10 Wooden Ceiling Styles

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A wooden ceiling in the interior is a topical and stylish solution. Wood is well amenable to processing, which allows you to implement any extraordinary design ideas. Wood ceiling covering can be deliberately simple and even crude, but can impress with its luxury and sophistication. The material, taking into account the shape, color and style of specific finishing elements, will be appropriate for both classic and modern and even futuristic interiors. That's why the wooden ceiling is once again at the peak of its popularity today. But this is not the only reason for its popularity.

Its main advantage in the eyes of designers and consumers of their services is environmental friendliness and safety. The ceiling of wooden panels or boards is especially popular with fans of ecological and natural materials in design. How to add such a construction in the design of your interior and not to break the stylistic harmony?

The variety of materials for the construction of wood ceiling coverings is impressive. Let's list the main varieties of finishes of this category, presented.

Wooden Panels
The main advantage of panels is the ease of installation. With this work it is quite possible to cope with their own hands. Individual fragments are attached to the purlins with nails or claymores, or fixed directly on the ceiling with glue. If the ceiling elements need to be replaced, they can be easily removed. There is no need to dismantle the entire covering.

living room with wooden ceiling

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The most common area of application of the material - finishing steam rooms, terraces, balconies, country houses. But nothing prevents him from performing a ceiling in the apartment - if that requires the designer's idea. Initially, the raw board can be impregnated with a stain of the desired color, painted or just varnished to retain the natural pattern of wood fibers.

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Rarely does it occur to anyone who uses plywood as the ceiling covering material. And rightly so. With this material you can create a beautiful, and most importantly unusual and exclusive ceiling.

Plywood is a material consisting of several layers of veneer, each of which is superimposed perpendicular to the previous one. First, the core is made of softwood. Then maple, birch or alder veneer is glued to it on both sides. Beech is used for the elite variety.

wooden ceiling

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Veneered Elements 
Veneered elements are perfect for a summer house or outbuildings. If you plan to use plywood for finishing the ceiling of the corridor in a private house or the living room of a mansion, it is worth giving preference to polished plates of the elite class. Bright and unique decoration of the room will be picturesque panels with colorful ornaments.

Ⓒ Hunter Douglas Architectural (Europe)

Wooden Wallpaper
Help to recreate a special atmosphere of natural coziness at home. There are several varieties of materials in this category. They are divided into groups depending on the raw material and how it is processed.

Ⓒ Styles at life

Ceiling Filet
The final touch to a timber ceiling is undoubtedly the bar. You can choose the appropriate baguettes for each interior solution. For the classics, you can choose pompous, gilded and carved baguettes, while for the modern variant, the laconic, reserved and not flashy ones.

Ⓒ Armstrong Ceilings

False Beams
Wooden hollow beams give the room a special flavor. They bring to urban apartments the rustic simplicity and comfort of a country house. Thanks to them it is possible to solve several design problems at once:

  • Visually "move" the ceiling;
  • "Stretch" the room in the direction of the beams;
  • Zoning the room;
  • Create a clear contrast with the background of the ceiling lines.

A large number of beams under the roof, characteristic of the chalet style, which absorbed the features of the rustic Swiss cottage. But if desired, wooden elements can be harmoniously integrated into almost every room. It all depends on the specific materials and imagination of the author of the design.

wooden ceiling accent

Ⓒ Clark Deco

Wood Colors
Choosing the color of a wooden ceiling should be guided by the overall color scheme of the room. The covering should blend in with the interior and look harmonious in it. Finishing in dark shades is appropriate in a well-lit room with high ceilings. In the reverse situation, it is better to choose light materials that will visually move the overlap, making it airy and unobtrusive.

wooden ceiling

Ⓒ Ecologia Montréal

Parquet Flooring
Parquet is a great option not only for the floor, but also for the ceiling. The material is not cheap, but it is durable and looks incredibly impressive. Preserve the natural color of the tree by varnishing the boards - the paint will hide the natural beauty of the parquet. This solution is appropriate in classical and mid-century interiors, as well as in colonial, country and rustic country houses. Light-wood versions are also suitable for an up-to-date eco-style with a Scandinavian feel.

parquet ceiling

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Vaulted Ceiling
Vaults can be designed in a variety of ways to match the look of your home, whether modern, rustic or industrial. As for specific rooms, they can be used wherever your home's construction allows, from bedrooms to bathrooms, but are most often found in large halls and open kitchens-dining rooms. Such wooden ceilings let in a lot of natural light and have a spectacular design.

vaulted wooden ceiling

Ⓒ The Sonoma Ranch by Thomas Kuoh

Wood ceilings give an extraordinary coziness and originality to any home. Combined with the appropriate decorative elements, it will look great.

A wooden ceiling, made from battens, planks or beams, is an ecological, stylish and effective solution that will give warmth and closeness to your interior, whatever its style, and will be a bold alternative to classic stretch structures.

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