11 Green Chairs For Living Room

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Interesting modern interior of the dining room with green chairs, will create a special atmosphere in it. Such accents will fit perfectly in any dining area and make it interesting and incredible. Green chairs made with various kinds of textures will be a good addition to any room in the house.

Green is the most natural color associated with the awakening of nature, spring, freshness and summer warmth. In ancient times it had a special sacred meaning and was used in decorating homes. It has not lost its popularity, because green is not only a stylish color for interiors, but also a source of good mood!

In addition, it helps to balance the emotional state and get rid of mood swings. Green sets up a friendly conversation and prevents conflicts thanks to its calming effect. That is wh green furniture is recommended for the living room, children's room and the bedroom.

1. Natural Green Chairs
As we have already noted, green is a natural shade. This allows you to combine it with any other natural colors, but the most successful choice will be a pair of wood and green. This is a win-win combination, moreover, its implementation is possible with the use of any shades of both colors. You can use wenge, ash and light wood.

Lettuce in tandem with the dark species will give the situation a touch of lightness and tenderness, and the same is true for the light wood paired with a deep and saturated green. These two extremes "balance" each other, creating a balance in the color palette.

As a rule, this idea is realized with wooden furniture, such as a table, with green walls. However, you can find many design solutions, when the walls are decorated with wooden panels and even finished with laminate, and the green range is used to upholster the furniture.

Living room is a special room in the house, its main function is to meet guests and gather loved ones for socializing, eating at the table, so without high-quality, comfortable and beautiful green chairs in the living room you can't do without.

natural green chair

Ⓒ HomeStyled Nashville

2. Upholstered Green Chairs for the Living Room
Chairs come in different degrees of softness/hardness - hard, semi-soft, soft. Depending on the design of the chair, soft may be the seat, seat and back, the entire surface of the chair, even the armrests are possible. For the fillers of upholstered and semi-soft seats are used, mainly sintepon and foam rubber, less often - batting, latex, down. An important role in the interior of the living room plays the choice of upholstery chairs.

upholstered green chair

Ⓒ KINFFICT Velvet Accent Chair

3. Green Armchair Chairs in the Living Room
The main advantages of armchairs-chairs - original and noble appearance, convenience and comfort, multifunctionality and a wide range of different types. The only nuance to consider when buying armchairs-chairs is the size, which sometimes exceeds the size of standard chairs.

Ⓒ Calvin Armchair in Olive Green Velvet by Atkin and Thyme

4. Table with Green Chairs in the Living Room
A dining table with a set of beautiful and comfortable chairs is the heart of any living room. Like chairs, tables come in a variety of forms: stationary, transformers, and movable. Which one you choose will depend on the size of your living room and your personal preferences. Possible ergonomic option for the living room in the form of a coffee table in tandem with small chairs, poufs or trendy sack chairs. Dining tables come in different shapes: round, square, oval, rectangular.

Ⓒ Otto von Berlin in Houzz

5. Transformer Green Chairs
Ideal for a small living room table-transformer in combination with folding or stackable chairs. Transformers, in turn, have different ways of transformation: sliding (two parts of the table sliding to insert an additional table top), folding (familiar to everyone from childhood table-button), folding (table top fixed on the wall, if necessary lowered on a folding leg).

living room with gree armchair

Ⓒ Mullet House by Jill Lewis in Architizer

6. Provence Style 
Green is indispensable for romantic Provence. A distinctive feature of this rustic style is a gravitation towards nature and everything natural, and these qualities are exactly what green has. The interior of Provence is a great field for the introduction of its shades, because it uses wooden furniture, with which the green combines perfectly.

The color palette of Provence contains, in most cases, restrained and discreet colors: white, beige, soft pink and cream. This also includes lettuce, olive, turquoise, grass and the like. They are often found in the upholstery of sofas and armchairs, sometimes the fabric is complemented by a floral pattern.

grass green armchair

Ⓒ Ansley&HosHo-EU Set of 2 Fabric Tub Chairs

7. Luxury Green Chair Models
Choosing chairs in the living room, you need to consider the overall stylistics set when decorating the room.

If the interior has notes of elegance and affluence, then choose a furniture item that is popular in foreign countries. Brand manufacturers guarantee excellent quality materials that were used in the production.

Upholstered living room chairs from the elite range have the color of wood, sometimes with brown streaks. They have a comfortable and comfortable seat, allowing you to fully relax.

luxury green chair

Ⓒ Golden Royal Designer Chair by Udai Republic Interiors

8. Comfy Living Room Green Chairs
The living room chair chair is very comfortable for receiving guests. Such a chair can have a different shape, a mandatory component for an armchair-stool are soft armrests and back. From the chair, such a chair is little different and absolutely not suitable for permanent rearrangement.

luxury green chair

Ⓒ Velvet Swivel Accent Chair with Ottoman Set by Baysitone

9. Beautiful Solid Wood Living Room Green Chairs
Natural materials are extremely beautiful. Solid wood chairs are ideal for decorating the interior of the living room.

The wood pattern looks just perfect, creating an image of luxury and uniqueness. Beautiful chairs for the living room made of different types of wood will be interesting to emphasize the interior design.

wooden green chairs

Ⓒ Martha O'Hara Interiors in Houzz

10. Plastic Green Chairs 
Plastic allows you to implement any, the most incredible shape of the product, but it remains quite light. Transparent plastic is especially spectacular.

Ⓒ O’Neill Builders LLC

11. Vienna Style Green Chairs
An exquisite chair of rounded shapes, the seat is rigid. It is made of bent wood using a technique invented back in the 19th century by the Viennese craftsman Michael Thonet. Just imagine, for several centuries Viennese chairs have been considered to be one of the most comfortable options for both homes and restaurants. In addition, these chairs are strong, lightweight and last a very long time. For a classic interior or modern they are perfect.

vienna style green chairs

Ⓒ Style me pretty

According to studies by psychologists, it was found out that colors have different effects on people. For example, red can cause aggression, yellow - joy, and an abundance of gray depresses and drives into apathy. When choosing a color palette is worth special attention, because the emotional state of the person in the room will depend on it. What about the green color?

Its main advantage is its relaxing effect on the psyche. It is able to calm down and relieve any tension and fatigue. Staying in a green room, a person begins to look at problems from a slightly different angle, which raises his mood and removes stress.

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