11 ways to style dining room mirror

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Mirrors are good materials for an illusion of height and width. It does not only come in handy when there are visitors or guests but they also make your room look spacious and nice. Designed for observation and examination of our surroundings. It can also create reflections that can make your room extraordinary! Mostly, mirrors are seen in bathrooms and bedrooms as they are needed for us to see our physical appearances as we present ourselves every day. 

Mirrors are also commonly seen these days in dining rooms. Aside from making the room bigger, it reflects the light that goes into the home. Light is very essential in the dining room as food is served in this area. Therefore, putting mirrors in the dining room can reflect that needed light for a nice banquet. If you want a focal point in your dining room, mirrors can be part of it, too. With different ensembles and symmetry, you can achieve an aesthetic piece for your guests to enjoy while waiting for the feast.

While there are several styles available for you to choose from, we listed some of them here. The styles vary on the size of the mirror, material used for the frame, the shape of the mirror, where the mirror is placed and the main design of the kitchen. There are big panels of mirrors that fit from top to bottom while there are just medium-sized ones. Now, the frames also have a variety of types. There are iron-clad, metal, rattan, plastic, and rubber ones. Some mirrors are also DIYs which are usually stickers that have reflectors. For the shapes, there are the usual oval and circular ones while there are also rectangular and squares. Geometric shapes are also available. This also depends on where it will be placed. If the corners require an angled mirror, you can choose from those varieties. Placement and design go hand in hand too. You must know what design or vibe you want to pull off. Now that you are familiar with some types, let us see which mirror styles will inspire you for your dining area.

dining room chairs

Classic City Dining by ©The Interior Edge All Rights Reserved
Photo via houzz.com

First, this elegant design features a double-mirrored wall with open shelving in front of them. The centre shows a piece that blends in with the style of the chairs. Here, you will notice the illusion of a long hallway in the room. This artistic style is timeless and classy!

dining room mirror decor

Collection of Vintage Mirrors via ©town-n-country-living.com All Rights Reserved

Here is an amazing ensemble of vintage mirrors. A combination of shapes and colours suited to a white wall background. The focal point of the area is this collection while the other elements seem to blend in with the background.

mirro decoration

Contemporary Mirror Wall by ©Dea Vita All Rights Reserved 

This mirror shows an uneven surface in the area. It makes the mirror itself an art on the wall. Not only is it a focal point but, it has become a reflection of beauty in simplicity.

DIY mirror decor

DIY Mirror Wall Panel via ©mirror.co.uk All Rights Reserved

On our list is this DIY mirror wall panel. The designers took the time in assembling this masterpiece. It is an artistic way of using geometric cuts to create an awesome design.

hanging mirror

Hang a Mirror Over Your Serving Cart via ©decoratedlife.com All Rights Reserved 

While hanging mirrors usually can be seen together with kitchen buffets or installed on walls only, this style pairs a mirror with the kitchen cart. A boho look it is! This can also suit coastal designs.

3 mirror set

Houlamy Set Mirrors Wall Decoration via ©inspiration.eg All Rights Reserved

Look at the irregular shape of the mirror as it gives artwork on the wall. It is a beauty that knows no angle. You may want to seek mirrors just like this for a great show-off in gatherings as the visitors wait for the banquet. It is elegant in its way!

dining room mirror decor

Kitchen and Dining via ©fabglassandmirror.com All Rights Reserved

This design shows the alignment of style with the light fixture and mirror. You can opt to create pairs of similar styles with the mirror as well. This creates harmony with the materials used in the dining area.

dining room mirror decor

Mirror Decor Idea via ©elledecor.com All Rights Reserved

In this photo, there are a lot of happenings but notice the big mirror on the wall on one side. The proportions are good in this image which you might want to take as an inspiration. Take your décor to a new level with symmetry and proportion.

mirror wall paneling

Mirror Wall Paneling in Dining Room via ©kitchenstory.com.my All Rights Reserved 

This design shows the mirror as it occupied the whole wall. Its purpose as an optical illusion for a bigger look is achieved. You might want to try this design for a bigger look in your small kitchen area.

mirror tiles

Mirror Wall Tiles Kitchen Backsplash via ©homeklondike.site All Rights Reserved 

Here, you will see how the mirror as kitchen tiles reflects the whole interior design. This style is a must-try if you want a subtle elegance in your kitchen.

art mirror decor

Modern Mirror Wall from ©Majestic Glass All Rights Reserved

Talk about a colour ensemble in a modern design! Purple and violet with glass is a good way to design a blank wall. The mirror style is a must-have as it was artistically made in this image.

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