15 ideas to build your dream home

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Designing your dream home is a big project because this place is your temple, where you can relax, work, sleep, share with friends, watch TV, read a book, cook your favorite meals, etc., so you need to pay attention to details, to create a space that reflects your personality and creativity. 

This is a process where you can live stressful and incredible moments since you are creating your special place. But, we invite you to enjoy it because you can select, buy and distribute all your decorations the way you want. So, don’t forget that: your home, your rules. In this sense, let’s see some steps, guides, and ideas you will need to start the adventure of building your dream home.

1. Make a wish list
First of all, you need to identify what you want, and not only in terms of what you like, but what you need in your home. So, it is important to look for ideas that are beautiful and functional at the same time. In this case, you should make a wish list where you can write all the ideas you would like to have in your home, especially what’s the feeling you want to achieve, what are the uses or activities you will perform, and what’s your budget. With this in mind, you already know what you need to design your home.

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2. Know your space
Another fundamental step in creating your home is to observe the entire space. In this way, you will know what limitations you have, what you need to solve before including your furnishing and décor, and how the space is to know the measures, layout, sizes, possible colors of your home, and so on. This is also important if you only want to make a remodel because it will help you position each element. 

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3. Define your style
There are several interior design styles from which you can choose. And the idea is that you create an inspiration moodboard, where you can add a collage of all the images, colors, textures, materials, and pieces of décor you would like to include in your home. This moodboard will help you to see the general style you want to create in your house, and it is an excellent guide to visualize and purchase all you will need. And, remember that you can mix two different styles to design a unique and authentic space.

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4. Define your budget
Whether you are remodeling or creating your home from scratch, defining your budget is crucial to know what is your scope, because sometimes we want to buy so many beautiful things to create a fantastic home, and we forget our budget. That’s why you need to make a list with the costs of your supplies, materials, transportation, installation, and of course, additional expenses, just in case. Being realistic with your money will help you prioritize and buy the most practical and lovely details.

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5. Plan your layout
Now you are ready to design the plan of your home, and how you want to distribute the space. For example, you can decide to have separate rooms, or on the contrary, you can have an open space to give a fresh and a big look. The idea is to define the color palette of your walls, the design of the ceiling, flooring, lighting system, possible position and dimensions of your furniture, how you will move, etc. And remember, don’t overwhelm with all these ideas because you can do it at your own pace. 

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6. Lighting
Once you have completed the steps above, an essential element in your home is lighting design. The way you illuminate your home complements your style and gives the mood of the space. You can select, for example, architectural lighting that is incorporated into the structure to emphasize artworks and define shapes. Also, you can have pendant lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, etc. 

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7. Curved furniture
Furniture with organic shapes is a trend you can follow to contrast with the architectural lines of the rest of your space. Curved furnishing has soft lines that will help you create a relaxing mood around the room. You can select some coffee tables or side tables with accent chairs to design an eye-catching look in your living room, for example. Also, you can add sofas or couches with curved lines to give the space a calm mood. 

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8. Accent color
Even if your style is simple with few decoration pieces and light neutral colors, using vibrant colors in some accent pieces, such as rugs, chairs, artwork, blankets cushions, or ottomans, can be a good idea to giving your room a focal point and an eye-catching style. This is perfect if you like to be dynamic, creative and want a splash of color in your home.

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9. Handmade pieces
To design a warm atmosphere in your home, you can include pieces made of raw and natural materials, such as wood or stone. For example, you can select some benches, end tables, coffee tables, fiber baskets, or wooden chairs to bring your home the essence of nature. The philosophy is to use furniture or decoration with imperfections to create a livable appeal in any space.

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10. Blankets in your sofas
This idea is incredible to create contrast, add an extra layer of texture, and bring softness into the space. This tip will help you design a warm, relaxed, and elegant look in your living room or bedroom, in case you have an end-of-bed bench or a chair. Also, if your sofas are of dark color, you can add a blanket of a light color to give brightness to the space. This element makes your room feel more inviting and cozy.

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11. Table lamps
 Another tip to style your dream home is to include some medium or small table lamps. They are decorative and help you, not only to illuminate your room correctly but to give the space a warm and comfortable mood. If you like this idea, we recommend you to choose interesting designs, lamps that are attractive with a particular shape or material. You can add these lamps in different points of your home, like a side table or a credenza, to give a dynamic and modern appearance; and it would be better if you select a soft or a warm light to maintain the warm look.

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12. Cushions
Adding cushions to your sofas in the living room is an excellent idea to give a sleek and comfy look. But, you should take into account that these cushions must take a form, so they need to be filled with the appropriate material to give the cushion a relaxed but elegant appeal. Additionally, the cushions should be over the sofas in order to create a harmonious and attractive design.

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13. Neutral colors
To achieve an open and agreeable space, the palette color of your walls, curtains, and big sofas should be neutral, preferable light colors. Soft and light colors, such as white, beige, cream, or light gray, is perfect for giving the visual sensation of ample space, even if you live in a small home. Light colors help you to reflect the light that enters the room. Moreover, neutral light colors are versatile and combine with the rest of the colors without any problem. They are elegant and give your home a relaxed and cozy look.

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14. End-of-bed bench
As its name says, this bench goes at the end of your bed. It is a long chair that can serve as extra seating or storage. You can find this bench in different materials and textures, so you can select the best design that fits the interior design style of your home. In addition, an end-of-bed bench can have upholstered seating to give your bedroom a comfortable look. And if you like, the benches can be useful to save some things, like blankets, cushions, or towels. They are perfect for relaxing and reading a book before sleeping. 

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15. Picture frames on the wall
To add your personal touch that brings you beautiful memories, you can put some picture frames on your wall to remember those special moments, like vacations, family, extreme adventures, or even elements of nature, that you liked and remember a particular place. These pictures will be the icing on the cake to building your dream home.

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These are just some ideas to guide you in this process of creating a warm and comfortable home. You can follow and mix them in order to design a space where you feel peace and relaxation. That’s why it is crucial to select the options that match better with the interior design of your home and that express your preferences and personality.

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