Kitchen design ideas for small spaces

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Small spaces must not intimidate us. It should spark creativity and boost our energy with smart yet simple styles. Nowadays, small areas in the kitchen are common and functional especially if a lesser number of people are inhabiting the home. The advantages of having a small space are endless and the options for design and style have their varieties. Well, in the HDI Kitchen Interior Design, you will learn more about decorating small spaces with the right elements.

The HDI Kitchen Interior Design course consists of sessions that are meaningful with key concepts and theories that you will need as you start styling your dream kitchen however big or small the space is. Professionals in the field of arts and design will help you bring out the best in your design abilities as you go through topics one by one. As mentioned, the sessions will be dealing with fundamental concepts and when you are ready, an individual project will be assigned to you to assess your learning. It is interesting to note that you will be able to practice and apply your knowledge of kitchen interior design as you go through the learning process. We hope that you can browse more on our course tab for you to discover more interesting topics that might suit you.

Going back to the topic of small spaces for a kitchen, there are more concepts than you can ever imagine for this type of kitchen. If you think you have the dilemma of decorating a small kitchen space, then you are on the right page. We will help you trim down some ideas that may fit into the design that you prefer. Take some time in assessing some prepared ideas and select which ones can fit in your kitchen space.

Professional interior designer Elif Arslan Ergün shares her opinion on the topic: “No matter the size is, as we know, a kitchen is the heart of the house and the family. In small kitchens storage areas should be well designed effectively. Especially corner cabinets should have a special mechanism in order to increase the capacity. Moreover, we need to consider the working triangle to provide functionality of the kitchen area.”

small kitchen

With the space in your kitchen being small, having too much storage can be crowded already. Having a partition for storage eases the space you need for cabinets. Giving multifunction to each storage creates more room for other important elements. A partition is just an example of giving your storage a boost.

Built-in pullouts and drawers are also applicable. These types of storage give ample room for movement and smooth traffic in the kitchen. These are space-savers and very effective in controlling the materials you put in your kitchen.

Creating your limiting lines and zones in the kitchen can be a stylish way of dividing areas. Having different flooring designs can give you different zones within your kitchen. Putting different colour walls as well can give a hint that the area is now the dining part. Another example is zoning with the use of light fixtures. 

Creating boundaries in your small kitchen helps you assess your space and calculate the areas so you can maximize the kitchen space. Try some of these options and play with the elements mentioned. Just do not forget the harmony and balance in your kitchen interior design.

The best part of having a small space is selecting an island bar or a kitchen cart. Why? Because who would have thought that you can still invite several guests and serve them properly? Yes, you heard it right. Island bars are best for multifunctional tasks such as service, dining area, washer, preparation area and storage. The downside is that it is immovable. When it is installed there, you will have a hard time removing it.

Kitchen carts, on one hand, are portable and multifunctional as well. They can be placed anywhere and they can be used for storage and service. The sad part is that it is usually small with a few numbers of layers for storage.

small kitchen

With a small space, you will be needing fewer accessories. You would not want to hoard pieces of accessories and then regret later your crowded kitchen design. We suggest recycling and upcycling some of your valuable pieces at home.

Bottles, cans, and pots are just some of the recyclable materials you can use to boost your creativity. Your resourcefulness matters in the type of kitchen that you may have. For small kitchens, less is more! Simplicity is a concept that never goes out of style. Try assessing your materials and pieces in your kitchen can help in styling and maximizing your precious space.

When we talk about space, we mean the upper space and lower space. Open shelves can be placed to maximize upper spaces and walls. Of course, you will not put so much on the shelves. Choosing the most used or functional pieces makes it more convenient. Pairing the shelf with a nice light fixture is a style you would want to try. You may also put out your unused beautiful decorative plates which can be a highlight in your small space. But then, simplicity and practicality should rule your design. 

small kitchen

Selecting the best options for accessories and storage maximizes the space in your kitchen. The key is to limit the things you put inside the kitchen and choose the functional ones. You do not need to have a showy kitchen design. Still, your comfort and ease in using your kitchen are of utmost importance. The free online interior design course aims to keep in mind the functionality and practicality while not sacrificing the spaces and forms in design. It is bringing out the best in the kitchen while also making the owner feel welcomed in his or her home.

Educating yourself on the basic elements of kitchen interior design and becoming aware of the trending styles for your kitchen are some of the ways you can bring out the best in your kitchen. It is a matter of personal growth and development as well as a hobby you can enjoy. Some use kitchen interior design as a stress reliever from the everyday hustle and bustle. It depends on your reason. Whatever goal you may have, we are proud of how you are doing well in your daily activities. We hope that we can be a part of your interior design learning and activities. Good luck on your decorating journey!

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