13 ways to design a small pool

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Swimming pools are great kinds of medium for recreational activities such as sunbathing, games, and team development. Technically, it is just a bigger basin filled with water. This basin comes in vinyl, fiberglass concrete. Inflatable ones are mostly PVCs or vinyl and often come at a cheaper price than in-ground pools. Most in-ground pools are concrete and fifiberglassThey say fiberglass more resistant than concrete in terms of swimming pools. It heats up more easily than concrete and is cheaper. However, fiberglass is prone to cracks and other damages when there is ground movement. It is important to remember that in whatever material your swimming pool is made of, its maintenance and assessment should be important. Hygiene matters the most.

As we speak of swimming pools, not only should you think about the material you will use for it. You must assess the area and its measurements. Should you need a larger pool? Will it be comfortable for you or do you want more space? Think about your purpose, too. If you are a sociable person and you want a place to relax and hang out, this can be a nice option. A small pool can be intimate and good for a bonding experience with friends. After thinking about the purpose, set your plan to the area in the house you would want it to be. There are options to put them in the backyard, patio, veranda, terrace, or even a lanai. The next thing to do is to pick the design or style that you want. 

We have prepared a list of styles that you might like as you go through the process of planning. It is important to note your purpose in adding a pool to your home as it will dictate the style that you will have. The images that you will see on the list are not owned by HDI. The rights of designs are reserved for their owners. If you want to see more of them, you check their websites as the source is provided per image.


7 Foot Tank Pool by ©H2O Tank Avenue All Rights Reserved

Tank pools are common for their installation convenience. They are also easy to maintain. In this first image, you will notice a hack that you can make for your pool. You may add a mural for the vibe that you want while bathing or enjoying your company.

small wooden pool

Above-ground pool by ©H2O Tank Avenue All Rights Reserved Photo via hgtv.com

Next is the above-ground pool. This one is still a tank pool but you will see the design they made for it. Wood is a material you can use to make it look natural and welcoming. Here, the sculpture was added as a décor on the seat. The stairs also added beauty to it. 

small pool outside

Balcones Residence Courtyard Pool via ©claytonkorte.com All Rights Reserved

This courtyard pool is a relaxing pool to hang out in. You may want to try this by installing the pool beside an entertainment room. Pair it with two chairs to make it more intimate.

small pool with a view

Burkehill Residence by ©Craig Chevalier and Raven Inside Interior Design All Rights Reserved 

In this photo, you can see that the pool may look like it is on a cliff. This small pool is placed in a higher area to appreciate the beauty of nature surrounding it. If you have a place in the house where you have a better view of the outside, you may want to install a small pool of your choice and bathe in relaxation with nature.

small pool with waterfall

Custom Small Pool Design by ©Mirror Lake Designs All Rights Reserved 

This design looks peaceful and attractive with the stone designs on the deck. You may want to take this ensemble to the next level in your pool. A jacuzzi will be nice for this kind.

Landscaping Idea by ©Space Landscape Designs All Rights Reserved

Next, this triangular pool is a must if your area is not that big. A side pool is enough to make you feel at ease. The u-shaped bench is a nice area to have a short conversation with a family member or with a friend.

small pool with shower

Maldives via ©happilygrey.com All Rights Reserved

Straight out of Maldives, this pool is a great tip if you want an all-white ensemble. The shower is just on the side and you may pair it with long leafy plants. This square pool is a must-have if you have limited space.

small pool in patio

Mini Piscine Bordeaux by ©Piscinelle All Rights Reserved

In this photo, you will notice a border between a lounge area and the pool area. You may want to try this style by placing borders such as dividers, doors or an umbrella to make it more lovely.

small pool with fireplacce

Modern Pool, Atlanta via ©houzz.com All Rights Reserved

This modern pool is a must-have with its in-pool stairs and mini-water fixture on the side. Another style is putting a bonfire beside it for a dramatic night swim vibe. Placing furniture is an option as well.

modern small pool

Old Town Retreat via ©Craig Reynolds Landscape Architects All Rights Reserved 

This pool is a must-have if you have a separate bigger area. The design on the photo gives you an option to put trees as shade for your pool deck. A closer-to-nature approach!

white small pool

Plunge Pool Terrace by ©Poolonomics All Rights Reserved

Plunge pools are a thing as well! They are small in terms of width but big in terms of depth. This one gives a cool vibe with a minimalist approach. You may opt for a plunge pool if you do not have or want a larger area.

mideterrenean small pool

Small Swimming Pool Design via ©myhomemyzone.com All Rights Reserved

Another great option for smaller areas is a nice and cosy corner pool. This style is a must-try with a tile design on the wall. Here, the tiles were paired with a nice mini fountain. The stone wall is also a beauty that harmonizes the design.

small pool with ladder

Vista Isle Fibreglass Pool by ©Latham All Rights Reserved

As we have mentioned fibreglass pool material, this circular pool is a good option to have. There is ample space for a pool deck and more seat capacity. You may want to try this simple yet warm style.

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