12 utensil holder ideas

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The heart of the home, our kitchens, has a significant role in providing essentials in our lives. Of course, it is no other than the source of our energy. As they say, food is love! Taking care of the selection, preparation, and serving of our nutrition requires cleanliness and order in the kitchen. You know how busy the kitchen can be! It is important to know how to keep things in place. Speaking of which, interior design is highly involved in this matter. The choice of materials, as well as colors, also affect the way we would organize our kitchen tools. Here, your preference and comfort matter.

When it comes to ease and convenience in preparation for cooking, it is important to select cabinets, organizers, and holders for kitchen utensils. This will save time and effort in looking for the tools you will need for cutting and mixing ingredients. Imagine looking for your little kitchen knife in a pile of ladles, whisks, and other cutting tools. It can be a nightmare when you have a lot of tasks on your plate to finish. That is why we wanted you to have more ideas on how you can make things quick and easy.

Below are some of the kitchen utensil holder styles that might help you organize your kitchen. Some of the materials are wood, ceramic, aluminum or recycled materials. Depending on the styles, there are holders made to be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted or placed inside cabinets. Usual holders are like mugs or cups on countertops. Most common nowadays is the DIYs or do-it-yourself types. Recycling and Upcycling are becoming a thing! If you want some ideas on how you can DIY your kitchen utensil holder, you have come to the right page! Scroll for more as we give you some inspiration for your utensil holder. 

Bamboo Expandable Utensil Holder by ©Lipper International Inc. All Rights Reserved

First on the list is this convenient organizer. This is made of wood which expands depending on your needs. It can be placed inside a drawer in your kitchen for easy pull. The segments in the utensil holder are placed for your short to long kitchen utensils.

Better Homes and Gardens Serve Caddy via ©remodelaholic.com All Rights Reserved

Next, we have upcycled tin pots. These small pots were originally for succulents. You will notice that it can hold spoons and forks as well as other kitchen utensils. It is a space-saver with its size which does not take up too much space on countertops. It is also aesthetically appealing especially for farmhouse or rustic designs.

Clay Coyote Utensil Holder & Wine Chiller by ©Clay Coyote All Rights Reserved

This dual-purpose holder is made of stoneware clay. It is deep and large for a mostly used kitchen utensil. It has a size that fits for chilling a bottle of wine as well as flowers. This holder has other available colours as well such as Mediterranean Blue, Mint, Yellow Salt, Mint and Cream.

Cutlery Organizer by ©5-Minute Crafts All Rights Reserved. Photo via Brightside.me

Following our list are these pocket cutlery organizers. Made from small chopping boards, you can make your DIY holder using this inspiration. Choose your preferred cloth for the holder itself and glue it to your boards. This is perfect as you can hang them on the wall.

DIY Kitchen Utensil Holder via ©vitavihandmade.com All Rights Reserved

This kitchen utensil holder is also a DIY product. By crocheting the outer clothing of the holder itself, you will be creating a handcrafted DIY utensil holder. You may use a tin can or a cup without a handle for this design as a holder.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor, Mason Jar Utensil Holder via ©Etsy All Rights Reserved

A mason jar can also be a utensil holder. Its versatility ranges from holding utensils to containing coffee. Yes! This set comes with a metal tray which makes it safe on top of your counters. Perfect for your kitchen,  it can also come with lids and are available in other colours.

Hang them on the side of cabinets via ©thekitchn.com courtesy of ©Alexis Buryk All Rights Reserved

This convenient design saves space by utilizing the side of the counters. It freely hangs on the side which keeps it away from moulds. Just make sure the area is always clean. This idea from a couple in Chicago is a must if you like hassle-free cooking.

Kitchen Rotating Hooks via ©Walmart.com All Rights Reserved

If you want a holder that moves, a space-saver and adds décor to your wall, this one is for you! The hooks are rotating for your convenience. When the kitchen becomes busy, this holder saves time as you select the utensil that you want to use. 

Kitchen Wire Wall Grid via ©Etsy All Rights Reserved

This simple design does not require much material. You will only need a wire that can be durable over time. You can install this holder on your wall near the stove for easy use. It blends well with any design and it looks neat in your kitchen.

Slate Utensil Holder via ©cooperandclay.com All Rights Reserved

Next, is a Copper and  Clay product, this utensil holder is made of quarried slate. It is handmade as it is inspired by the landscape. This can suit your Scandinavian kitchen interior design. It is also dual purpose as it can be a wine chiller.

Tall Stoneware via ©foter.com All Rights Reserved

This stoneware is much like a weathered décor. It can hold up to as many utensils. It can also be a wine cooler. It is a space-saver and can fit any design as well.

Tiny Miss Dolly On Wheels via ©stuff.co.nz All Rights Reserved

Lastly, this décor applies to tiny kitchens or small areas. The holder is ceiling-mounted and it is made of wire and wood. Saucepans and other cookware can fit in this hanging décor. You can modify this décor by creating hooks for your utensils.

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