12 fun hammock floor ideas for your home

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Have you experienced seeing the same floor design that you have and you felt boredom in it? Like a dull, monotonous tone where the fun note is missing. Well, art is endless. There is a wide range of possibilities in arts and design. Do you agree? On this page, you will discover another fun twist on your interiors specifically, your floor design.

A hammock floor is one way to turn your monotony into a variety. These so-called loft nets will make you relax and become adventurous at the same time. If you are afraid of heights, you can face your fear little by little through these nets. You have your options where to place them! The real purpose of these hammocks is to enjoy your floor structure and if you have kids, a safe place to enjoy. Hammock floors can come in different shapes depending on the area and preference of owners. The nets are safe as they are thick ropes knotted to make a flat structure. Installing them can be easy but you have to make them tight enough for a certain weight. That is why some opt for professionals to be hired for the installation of these structures.

Having these hammock floors is a way of enjoying life in its simplest way. As you go through our list, you will notice the different activities you can do while relaxing on the hammock. Reading books, sleeping, having a sleepover with friends, and playing with children are some of the enjoyable things you can do with hammock floors. Excited to see them? Take note of the ones you like and try to visit them on the websites. All rights of the images below are reserved for their sole owners. Should you want to see more, you may search the sources given per image.

Hammock Floor 9 via ©Little Piece of Me All Rights Reserved

First on the list is this circular hammock floor with white and pink hues. It is situated at the back of the couch which signals it to be an entertainment room. The light passes through the nets so, natural light goes down the level below.

Hammock Floor via ©Home Designing All Rights Reserved

Next, this hammock floor looks like a play area with a passage and rope ladder. It is paired with a brick wall and star lamp. This hammock floor looks playful. The children will like this kind of design.

Hammock Floor via ©Little Piece of Me All Rights Reserved

With this design, book lovers can peacefully read their favourite books on this hammock floor. The big window paired with the bookshelves is a must-try!

Hammock Interior House by ©feelnets.com All Rights Reserved

This hammock floor serves as a natural opening for good light and air floor below. It looks perfect with pastel coloured couch and dim yellow lights. It is a spot where you can relax and rest your mind.

Harry House via ©architecturenow.co.nz All Rights Reserved

If you want a natural look with wood as a material, you can try the vibe of this hammock floor. The nets are black-coloured as it blends well with wood. The hanging décor adds an element to the design.

Library Net Loft by ©Living Big in a Tiny House All Rights Reserved

Here, the open shelf is placed on the shorter side of the area. The decorative plates and frames added an accent to the place. As for the hammock floor, it may be half only, the light and airflow may be great in this design.

Loft Nets and Hammocks by ©InCord All Rights Reserved

The minimalist principle may be the key. This hammock-on-hammock technique may be the piece you are looking for! The ensemble is stunning, paired with mini lights. Do you wonder what will it look like at night?

Rotterdam, The Netherlands via ©Skinny Scar All Rights Reserved

If you have a view besides your home, have a large window and place your hammock floor beside it. This example is perfectly presented in this image. It will be a very relaxing sight to look at. What a restful break!

Teenage Space by ©Lime Interiors All Rights Reserved

The room in this image is perfect for teens who need a multifunctional room. It can also be for adults who need room for work. The open shelves, computer station and sleeping quarters are aligned with each other in terms of design.

The Stewart Collective by ©Clarke Hopkins Clarke All Rights Reserved

Just like the library net, this one is a multilevel loft net. The light fixture on the wall is perfect for the place. Also, you may try to install a colourful staircase to create an accent.

Tiny House by ©Tiny House Listings Photo via klipland.com

Hammock floors are perfect for tiny houses. In this photo, you can see the boundary between the sleeping area and the recreational area. You may use hammock floors to set your areas and create stimulus.

Tiny House via ©livinginashoebox.com All Rights Reserved

Another tiny house hammock floor is this image which shows the space-saving ability of this technique. The rope was extended on the side for safety while pillows add accents to the area. It is a good idea to use light-coloured wood for the material.

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