13 Ways to style coffee tables

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Your home is where you can be completely free and express your personality when designing your room's style. You need to find the perfect palette color, the layout of your furniture, decoration for the spaces, and all must match in order to have a cohesive and harmonious home. 

And, if it is the case that you live in a big home and you would like to add two coffee tables to fill the space, or if you have a smaller home and you don’t have enough space for a big or medium size of coffee table, then adding two small coffee tables, or even adding two side tables as coffee tables, you can do it. It is your home and there are no rules, but you need to look for some furniture that fit well with the entire interior design style to create an aesthetic room.

So, let’s see some ways to style two coffee tables in your living room.

1. Wooden coffee tables

If you have a rustic style in your home, wood is the primary material you need to create this look so that wooden coffee tables will keep your design aligned to the general design style. However, if you would like to add a bohemian vibe to the living room that contrast with the rest of your furniture, you can select two wooden coffee tables of the same size to bring the essence of nature to the space. Wooden pieces will give your home a warm atmosphere and earthy colors that can become the focal point of your living room. 

2. Slim coffee tables

A slim coffee table brings elegance and lightness to your room because of its long shape. It has aluminum or chrome legs and you can add ceramic, glass, laminate, or wood top with the color and finish of your preference. You can find these coffee tables in square and rectangle forms, with different heights, which allow you to mix two slim coffee tables in your living room and place them in the configuration you like. Combining this design can be very functional and practical for your home because you can change the position whenever you want to give a different look to the room.

3. Nesting tables

If the space in your living room is limited, you can buy nesting tables since they are a stackable set of tables that vary in height and size, and you can unify them. They are like the Russian dolls that save one inside the other until having one. In this sense, you can have one, two, or more coffee tables depending on the distribution and needs you have. Nesting coffee tables will help you to save space when you need it. They are versatile and will give your home a stylish and elegant ambiance. 

4. End tables

 The main characteristic of end tables is that they are located, as its name says, at the end of a sofa in a living room, beside the wall. They are small, and thanks to this quality, you can use them as coffee tables if you don’t have space for a standard coffee table. End tables are light, so you can move them around the living room to give them a different purpose when needed. You can place two or three end tables in the center of the room, in front of a sofa or sectional, and you can select from several materials and finishes to match them with your style.

5. Reclaimed trunks as coffee tables

A recent trend is to include some trunks as coffee tables to give your living room a homey and vintage style. These trunks come in different sizes so you can select the design that fits your personality and home style. They are reclaimed trunks from fallen logs, so they are polished and lacquered to make them strong and durable. 

6. Metal and marble coffee tables

If your style is modern and elegant, you can choose coffee tables made of metal and marble tops. You can mix two coffee tables with organic shapes and different heights to put a part of one coffee table under the other one. This combination will give your living room an aesthetic and sleek touch thanks to textures and materials that can perfectly match any style. 

7. Glass coffee tables

Adding a glass coffee table to your living room is eye-catching and can be a good change if you want to remodel the space. Glass is a very luxurious material and having a table with this top material could give an elegant appeal to the room. The legs of these coffee tables design can be of metal, wood, or even gold. You can combine, for example, a black round glass coffee table with a smaller white glass coffee table, and you will obtain a fashionable look.  

8. Stone tables

 If you want some timeless tables that make your living room stand out, you should select stone tables as coffee tables. You can, for example, mix a cylindrical stone table with another stone table with a flat bigger top. Also, you can add some natural stones with varied shapes, to give your space an eye-catching look. This design will give you space to put some glasses, snacks, your favorite book, a souvenir, or a photo frame. 

9. Side tables as coffee tables

As we said above, side tables can also be used as coffee tables if you don’t have enough space in your living room. You can select a pair of side tables and put them together in the place of a coffee table. And when you consider it, you can put them apart to give a different air to the living room. 

10. Three legs coffee tables

As the name says, these coffee tables characterize by three lags, which give them a new look and a different aspect of your living room. They are made of several materials, and you can combine them regarding the style of your home and your taste. For instance, the top of tables can be of wood and marble, with organic shapes, to bring an aesthetic and outstanding look.

11. Benches as coffee tables

Another multifunctional option for your living is a bench, which is a long slim seat, and can be used as a coffee table or as extra seating when you need it. You can place them in the position you like depending on the general layout of the space. In addition, these benches can be made of wood, stone, metal, or acrylic. And to serve as coffee tables, benches need to be backless to put them in the center of the room. 

12. Ottomans as coffee tables

Ottomans can also be an excellent alternative to coffee tables and will give your living room a soft look thanks to the materials and textures they are made of. Ottomans are multifunctional, so you can use them as extra seating, and you can move them whenever you want; or even you can put a tray over the ottomans to have a flat and solid surface to put other things, like a decorative or glasses if you are sharing a moment with family or friends. Additionally, these ottomans give you extra storage to save blankets or other items you don’t want to stay outside.


13. Group of stools

Yes, you read well. You can transform the stools of your kitchen into coffee tables. They should be backless and armless with a flat top to put things over them. You can combine two or three stools of the same short size or mix different heights to create a unique look in your living room. Just remember that they don’t have to be too high to fit the rest of the space. 

These ideas will help you explore several options to include two coffee tables in your living. And, don’t forget that it all depends on your personality and the interior design style of your home, so don’t be afraid and be creative.

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