13 interesting ceramic hanging planter

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Plants have a way of making your home alive and refreshing. It can make you feel energized, too! They say plants reduce stress and give us a positive feeling. Their presence gives a certain relief not only to physical pain but when you feel a little drained during a tiring day. How awesome can that be? In architecture and interior design, it can soften some areas in the room and give a certain connection between your home and its surroundings. Organic interior design, Biophilic architecture, Hawaiian interior design and many more use plants as parts of their designs.

As we speak about decorating homes, plants come in tiny to extra large sizes that are suitable for areas in the house. Succulents and herbs are small ones usually seen in the kitchen and dining areas. Similarly, aloe vera and fern can be seen as decorative plants in the bathroom. Potted medium-sized Peace Lilies are good for bedrooms as they are said to be air purifiers. NASA studied plants in enclosed areas and how they purify the air and Peace Lily topped the list of plants.

Now, there are different types of materials being used for plant containers. Ceramic, wooden, metal, concrete, fibreglass and fabric are some of them. They can be made into boxes, vases, geometric, curvy pots, and custom-designed pots. There are also DIYs where plant-lovers create their plant containers through plastic bottles. Of course, choosing the best material is important for design purposes but what matters most is the soil type, sunlight and water for the plant. As we mentioned the many shapes of pots, we will be giving you another option for your décor. These are ceramic hanging planters. They are good for areas with smaller spaces to maximize the upper corners of your room. They are easy to hang and has a wide variety of styles and design.

3-Tier Ceramic Hanging Planter via ©Home-Designing All Rights Reserved

For our first décor on the list, this three-part container is good for your succulent collection. This will suit your natural design in any part of the house, especially the patio or kitchen. You may also put it in your garden for your sprouting plants.

animal planter

Cute Animal Ceramic Planter via ©Etsy All Rights Reserved

Next are these adorable planters with painted faces of sloth. There are more animal designs available online for this kind of ceramic hanging planter as this one proves that it can fit any room in your house.

geometric ceramic planter

Faceted Ceramic Hanging Planter (Handmade) by ©Marin Art and Garden Center All Rights Reserved

This ceramic hanging planter is a classic one. It has a geometric shape which can add life to your design. With its depth, leafy plants can thrive on it just like the English Ivy. Small to medium plants can fit in this planter.

hanging pots

Geometric Ceramic Hanging Planters by ©Priene Home All Rights Reserved Photo via ubuy.co.id

Another geometric design is this next hanging planter. It is elegant and sophisticated with its diamond shape. It can harmonize with light fixtures as well as other potted plants. 

blue hanging pot

Geometric Hanging Planter in Aqua Mist by ©Back Bay Pottery All Rights Reserved

Part of the geometric trio is this blue hanging planter. Its dotted design gave a twist to its look. Adding this to your interior is a must-try!

rainbow hanging pots

Handmade Ceramic hanging planters by ©HiTheretheShop All Rights Reserved Photo via etsy.com

Fan of circular pots? This curved ceramic pot is for you! You may choose plain ones and then paint your style on them. In this image, a linear and dotted abstract design was painted on them.

Jelly Hanging Planters by ©Angus & Celeste All Rights Reserved

Next, these plant containers look like moulds of jellies. They are good for small plants like herbs which can be a good décor in the kitchen. You may want to see more of them on Angus & Celeste’s website. 

animal hanging pot

Leopard Hanging Planter by ©Sass & Belle All Rights Reserved Photo via jdwilliams.co.uk

Another adorable décor is this leopard hanging planter in brown shade. You may pair this with dry acorns or other succulents for a twist of colours. You may also hang this in your bedroom to soften your interior.

hanging pot set

Macrame Plant Hanger 3 Tier by ©Fruugo All Rights Reserved

This next décor is this ensemble of white pots in macramé. Yes, you can use this multi-knot style on your pots. As you can see in the photo, it was hung beside a study area. You may pair this with small potted plants on a desk to provide balance and harmony of design.

mini hanger planters

Mini Ceramic Hanging Planter by ©Home & Glory All Rights Reserved Photo via notonthehighstreet.com

For this next style, two-toned ceramic planters are also a must-have for their colour levelling and accent. You may want to put tall cuts of pointy succulents for an extra height.

rainbow hanging pots

Rainbow Ceramic Hanging Planter Large via ©Holistic Habitat All Rights Reserved

This cute planter with pastel colours brings out the beauty in your design. It may look good on your white wall together with another clay pot just like in this photo. The stringed cactus and other succulents can be placed in this ceramic planter.

ceramic hanging pot

Skinny Ceramics Hanging Planters by ©West Elm All Rights Reserved

Next, these white ceramic planter has an elegant style of their own. You may place a thriving, leafy plant here that you can prune from time to time. It will look great on your veranda or patio together with the other vines.

colourful hanging planters

Small Hanging Planter by ©The Red Door Gallery All Rights Reserved Photo via edinburghart.com

Lastly, these small planters are a must-try for your home. If you cannot look for this exact planter, you may do a DIY one with different colours of rope and paint a plain ceramic. These will add an accent to your interior design.

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