in front of the sectional to create contrast and complete the general look of the living room. And this is an excellent option since ottomans are versatile and can play different roles in the space, such as a coffee table, footstool, extra seating, or even extra storage. Ottomans can be found in several materials and textures, so you can select the best ottoman that matches your style.

© Urban Barn

As you can see, incorporating a sectional sofa in your living room is an incredible idea since you can create different looks with just one piece of furniture. There are several designs you can choose from to distribute them in a way that you build an astonishing and comfortable space.

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