10 Modern Waterfalls in Pool

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A swimming pool is a great help in leading a healthy lifestyle. Swimming, aqua aerobics and simply playing in the water helps to get in shape, relieves stress and psychological tension.A swimming pool is a great help in leading a healthy lifestyle. Swimming, aqua aerobics and simply playing in the water helps to get in shape, relieves stress and psychological tension.

The pool itself evokes a lot of positive emotions in adults and children, and the presence of attractions increases the effect many times over. So the water tank turns into a place for games and relaxation. Installation of special equipment does not cause any special difficulties. It is quite easy to take care of the rides, which allows you to use them for a long period of time.

Today we will see amazing solutions for your backyard - a pool combined with a waterfall!
Pools have long been associated with the relaxation and rejuvenation process. This is the main reason why they are becoming more and more popular when building modern homes. Moreover, joining a small waterfall to the pool will not only transform the entire appearance of the interior but also add to your inspiration.

The installation of a waterfall in your pool will not only allow you to relieve stress at any time by watching the water falling from a height, but also provide a number of practical benefits. In particular, thanks to it, the water in the pool will circulate more intensely, which will contribute to a more complete dissolution of the reagents used for disinfection and cleaning.

Waterfalls Types and Ideas For Your Pool
Does your house have a pool? If yes, then you're one of those lucky ones who will spend this summer in your own little oasis, in a piece of paradise on earth. But just having a pool is not enough, you need to be able to make the most of it for a comfortable holiday. We will show you ten ideas to upgrade your pool that will make your relaxation even deeper and more enjoyable.

Who doesn't love waterfalls? This is one of those things you can watch for hours, relaxing and uplifting yourself. There are many types of waterfalls that you could erect by your pool.

1. Natural Design
It's always nice to get inspiration from nature. If you want your pool to look organic and natural, you should forget about the straight lines and sharp corners that are present in most designs, and opt for something less symmetrical and unnatural.

pools with waterfalls

Ⓒ Houzz

2. Exotic and Tranquil Vacation
Waterfalls are most often associated with a tropical setting or the cool climate of the Mediterranean. Designers often use natural stone along with artificial rocks in an attempt to create the most natural look possible.

waterfall with green backlight

Ⓒ Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools in Houzz

3. Think Outside the Box
A waterfall can flow not only from a huge rock, be original, water can flow in the most unexpected places!

patio pool

Ⓒ Home Stratosphere

4. Subtle and Modern
You're not a fan of the bold and extravagant? Then use a minimalist style! A waterfall can be stylish without using any tricks.

modern pool waterfall

Ⓒ Rob Bramhall Architects in Houzz

5. A Freeform Backyard Pool in a Modern Style with a Fountain and Decking
This kind of waterfall is installed on a vertical plane. You can specifically make a small stationary wall to fix it. The wall waterfall has an attractive finish. The attraction will not only diversify the leisure time, but also decorate the appearance of the pool.

pool with fireplace

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6. Onboard Waterfall
Water in such a device moves from top to bottom. The waterfall is placed on the sides of the pool, and the pump is installed above. Such a device usually looks like a caterpillar, cannon, cobra or crescent. The attraction provides a quality hydromassage.

onboard waterfall

Ⓒ Aquapoint

7. Mushroom Waterfalls
This type of waterfall refers to decorative devices. It does not provide a whirlpool effect, but improves the overall atmosphere. The stream of water moves from the bottom upwards. The device itself is located above the water level so that as a result of the use formed a kind of umbrella. Most often used in swimming pools for children.

mushroom waterfall

Ⓒ Holiday Inn Club Vacations

8. Sleek and Modern
You're not into the daring and extravagant? Then go for a minimalist style! A waterfall can be stylish without any trimmings


Ⓒ J Montgomery Designs in Houzz

9. Wall Falls
The wall waterfall looks like a natural spring, with powerful jets of water flowing from above into the bowl of the pool. The mouth of the device is mounted on a vertical, steep surface, which creates the impression of natural water flowing downwards.

Ⓒ  Bigstock®

10. Water Gun waterfall
Separately, it is worth noting another type of waterfall, rather than even a waterfall, and water cannon, which is called a water gun.

But water guns are more often used in spas and health resorts, as they are used for recreational purposes in a deep massage of all areas of the body.

Ⓒ Van Kirk and Sons Pools and Spas in Houzz

For a comfortable rest, just swimming in the pool is not enough. In order to fully relax, you need to resort to the installation of a number of additional equipment. One of the key elements is a waterfall.

Waterfall does not require connection to the general filtration system, the circulation is provided by a special pump. Of course, it is best to determine the place for installation of the device at the stage of designing the pool, then there will be no problems at all, but modern technology allows the installation of waterfalls at any time.  

Turn your own pool into a paradise for relaxation? It is real. Decorating not only the pool itself, but also the landscape or interior space - waterfalls for swimming pools - are becoming increasingly popular, they seem to make the water "come to life", perform as well as entertainment and recreational function. The movement of the water touches all the human senses. It is pleasant to look at, listen to, and water refreshes our body, mind and soul. Moments under the powerful flow of water in the pool contribute to a great mood, stress relief, and overall health. 

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