15 art deco dining room decorations

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Nowadays, the designs of homes were thoroughly seen by owners as they have stayed longer safely inside due to the pandemic. However, as the months passed by, people already had enough of it and slowly paced back to the new normalcy. The positive thing about this is the trend of moving forward and focusing on the things needed to prioritize in houses as well as the changes people did for the betterment of their shelters. More individuals decluttered homes, changed wallpapers and even modified some of their interiors. The minimalist style became popular and sustainable living had its way to as many homes.

Interior design has been prioritized for a while and people had their way through the different designs they preferred. Though minimalist has been a trend, the bold changes, as well as striking styles, are coming back. One of these sophisticated, loud styles is the Art Deco designs and decorations. Art Deco flourished in the 1920s to 1930s and swept across the 1950s. If you are not familiar with it, think about geometric shapes and symmetrical designs. Trapezoids, sunbursts as well as abstract curves are also trademarks of this design. It is also not limited to natural colours. It is striking and elegant in any colour.

Now that you get a bit of knowledge of Art Deco, you have to apply them to our list of dining room designs that you should not miss out on. Notice the decorations, accessories, light fixtures and most importantly, the shapes of each dining room. You might love this style as you see the different approaches of designers to each plan. All of the images used on this page have copyrights of their own. Should you want to know more about them, you may visit the sources through their websites stated on each listing.

art deco dining room

Art Deco Apartment by ©Steven Gambrel All Rights Reserved. Photo via elledecor.com

First on the list is this design with a collection of glass materials. You may have recognized the striking angle of the chandelier style as well as the lines on the floor. The yellow glass vases harmonize with the gold chandelier. Also, the geometric shapes on the door added to the art deco beauty of this dining room.

black and white art deco dining room

Art Deco Crystal Chandelier Over Marble Dining Table via ©decorpad.com  All Rights Reserved

Next is this combination of modern and art deco styles. Minimal decorations boost the symmetry of this dining room. The beauty of the illusion of lines on the chandelier and the proportioned square carving on the walls provide elegance and sophistication.

modern art deco dining table

Art Deco Dining Room Idea with Yellow Chairs via ©Essentialhome.eu All Rights Reserved

This photo gives you a certain mystery and story as you look into the dining room. Its beauty comes out on this angle as you see the play of patterns. The animal print on the floor, the strikes of white on the table, the pattern of the flooring and the yellow chairs give a certain impact that will leave you in awe.

green art deco dining room

Black and White Art Deco Dining Room with Floral Chandelier by ©Martha O’Hara Interiors All Rights Reserved Photo via hgtv.com 

Up on the list is this masterpiece, with its balancing patterns from top to bottom. The amazing chandelier balances with the flower accessories on the table. This dining room has a different surprise for each corner.

blue art deco dining room

Blend with Mirrors via ©mirrorworld.co.uk All Rights Reserved

Glass has taken its part in this dining room for symmetry and balance. The patterns on the chair, carpet, and chandelier also provide art deco beauty. It is a play of shapes and harmony!

luxury art deco dining room

Colorful Home by ©Jeweled Interiors All Rights Reserved

Talking about patterns, this next dining room gives us a balance of lines and curves. The clean pattern on the wall gave an aligned, continuous look with the lines on the floor. Also, the gold frame of the chairs together with circular chandelier bulbs gave a harmonizing look in the middle.

art deco dining room

French Art Deco Dining Room via ©architecturaldigest.com All Rights Reserved. Photo via remodelaholic.com

The classy look of this dining room also provides a few monochrome colours. The gold decoration on the wall gave a different vibe to the room. You may try this ensemble in your dining room as well.
emerald green dining chairs

Gorgeous, Sage Green Dining Room Boasts Velvet Slipper Chairs by ©Sarah Wittenbaker All Rights Reserved Photo via hgtv.com

A play of greens, whites, yellows and a touch of blue! This dining room serves us a lot of patterns as well. The wallpaper and flooring have their way of amusing audiences.

oldschool art deco dining room

Interior Design Art Deco Style by ©Vladimir Suchkov All Rights Reserved Photo via artstation.com 

Next is this dining room with art deco on the doors and floor. You may want to try this style by applying some curves and geometric shapes to your cabinet doors or floors. It can be as simple and easy to follow.

art deco accent

Katie Ridder Rooms by ©Stacey Bewkes All Rights Reserved Photo via quintessenceblog.com

You may use a painting or framed picture as your focal point. As with this art deco dining room design, the chandelier blends well with the hanging frame on the wall. Notice the floor covering as well. The subtlety of this design is fabulous!

neutral art deco dining room

Lemina Dining Room by ©Corenels All Rights Reserved

Who says monochromatic colours cannot fit in art deco design? This masterpiece is proof that art deco can fit in any type of colour combination. The symmetry and patterns as well as the use of decorations are combos you must not miss out on!

neutral art deco dining room

Modern Art Deco Dining Room Chairs via ©Decoist All Rights Reserved

Another combination of modern and art deco is in this dining room. Here, the poles provide pattern play together with the carpet. The balance in this photo is a sure must-try! 

art deco light

Principles by ©R. Tyson Photography All Rights Reserved Photo via blogs.egusd.net

Just look closely as you begin to be immersed in this beauty. The white colour is majestic in this design. Perfect symmetry was achieved in this art. You do not need much for an art deco design like this one!

art deco dining room

Sconces, Table and Chandelier via ©Gladstone Industries Corp All Rights Reserved

The patterns in this photo are dramatic and capturing. You may want to try the subtle use of patterns while creating certain imagery with the other elements. It looks elegant and timeless!

neutral art deco dining room

Stylish Art Deco interior design and furniture in London by ©Raimund Schuhmacher All Rights Reserved 

The monochromatic colours give a boost to the symmetry and balance in this last design on our list. Just look at the chandeliers and the styles of the chair. It gives a certain height and depth to the dining room.

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