12 tricks to remodel living room

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When it comes to remodeling or updating your home, you probably get a little bit scared because that could be a great experience, but obviously with some stressful moments. However, if you have the right guide to remodel your space, you can design your dream home.

And one of those spaces you may want to remodel is your living room. This place become in a special point in your home where you can relax after a long day, share with friends, watch TV, or read a book. But, if you don’t feel comfortable or think that there are some things you would like to change, then the best idea is to update your living room and giving it a fresh and aesthetic look.

That’s why we have gathered a list of some tricks to remodel your living room, so you can add some details to the space in order to recharge the energy in your home.

1. Warm neutral colors
To make your living room look cozier, you could choose warm colors to decorate the space. Colors inspired by nature, such as beige, tan, gray, hazelnut, mustard, or taupe, are perfect for designing a home with a contemporary and comfortable appearance. This trick is easy if you want to transform and refresh your home.

Ⓒ Bejamin Moore

2. Architectural lighting
Lighting is one of the most important aspects when building space, and you can include decorative pendant lamps with some golden details to give an elegant look. Nevertheless, if you want to build a more modern living room, you can combine it with architectural lighting, a light that forms part of the architecture. This type of lighting is used to accent artworks, define forms, differentiate volumes between the ceiling and walls, and improve the general appearance of the space.

Ⓒ Lightology

3. Furniture with organic shapes
Contemporary living rooms characterize by incorporating décor and furniture with organic shapes, where soft and curved lines are a must-have in your remodeling plan. For example, you can add some chandeliers as a lighting option, mirrors with unpredictable and natural forms, accent chairs to stand out your space, or furniture with curved corners. You can use these pieces to create contrast with the other straight furniture in the living room.

Ⓒ The Design Sheppard

4. Minimalism
“Less is more” is the focal point in this trick to remodel your living room. If you have a space with many decorations, probably you would like to make a radical change and create a minimalist style. This design style is related to clean lines, few décor, open space, light colors, and great illumination. To build a minimalist living room, you only need to add the indispensable elements that have a specific function so you can give fresh air to the space.

Ⓒ Living 4 Media

5. Side and coffee tables
Another perfect trick is to add different coffee and side tables in your living room. The idea is to mix tables of diverse sizes, materials, and shapes to build a unique and authentic space. For example, you can mix concrete with wood, metal with marble, or even a straight-line coffee table with a curved side table. The focus is to go beyond the conventional and buy tables that help you to create an outstanding living room. 

Ⓒ Universal explore home

6. Create extra space
If you live in a small house, you can follow some tricks to create the illusion of a big space, and you could reach it by designing faux extra spaces. In this sense, you need to paint your ceiling white to give the sensation of an opener room. Additionally, you can add a big rug to accentuate the space and make the living room look bigger. Also, some shelves placed high are perfect to look up and feel it larger. Moreover, you can install an eye-catching statement piece, like a chandelier or a big mirror on the wall to open your living room.

Ⓒ Virtually Staging Properties

7. Wood walls
To give a different touch to your living room, you can add an accent wood wall. This material brings the essence of nature to your home, so you can cover a wall or part of it with wooden slats or wood panels to become the focal point of your room. This material can create contrast with the rest of the textures in the space, and you can enjoy the warmth and cozy atmosphere.

Ⓒ  Woodupp

8. Workstation
One of the trends in the recent years is to add a stylish home office. If you have a big home with enough space, you can use one of the rooms to create an office, but on the contrary, if you live in a small home, one of your options is to design a workstation in your living room. For example, you can add some multifunctional pieces that help you to design a comfortable space, like a high covered wall with a different décor to differentiate from the rest of the room, a small table, and a chair that match with the general style. In this way, you can be in a special space dedicated just to your work. 

Ⓒ Autonomous

9. Artwork
If you like simplicity and want to add décor to your walls, you can include a simple artwork to give your living room an elegant look. In modern design styles, this piece of art is excellent in a minimalist living room, since it has simple geometric shapes and neutral colors to fix well with the entire ambiance. In addition, you can buy one piece of artwork with texture or relief to stand out in your living room.

Ⓒ Etsy

10. Rustic pieces
Another special trick to remodel your living room is to include some natural wood pieces, such as credenzas, coffee tables, décor details, or benches, that will give warmth to your room. The characteristic is to use unfinished and imperfect pieces to bring nature into the space. 

Ⓒ Ideal home

11. Change the layout
A simple trick to remodeling your living room is to change the place of the furniture and move your décor to have a new living room. You need to take one object as your focal point, like the fireplace or the television, and from then on, you begin to replace things and rearrange the furniture. Taking the television as your central point is easier because you can change the position of the TV and place the rest of the furnishing in a new layout.

Ⓒ  Creating interiors

12. Revamp the furniture
If you want to remodel your living but are on a budget, you can revamp your furniture instead of buying new designs. You can select a loose cover; paint the furniture; or cover your upholstered furnishing with new materials, like velvet or leather. Whatever the option you choose, assure you that the quality of your sofas is good enough for this change.

Ⓒ One Kings Lane

These are some ideas you can use when you feel it is time to remodel your living room. You can add pieces of art, reorganize the furniture, change the color palette, or even include new decorations to give your space an airy refresh.

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