15 Majestic Spiral Stairs

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Not every country house or cottage can be built with a full-size interfloor staircase. An excellent way out of this situation is a spiral staircase. It is less comfortable to move, but by choosing an acceptable option, you will provide the convenience of movement on it. Spiral staircases have an original, beautiful and memorable appearance.

Today offers a variety of types of design of modern stairs, in which you can choose the degree of complexity of its design, style, color and material from which it will be made.

When developing a new design of the staircase must be taken into account, new trends are fashionable. The trend to light and spacious open plan interiors, in turn, led to the creation of staircases with glass.

With the light, ethereal aesthetic glass, designers will be able to create staircases that appear floating to produce a stunning effect.

Spiral Stairs Ideas For Home Interior
When starting to choose a staircase option, immediately discard the ideas of newfangled designs. They are not very suitable for permanent, intensive use, and to build them yourself one can only be an experienced craftsman with a lot of special skills and tools, and financial capacity.

The spiral staircase design you choose must meet all safety rules and be characterized by ease of installation. It is worth remembering that the probability of injury depends largely on the width of the steps.

Traditionally, modern design has a rod in the center, to which the steps are attached in a spiral. But the most creative solutions involve screwing it without a central support, creating the effect of leading upward soaring steps.

modern staircase

© Kai Nakamura

In large rooms the spiral staircase can be a massive monolithic form used for zoning and decorating the space. It envelops part of the room and forms a rounded functional area in the center. In the example shown, the staircase highlights the living room.

white staircase

© Sergey Ananiev

The idea of a spiral staircase, which seamlessly connects with the structure of the house, is particularly beautiful and elegant. Here it is not seen as a separate element of the space, but merges with it.

dark staircase

©2019 Scott Burrows Photogrspher

One of the more creative solutions is to set up a compact open-air atrium in the middle of the staircase. The steps curve around a glass bulb leading to an opening in the roof. A very effective technique for the interaction between the interior and the environment.

brown modern staircase

© Chicago Metal Rolled Products

Still, since spiral structures are mostly installed to save space, architects and designers are chasing their minimalism.

© Peter Bennetts 2019 via Archdaily

Apart from the importance of using a minimum of space, the construction should have an unimaginative, swirling design. The simplest option is the laconic steps without a tread on the support.

warm lit staircase

© Hangzhou Spiral Villa via yuanyebei.com

Architects also offer luxurious, sophisticated designs with flowing, minimalist forms. A monolithic light staircase decorates the setting, adding a note of futurism to it.

metal staircase

© Made in China

While some architects try to integrate the design of the staircase into the interior as much as possible, highlighting it with light, others create completely out of context structures. But in both cases, the stairs become the centerpiece of the home.

white modern staircase

© Kai Nakamura

The modern curved staircase is a stylish and practical solution, because in addition to the original design and beauty it is characterized by ergonomics, compactness, which affects the rational use of space, its comfort and safety. This version of the design will work well in a minimalist style, it can be placed in a corner of the room or make a compact central element also for zoning the space.

Modern spiral staircase in high-tech style. Laconic design suits the ultra high-tech interior. It looks stylish, dynamic and adds an element of extravagance.

© Kai Nakamura

The construction of natural materials, including wood, with smooth curved lines is closely intertwined with natural motifs. Such a staircase will be a tool to integrate the interior with living nature.

wooden staircase

© Art Fasad

Lightweight modern curved staircase in the interior. To emphasize the functionality of the design and make it almost invisible in the environment, not cluttering the space, the curved staircase can be made visually weightless. Thin railings, no treads, minimalistic supports allowed to simplify the product as much as possible.

© Hey!Cheese

Futuristic curved staircase. The original curved staircase in the interior of the house is a way to optimize space, using a minimum of space under the steps. In addition, it is a spectacular design technique to create a creative home environment. Curved design can match the most technological, trendy solutions or be a creation of nature itself.

modern white staircase

© Hey!Cheese

Environmental motifs in a curved staircase. Refined, curved, twisted forms are ubiquitous in wildlife. Their abundance is especially evident in forested areas, among trees and shrubs. So if you integrate the cottage into a natural environment surrounded by natural landscapes, it makes sense to borrow some elements from the outside of the house.

wooden modern staircase

© Sensor Images

This is the most popular type of spiral staircase. The bearing element of such a design is the central post. Usually the support is a thick-walled tube with a diameter of at least 50 mm.

On the rack steps for the spiral staircase alternate with sleeves of pipe, the diameter of which is larger than the diameter of the rack.

© Elit Klassik

This type of staircase requires the construction of a special well, which makes the construction process more complex, but also much more reliable. In addition, the steps can be made longer and wider, which improves the comfort of movement.

modern dark staircase

© Staircase design

Spiral staircases are among the most practical and aesthetically pleasing. They save space in small spaces and serve as a true decoration of spacious apartments. They are so versatile that they can be used in almost any style. Today we will tell you what they are made of, what you need to consider when installing them and what visual tricks can be applied, using this element of the interior.

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