Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious

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Bathrooms are always the smallest rooms in the home, and a bit of strategic thinking will help in getting all its elements just right. If you have a small bathroom, certainly you will be aware of the frustration of feeling claustrophobic and cramped. However, your bathroom can feel airy and spacious without much cost; what it requires are strategic design and smart thinking.  

Making your small bathroom more spacious can be less enjoyable and strenuous. Our Bathroom Interior online course is all you need to achieve this great look for your space. There are some ways to make your small bathroom look spacious, and it goes beyond utilizing the available space and proving that bold design items can be used even in the smallest bathroom. In this article, you will find our tips, as well as Interior designer Steve Nuss’ recommendations to make a bathroom look more spacious. He suggests:

1. LED frameless mirrors

2. Light countertops and fixtures

3. Chrome plumbing fixtures

4. Shutters to allow maximum light and privacy

5. Solatube or skylight

6. Glass shower enclosure

On the other hand, our first tip is to use light and neutral colors. Are you aware that using many dark or contrasting colors can make your space feel smaller and thus look more cramped? Dark colors absorb artificial and natural colors, while brighter colors reveal it. The more the light in a room, the airier and open it will look. Also, you can paint your ceiling a warmer, lighter color than the wall. This is because a sense of height will be created, and it will create more space in your tiny bathroom. 

bathroom with glass enclosure

Opt For Large-Format Tiles  
A large format tile will add more space to your bathroom. With large format tiles, you'll have limited grout lines, so your floors and walls will look less restrictive and cluttered and more seamless. You could use one big tile slab to cover a whole wall, eliminating grout lines. The large format tiles are also great for adding luxury to your less spacious bathroom. 

Choose a Glass Shower Screen
Go with the trend by introducing a glass shower screen with no frame into your bathroom. Transparent glass helps in decreasing visual barriers, unlike old-fashioned glass shower screens, which have heavy frames. This type of glass shower screen allows light into the area where you shower, and that's a plus. The Free online interior design course will guide you in choosing the right shower screen that'd add more space to your bathroom. 

Choose a Floating Vanity
A beautiful-looking vanity with storage is a must-have for bathrooms nowadays, especially if you have a small bathroom and need a great storage solution. A vanity that is not close to the floor (floating vanity) can add more space to your small bathroom by loosening up floor space, thereby letting more light and air pass through.

bathrooom with led mirror

Natural Light is Important 
Natural light is very important for creating more space in your small bathroom. All bathrooms don't have to be accessible to natural light but if yours is accessible to it, then flaunt it. The more windows in your bathroom, the better because windows have a way of adding natural light that creates a sense of space and airiness. If your bathroom has the capacity for a ceiling skylight and your budget can cover it, go for it.  

Use Mirrors To Your Advantage
Mirror splashbacks can make your bathroom more spacious. You just have to be strategic in your choice of mirror. Try incorporating the use of oversized mirrors because they are perfect for small bathrooms. Backlit mirrors are cool for bathrooms with the least natural light. However, in case you're refurbishing a bathroom with an adequate window, the natural light will saturate the whole of your bathroom. 

Choose a Compact Bath
If the current bath in your small bathroom is giving your room a claustrophobic look, replace them if you can. If the bath is not necessary to you, you can discard them completely and rather go for a walk-in shower. Another alternative you can go for is a Japanese soaking bathtub or even a compact bath. If you are still doubting how a compact bath can make your space bigger, the online Interior design course will help you in creating that space.  

Reduce Clutter With Smart Storage
Cluttered bathrooms are not good for you, so if you want to increase the value of your space, it's vital to consider bathroom storage solutions. Always endeavor to be inventive and increase your bathroom aesthetic appeal. Closed storage should be for items like tubes, make-up, medication, etc., that can be easily disorganized, while open storage options should be for frequently used items. 

modern white bathroom

Add Bath and Shower Niches
A bath and shower niches are storage spaces installed into the wall of your tub or shower area used to store shampoo, soap, and bathroom essentials. If you have some budget you can spare, add shower and bath niches to your renovation list. They are not easy to install, but easy access and creative storage will be provided for your essentials. With this, you'd get additional space for your small bathroom.  

Get Your Cabinets in Order
Are you thinking about how to get your cabinets for a more spacious look? Think no more! Our Bathroom Interior Decoration is the best for you. Don't forget that the cabinets also have some items in them. Compartmentalize your cabinets in a way that you'll have particular storage sections for toiletries and tools. For instance, smaller trays hold beauty products while large baskets keep flat irons, brushes, and hair dryers from getting tangled.

Try Large-Scale Wallpapers
You may be thinking that you should opt for a petite wallpaper, but actually, it is better if you can go large. Wallpapers help bring out the beauty of your small bathroom while still making it look larger than it seems. Large-scale wallpapers make your space feel bigger. Petite wallpapers give your bathroom a small-looking space.

It is not always comfortable feeling cramped in your bathroom due to lack of space. Home Design Institute is great in educating you on how best you can achieve a more spacious look for your bathroom. Consider the aforementioned options, and you'll be glad you did!

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