15 stylish condo kitchen designs

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Condominium or condo living has been common nowadays due to the rise of business districts and entertainment establishments. It is a very convenient way of living if you are a career-focused individual who wants a hassle-free everyday routine. The buildings are mostly nearby condos and supermarkets are readily available. Thinking about having a family? Condo living is fine as well. Of course, you have to think about more aspects as part of your decision-making process when you already have a family.

Minimum space and convenience are just some of the advantages of condo living. With that space, you can easily style areas and choose a design that you want. Also, you can change accents all you want with minimal changes. Usually, the kitchen and living room are next to each other so, it is easier to think about designs that would make boundaries in these rooms.

Speaking of the kitchen, there are a few things to consider in styling a condo kitchen. The first thing to think about is the kitchen equipment. How many appliances do you need for your kitchen? Second, you have to know the measurement of the area. Where will you put the boundary between the living room and the kitchen? What décor will you put as an indicator of that boundary? Next, it is important to select the style that you want. What design will you incorporate in your kitchen? Lastly, think about your whole floor plan. Make sure your design idea will suit your condo style and preference.

A Miniature Breakfast Nook by ©Kirsten Francis All Rights Reserved. Photo via elledecor.com

This small area was filled with bright coloured accessories and chairs. Warm colours initiate an energetic, positive and happy mood. The choice of painting can top your zoning in the dining area. The kitchen equipment is on one side to save space.

Artistic interior design condo for small spaces by ©Tokyo Grand Renovation All Rights Reserved. Photo via tgr.com.ph 

In this image, the natural light is illuminating the soft, pastel colours as well as the white ones. The colour is balanced with the black and white frames. Zoning can be noticed through these accessories as well as the colour combinations.

Chic Minimalist Condo Designed by ©An RL Reader All Rights Reserved. Photo via realliving.com

This kitchen design shows a rustic look with the use of the different wood textures and steel chairs. The cooking and dining area are next to each other on both sides. Tiles were made to decorate the walls of the cooking area. A divider was used to separate the kitchen from the living room.

Coastal beach condo kitchen decor by ©The Lily Pad Cottage All Rights Reserved

Next on our list is this stunning condo where you will see the combination of coastal elements. The white features are a good ensemble. Look at that zoning material with its striped colour. The stools used are also a must-have!

Condo dining area with banquette and ceiling-mounted bar shelves by ©Gal at Home All Rights Reserved

Uniquely installed, the ceiling-mounted bar shelves are a must-try if you have those bottles of alcoholic beverages. The bench and chairs are a total pair.

Design Idea for Small Space via ©Tarkett All Rights Reserved. Photo via home.tarkett.com

Let us talk about this slim wall-attached dining table. It is a space-saver and stylish to look at. The change of flooring is a stimulus for zoning while having the potted plant on the side balances the design.

Industrial Kitchen Design by ©Dairy Darilag All Rights Reserved. Photo via realliving.com

This kitchen’s style and industrial touch were used to bring out the best of its limited space. The pendant light was used for zoning. 

Kitchen - Condo Apartment-Flat Condominium by ©Condos CCSCA All Rights Reserved. Attributes to simplecondoadvice.com. Photo via flickr.com

Light fixtures are a thing and this kitchen is proof. The monochrome palette of the design made it appealing. A modern and luxurious touch to a kitchen with limited space.

Modern and Cute Condo by ©Leclair Decor All Rights Reserved. Photo via thespruce.com

In this photo, natural materials were utilized. The large potted plant was used for a boundary in the living room together with the carpet. Also, notice the light fixtures for the dining area. This style is a must-try for a dainty look.

Small apartment kitchen design via ©decoist.com All Rights Reserved

Bricks or tiles are awesome for zoning as well. In this design, you will notice the range of the colour palette for the living room and kitchen. Darker hues are on the living room while white has been used for the kitchen. You may try this style for your kitchen as you choose your colours.

Small condo remodel by ©Just A Tina Bit All Rights Reserved

A modern approach to condo living. This kitchen is stylish with an ensemble of stools and pendant light. Here, the kitchen island serves as the boundary that connects the dining area with the kitchen. A convenient way to design!

Small cube kitchen via ©renoguide.com.au All Rights Reserved

As the name suggests, this kitchen looks like a small box. The island can have a lot of purpose in it. Who would have thought this small space can have all the things you need?

Small kitchen ideas broken plan by ©Magnet All Rights Reserved. Photo via idealhome.co.uk 

Another style to learn about is this broken plan which is the half divider. With the plants to complete it, zoning can be this stylish.

Space-Saving Solutions For Small Condo Kitchens by ©House and Home All Rights Reserved. Photo via pinterest.ca

This minimalist design can save space with the wider kitchen island. The island is a multipurpose part of the kitchen which makes it a good choice.

Spruce by ©Kodu Design All Rights Reserved. Photo via kodudesign.ca

Kodu Design’s kitchen style in this photo serves a big space. However, you can still have it as an inspiration for its masterpiece of a style. The pendant lights look awesome as a zoning initiator for the dining area. The chairs look amazing as well. A monochromatic palette is in effect in this design.

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