Does nursery furniture have to match?

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Stepping inside a furniture store, you will see different kinds of colours, shapes, styles and sizes. They have options to show you that they got what you are looking for. This description somehow does not fit a design of a room. Well, in terms of cohesiveness and practicality, there should be balance and harmony inside a home. The HDI Interior Design course will help you understand these concepts as it is tackled in the discussions. It can be your guide when it comes to the dos and don’ts in interior design.

As we mentioned, the Interior Design course will let you discover theories and techniques that are vital in designing and decorating homes and establishments. You will learn relevant topics such as the elements of an interior design and how it affects people. Lectures will gear you up for application and presentations through software to give you visual representations of your ideas. Yes, you will be able to present them and it will serve as your project. Learning can be this fun and interesting. If you think this is your cup of tea, take a sip and enrol on our website. You may also like to browse for more topics related to interior design.

Speaking of furniture, a nursery requires some furniture for a comfortable stay of a baby and the parents. There are different types of furniture included in a nursery but, do they really have to match each other? That question has people thinking if what most are doing is correct. Well, for some reason, having matching outfits for couples is cute but doing it every day makes it dull. Although having matching furniture is not bad, if the common aspects are repeated over and over, it can be too much. We listed some analyses which can be an answer to the question posted dozens of times.

modern nursery room

Before anything else, assess yourself. What do I really want for the nursery? Does it have to be strict in matching? What theme do I want? Even if it is a requirement to have a piece of matching furniture in a nursery, if it does not suit your taste, you will have to change it over and over again. In interior design, it is the aim to put into reality the vision of a client through options that would maximize space and meet the aesthetic standard. 

You are the client in this case (if you need a nursery right now). Your decision matters and your comfort is the priority. You have to be clear about your vision and preferences. In this matter, your choice is important over the question of whether furniture pieces have to match.

Furniture is an important part of a nursery. Its material is also assessed to give warmth and comfort to the baby and the family. The aesthetic appeal matters but it should be consistent. If matching pieces are chosen, they should have consistency with the theme and design of the whole nursery. The furniture pieces may be matching but if it is out of place among the elements of design, they will lose their appeal.

Aiming for consistency is another goal you can include in your nursery interior design plan. There should be some kind of similarity and/or repeated pattern in your design that matches the furniture pieces. This creates a complete picture of the design. Sometimes, the furniture collection blends in or becomes a highlight in the nursery. Still, consistency should be checked rather than focusing much on matching furniture pieces.

nursery room

With similar pieces come different kinds of styles and colours. There is an aesthetic appeal in contrasting aspects of interior design. An example would be having light coloured furniture pieces in a slightly dark hue of blue. This accentuates the focal point which is the crib or the collection of furniture. Contrasting is another technique you can use to highlight something important or aesthetically appealing in the nursery.

Instead of obsessing about matching furniture, why not try contrasting ones? Wooden crib with a coloured rattan side chair. However, in this method, take note of the design that you want so as not to go haywire with the style. Try not to overdo it as well. 

The big question is not how furniture pieces should match but how safe it will be for the spaces in the nursery. We aim at giving aesthetics a room in our design however, creating a safe place for the child is important. Select furniture pieces that are sturdy and timeless. This description tandem is the best piece you can get.  If the furniture can last a long time and it is aesthetically appealing, you might want to check its collection. Then, matching furniture becomes integral in the nursery.

kid's room

At the end of the day, it is not obligatory to find a piece of furniture that has matching pieces with it. What matters most is the quality and style it can give to the design. Harmony and balance are still important in nursery interior design. The child needs comfort and warmth needed for growth. With the preferences of parents, the nursery becomes alive even while waiting for its resident. When it comes to the question of having a piece of matching furniture, nothing beats comfort and harmony of style. Select the best pieces and you will know where to begin.

Lastly, it is important to have a prior knowledge of the elements of interior design to know which ones are significant to decide upon or which can be done with techniques. With your interior design education, you can experiment on your own and be brave with different styles. It is also noteworthy that balance and harmony should be present in the nursery. These can also be done when you know how to play with the elements. So, what are you waiting for? Try our interior design course and see your potential in designing and decorating a nursery!

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