10 kitchen islands with sinks and dishwashers

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A kitchen island is an excellent element of your kitchen that will help you facilitate your activities in this space. This island makes your workflows naturally while you are cooking since it gives you extra space to store kitchen elements, prepare food, install a sink, have a side for bar stools, and even include a dishwasher.

Installing a dishwasher and a sink on the same kitchen island is perfect because everything would be near you to make your work easier and finish earlier. In this sense, if you are considering including both in your kitchen island, it is crucial to have enough space. Still, you should make sure that the island is completely equipped with electrical and plumbing fixtures, so your sink and dishwasher will work without problem.

Now, let’s see some kitchen island ideas to know how you can make the layout to install a sink and a dishwasher on your kitchen island.

1. Shaker kitchen island
This design is practical and bright and inspires an elegant and austere look. The shaker design is related to the construction of flat cabinets with panels and frames. They are made of painted wood and you can add them handles in metal or gold to give them a modern touch. In this case, the kitchen island is all covered with cabinets to make the most of the space, and inside one of these cabinets, you can install a dishwasher that would be hidden. In addition, you can add a marble countertop to increase the elegance of the design, and include a farm sink made in porcelain. You will love it.

white kitchen island

 Ⓒ Barclay Butera

2. Light brown kitchen island
Wood is a material that brings warmth and comfort to your home, and add it in your kitchen, is perfect for making you feel relaxed. And a light brown kitchen island with one side to put some bar stools is an excellent option. Additionally, you can add a farm sink with some cabinets underneath and a dishwasher with a metal door. This design will help you to facilitate your work, losing less time in movements around the kitchen.

brown kitchen island

 Ⓒ Rita Chan Interiors

3. Brushed oak kitchen island
This kitchen island will match your white kitchen and will make it look big and sleek. If you like, you can add a marble countertop to increase the elegance of the room. In this design, you could install a sink and a dual dishwasher in case you work too much cooking and preparing food, so you could need more space to clean all the kitchen elements you use.

brushed oak kitchen island

 Ⓒ Karen Berkemeyer Home

4. Blue kitchen island
A typical idea in a kitchen is to have all your kitchen white and the kitchen island in a dark color to have it as the focal point of the space. And, imagine if you add a sink and a stainless-steel dishwasher in the kitchen island. In this distribution, you could concentrate a lot of your activities in this area, since you can also have space to prepare food and to add some bar stools. It would be perfect for creating a unique and beautiful kitchen.

blue kitchen island

 Ⓒ Hazel and Brown design company

5. Single line kitchen
This type of kitchen is placed along one single wall, so you add all the cabinets and appliances to save space. In this case, you can have a long kitchen island in front of the single-line kitchen, and you can include, for example, an undermount sink that is fixed under the countertop, and a dishwasher next to the sink. It would be a practical and functional way to distribute your kitchen elements so you can work better.

single line kitchen

 Ⓒ Black Lacquer Design

6. Gray kitchen island
Selecting a light gray color for your kitchen island will give a sweet look to your kitchen. In this case, you can install a small undermount sink, a stainless-steel dishwasher, and some cabinets on the island to store kitchen elements and make the most of the space.

graay ktichen island

 Ⓒ Geoff Chick & Associates 

7. L-shaped kitchen
If your kitchen is L-shaped you can add a kitchen island with marble countertop, and where you can add sink, a microwave on one extreme, and a dishwasher on the other one. Also, you can add pendant lights over the kitchen island to illuminate better and facilitate the work in this space.

L-shaped kitchen

 Ⓒ Cristina Crestin Design

8. Light blue shaker kitchen
You can design your kitchen with shaker cabinets, all painted in light blue color. In the center, you can position a kitchen island, painted also in blue, with a quartz, marble, or granite countertop, to create a different look. On this island, you can install a microwave, a stainless-steel dishwasher, a farmhouse sink made of porcelain, and some drawers to complete the structure.

light blue shaker kitchen

 Ⓒ Brittney Ferguson Interiors

9. L-shaped kitchen island
As we mentioned above, you can build an L-shaped kitchen with a rectangular kitchen island in the center of the room. But, this time, you can have an L-shaped kitchen with an L-shaped island to form a frame. In this kitchen island, you can install an undermount sink and a stainless-steel dishwasher. This new form for your kitchen island will give your home a unique and different touch.

L-shaped kitchen island

 Ⓒ Design Shop Interior

10. French kitchen
A French kitchen will give your home a very stylish and luxurious look. In this space, you can install a kitchen island with white cabinets and a white and gray marble countertop. In addition, you can include a porcelain farmhouse sink, a dishwasher, and even a stainless-steel mini fridge next to the dishwasher. And over the kitchen island, you can complete the royal look with a pendant chandelier to illuminate the island.

French kitchen island

 Ⓒ Cantley & Company

There are several designs and ideas to build your kitchen. And each one has different characteristics that make them unique and special. But the winner design will depend on your preferences and home interior design style. Remember that the kitchen island is attractive and creates an eye-catching look in your home. And, if you want to install a sink and a dishwasher, you will build a complete and fantastic space.

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