Contemporary French style interior design

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Introduction to the Contemporary French style interior design 
Fashion, design, and elegance are all characteristics associated with France. It is a name that evokes feelings of refinement and sophistication when mentioned. Their contemporary style interior design keeps the statemen "simplicity is the utmost sophistication" alive. Modern rooms compress the most at ease and well-liked trends in the design field into an ever-evolving living style. They do this with simple shapes, textured materials. Contemporary French interior design is related to being both stylish and plain. 

The traditional French interior design, which is renowned for its elegance and is one of the most popular designs employed by homeowners worldwide, serves as the inspiration for this interior design. Any different type, including Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Nautical, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Farmhouse, Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Urban Modern, and Shabby Chic, are included in this fashion. The splendor and sophistication connected with these fashions have recently come to be admired. but the flamboyant and lavishly decorated designs have lost their appeal, and because of this, contemporary French interior design was created. It has a somewhat eclectic look, as you may have predicted, and combines both the simplicity of the contemporary with the old-fashioned elegance.

What is Contemporary French style interior design?
Contemporary interiors are modernized and differ in design. Since they are usually inspired by current times, they are able to quickly adjust to embrace new design trends through accessories. Their streamlined shapes, neutral foundation pieces, and careful attention to editing is what makes it even more sophisticated. The 1930s saw the emergence of the Modern style, and through the progression of people, fashion, and time, we now have what is considered to be the fashionable modern style. While modern style, on the other hand, embraces minimalism as a chance for creativity, it does not support monochromatic palettes and the nearly complete lack of décor. The excitement lies in contemporary interiors' adaptability and spontaneity, which usually incorporates current design trends into its own design.

How to decorate your home using Contemporary French style interior design?
The use of this modern interior design is minimal, regardless of how expensive, extravagant, big or small your space is. Always restrict accessories while utilizing it to decorate your house to a few essential components. Here, the colors of the furniture and all kinds of decorations are important. Most of the time, muted colors work well, but always keep in mind to select complementary shades that work well together. The only decorations on the walls can be a mounted television and natural light. Contemporary design works best in spaces intended to promote quiet and tranquility.

Never overlook the use of natural light when decorating your house in this style; it brings all the colors and minor touches to life. For example, the room's large, watery abstract painting and the pair of organic sculptures on the glistening coffee table next to the sofa can both be highlighted by contemporary lighting design as statement items. Natural light is a relatively inexpensive way to better alter the appearance of a space.

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The colors you can use 
The colors you choose to use with your interior design will determine the room's atmosphere. Choose wisely.

The color gold is associated with luxury and comfortability, and its mention in interior design immediately draws us back to traditional French styles, particularly Baroque. Luxurious, extravagant, and filled with ornate decorations was how people designed it. Despite its established simplicity, we nonetheless use a few bits of gold to elevate the entire design. It may be used in modern furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures, and framed mirrors.

Red is a color that draws attention, so whatever it touches with is to attract notice. It is one of the colors that is utilized the most in Parisian fashion, especially the deeper tints like Bordeaux or velvet red. This maintains the room's upscale atmosphere while providing the pop of color you need. It may be utilized in accessories or furniture materials. Although not much of it, it may also be used as wall paint. You should use the bright colors on just one wall to draw attention to it.

When black is used it creates a striking contrast in the room because the Parisian style favors decor with light colors in general. Black helps in framing the elements you want to highlight and, if necessary, creates resolute lines that isolate the space's elements. 

The types of contemporary French style interior design

Farmhouse Décor 
Interior design with a cabin feel may give a modern look with farmhouse décor. The farmhouse aesthetic, which is primarily transitional in style with a few classic features thrown in, should take you to French Countryside. you should obtain some dried lavender bouquets and other greenery; a thoughtful assemblage of vases and planters can greatly style your property.

Industrial Interior Design
This style evokes the industrial age around the turn of the 20th century. It places a focus on the liberal application of uncovered steel with aged timber components, usually matched with unpainted brick walls. Accents in copper tones are mostly used in today's style, frequently having a rustic and sophisticated vibe to it.

Bohemian Interior Design
This style is freewheeling and adventurous. Composing of brilliant colors and rich patterns, particularly those with purple or red undertones, is creatively used. The secret is to give a deliberately messy looking appearance and to give a cozy atmosphere, add a layer of fabrics.

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Urban Contemporary Interior Design
Style and class lofts in big cities are the origin of urban interior design. it is a combination of different opposing and complimentary qualities, taking influences from its global context. Ethnic heirlooms, glamourous, chic, minimal contemporary, and radical conceptual designs all merge in a setting that is distinctly of the 21st century. Larger pieces of furniture like couches and beds usually have a generally streamlined and low-profile design. Larger pieces of furniture like couches and beds usually have a generally streamlined and low-profile design, but do not hesitate, be as experimental as you can get, for this style allows it.

Shabby Chic Decor
This décor emphasizes old components to replicate the impression of an antique flea market. The degraded wood composition of the furniture is sanded milk paint coated to reveal marks of wear and tear, giving the pieces an aged appearance. To elevate the entire design to a current standard, decorative elements should be warm and lavish. Introduce linen fabrics abundantly if you want to add extra style. And remember that even though the traditional colors of shabby chic are white, ecru, and pastels, using some colors with this style can bring the feeling you seek in your space. do as you may please; it is your canvas.

Mid-Century Modern
Some of the most recognisable pieces in modern design date back to the mid-20th century. It is distinguished by precise lines, minimalist silhouettes, and organic curves. Mid-century modern masters such as Niemeyer defined innovative techniques to employ new elements in industrial design, such as molded plastic, aluminum, and plywood. Its parts are quite diverse and may be used to match a wide range of design styles. To give your house that contemporary look, you should incorporate features from diverse design trends. When designing a mid-century modern home, a pure approach might make your interior design appear custom and dated.

The accessories according to the contemporary interior design
Modern houses seamlessly integrate kitchens and dining rooms, gathering spaces, and lounge areas. Area floor rugs may be used to add some color and assist in defining rooms with subtle visual signals. In most circumstances, open floors won't be carpeted and will display the raw, clean wood, tile, or vinyl. A light rug under the dining table can set it apart from the discussion area by the fire and the graphic carpeting in the middle of the space.

Wood and marble are the most often used flooring materials in contemporary French home design. When used, wood floors give an earthy warm color, which provides the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that every home needs. According to the tone you want to create, marble may be used in living areas as well as entrances, lobbies, foyers, baths, and occasionally bathrooms. Marble offers us the grandeur and sophistication of the French. We have a wonderful chance to incorporate current style effortlessly and tastefully with the help of the sculptures. In addition to allowing us to utilize the materials or colors, we wish; they help elevate the environment. They do not necessarily need to be sculptures. They may be a chair, coffee table, or simply a bowl on a table.

Choosing furniture to put into your contemporary interior can be tricky.
It gets a little challenging, inventive, and enjoyable all at once when we discourse on furniture. it Being a diverse style, we may blend some historic items with modern, minimalist, or contemporary ones. We can let our imagination run wild.  However, when it comes to traditional furniture, strive to choose updated pieces that still seem modern and have colors that go with your chosen decor. Wooden pieces painted white easily fit within, a burger or set chair made of leather, velvet, cotton, or linen that doesn't have any strong patterns, perhaps some knit fabrics. However, this does not exclude you from employing vintage items; just use caution. If done properly, these fusions with modern ones will unquestionably produce a masterpiece! However, don't go overboard because, as stated, with the contemporary, less is always more.

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