How to Choose the Right Interior Design Style for Your Home?

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What type of interior design style is right for your home? This is a question that many people ask themselves, and it can be difficult to decide. There are so many different styles to choose from, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. In this blog post, we will discuss the most popular interior design styles and help you decide which one is right for you. 

Your home is a reflection of your personality. It's one of the places where you spend most of your time, so it's important that it's pleasant. If your home is cluttered and chaotic, it can be a reflection of your inner state. Likewise, if your home is tidy and serene, it can reflect your state of mind. Creating a pleasant environment in your home is important for your well-being. It can help you to relax and feel more at ease. When your home is a haven, it can be a refuge from the outside world. You can retreat into your sanctuary when you need to recharge your batteries. So take care of your home and make it a place that you enjoy spending time in.

Decorating your home can be a daunting task, especially if you aren't sure what style you want. However, taking an interior design online course with Home Design Institute can help to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to create a beautiful and cohesive space. In the course, you'll learn about different styles of decoration and how to combine different elements to achieve the look you want. You'll also learn about color theory and how to use color to create different moods in your home. By the end of the course, you'll have all the tools you need to turn your house into a magazine-worthy home.

It does not matter if your space is large or small, a style ties the whole home together! Sticking to a specific style might be hard, but with professional help, it is quite posible. That’s why interior designer Keianna Rae Harrison with HER Home Design advices: “Choosing the "right" interior design style for your home can be tricky. That's why working with a qualified interior designer is important. Your home's interior decor should reflect your personal style, but it's important to remember two elements - functionality and timelessness. We encourage our clients to avoid splurging a significant portion of their design budget on super trendy items that won't add function to their overall home or stand the test of time. Instead, if the client's design preference leans toward on-trend styles, we add those trendier items with accessories like artwork, tableware, or rugs.”

The first thing you should do is to inform yourself. Buy decoration magazines, check what finishes you like the most, write down the characteristics of the spaces you like, and link them to a particular style. Another great piece of advice is to look for pictures on Pinterest to determine what atmosphere you want to recreate in your home. Using sample pictures is a great way to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. 

While you are researching it is important to also learn about the characteristics of decoration styles. If you like linear, clean and sober finishes, your style may be minimalistic, but if you like to combine many ornaments, colors and old elements you like retro or boho. Elegant houses with stylish furniture might be more up your alley, which means contemporary homes are more suitable for you. Explore different styles and find out what you like best out of al lof them. 

If you feel like you need more experience mixing styles together you might consider an interior design course to help you have a better view on the project as whole. Other than that we strongly recommend hiring an interior designer to help you with all your decisions. Professional Katie Anderson tells us about the unspoken understanding between designer and client: “The most important thing a designer must do is listen to their client and closely observe who their client is and how they relate to their environment and other members of their household.  Many say what they want but the designer can see clearly what the client actually needs that is unspoken”. Whether you decided to trust a professional, or do it yourself, here are some useful advice, that can be applied to any style: 

Reflect the outdoor space with the use of natural elements
One way to make your home feel more connected to the outdoors is to use natural elements throughout your design. Incorporating materials like stone, wood, and plants can help create a sense of harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. Using a mix of these elements can also add texture and interest to your décor. For example, consider adding a stone fireplace or water feature to your living room. Or, if you have a deck or patio, consider furnishing it with wooden furniture and potted plants. With a little imagination, you can find endless ways to bring the beauty of nature into your home.

Professional Abhirath Tiwari, CEO of NBP Interiors & Construction shares his opi-nion on choosing the right natural design: “As per my perception, every interior de-signer should be an excellent drafter and observer. If it's one of them, then 70% of designs are completed in mind itself. As per my experience, I usually divide the de-sign by the number of the elements used for the design to be completed, and let me disclose, it always makes the design look good. As the world is towards the biggest climatic changes, we all interior designers should use our designs to save and protect nature.“

modern interior design

Use furniture of the right size
Surely in spaces, such as living rooms and bedrooms, many hours are spent sharing moments with others. Therefore, it is important that everyone who is there has good mobility. Take into account the total measurements of your spaces to also think about those of the furniture.

Medium and small pieces of furniture are ideal for small spaces, so as not to collide when walking and to be able to complement the decoration with other accessories. If you want to use a large piece of furniture in a small space, this should be the main piece. If this is the case in your home - consider a light interior and decoration around it.

Pay attention to light!
The lighting of spaces in the home might as well be the most important part of home design. This phenomenon is based on the fact that giving light to the areas that need it and taking advantage of the windows and natural light has proven Benefit in residants wellbeing.  and transmitting larger spaces by granting clarity and projection.

In addition to styling your home with brightness in mind, you can opt for small lamps, pendants, light bulbs, and, in itself, a wide variety of light pieces that will give a pleasant style to each of your rooms. Light creates a cozy atmosphere, that is really important in your forever home. 

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Create a space based on functionality
Functionality is key when creating any type of space, whether it's a home office, a playroom for the kids, or a mudroom to keep all the family's outdoor gear organized. The first step is to assess what types of activities will take place in the room and what kind of furniture and storage solutions will be needed to accommodate those activities. For example, a home office will require a desk, chair, and possibly some shelving for books and files. A playroom will need toy storage, a soft rug for lounging, and perhaps a small table and chairs for arts and crafts. And a mudroom will need hooks for jackets and bags, shelves or cubbies for shoes and boots, and a spot to hang wet towels. Once you have a clear idea of the room's purpose, it will be much easier to create a space that is both functional and easy to maintain. Interior designer Katie Anderson shares this view: “When making choices the lifestyle and how a person may use their space should drive selections: is it easy to clean and maintain?  Is it cost-effective while being ethically and ecologically responsible? Is the style the client talks about aspirational and not realistic or is it aspirational and necessary for their emotional well-being?”

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