Nursery room design ideas

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A baby on the way is a milestone that is very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. It signals addition to the clan and it means a new room to be filled. Having another room for a special member of the family requires a set of furniture and accessories. Also, a new theme and design for the room’s interior are to be decided upon. It is not an easy task to prepare the baby’s warm cradle. You need to check on materials and furniture for the safety of the young one. Of course, part of the task is selecting the interior design that would best suit the nursery. With this, our Interior Design online course will let you see the roles each of the elements of design play in a room purposed for warmth and security

There are several ideas for a perfect nursery. A little mixing and matching, contrasting and cohesiveness can go a long way. Of course, without overdoing it, you will get the right balance for that nursery room. We want to share some bright ideas you might want to try for your special room. These are just guides so take note of the details you might want to combine other styles with.


With the nursery room having enough space and less furniture, you will have more room for contrasting colours. Using a dark colour can boost the design of your light coloured cribs and side chairs. Floral patterns and linear or geometric designed wallpapers can be used too on walls and ceilings.  As white and brown cribs are common, it is best to choose neutral colours that are a bit dark for walls. 

It is not bad to add dark hues in a nursery as long as it is balanced with a lighter pair of colours. Whether it may be the furniture or accessories, the contrast should be in a perfect tone where they can be a star of their colours. Learn how to create the perfect contrast with our free interior design online course

Nothing can go wrong with cribs as long as it is safely built. The common cribs have wood or wooden types of materials. As mentioned above, these types usually have a light colour such as white and brown. Clear acrylic-framed modern cribs are now available in the market. This modern type of crib deserves the hype as it is visually appealing and also sturdy. Also, a combination of a wooden frame and acrylic crib is available for your style. The modern type of crib is just as durable as the traditional ones. It is important to gauge which type you prefer and which fits the design that you chose. It is easy to find a crib if you have a list of the features you would want it to have.

Different textures come into play in a nursery room. Furry carpets, globe light fixtures, rattan basket organizers, wooden boxes and cotton linens are some of the materials commonly used for a nursery. The play of texture gives subtlety to the design. Opting for soft materials creates a warmer and serene atmosphere. Meanwhile, using hard materials together with natural ones prepares a welcoming and refreshing vibe. 

Renata Pfuner, the owner of Pfuner Design recommends: "First of all, designing a nursery room it's very emotional and always super fun for me. Even though it's a very serious project because this room will be the first thing a little creature will see every day when it wakes up and will spend a lot of time in this room. So not only is it important to pick the right materials and fabrics that are organic and in sync with the most natural production process. But also to pick the right scheme and not to make it too girlish or too boyish. Because we don't even know to what kind of personality we're talking to. Right? I'm not so much a big believer that all the furniture has to match exactly - it's more that they have to be in sync with an overall scheme and color pallet."

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As we speak of natural materials, going for medium to large size plants for a nursery is a must-try. This style brings a down-to-earth type of mood. It is also pleasing to the eyes. You may pair this with wooden furniture and rattan organizers. Also, you can look for woven carpets and animal or forest wallpapers. Get ready for a nature-themed nursery!

Do not be afraid to try other themes instead of a neutral coloured nursery. In the abovementioned example, going natural is the best fit for the nursery too. You may choose a floral or leafy themed room which makes it inviting. Cabin themed nursery is also common. It is simple yet clean and easy to maintain. Another example is a colour-themed nursery room. Yellow and baby pink rooms are good to look at with their refreshing factor. Mint green domination can also be the theme of your nursery with its soothing and cool vibe. 

Whatever you choose in these ideas make sure you create a perfect balance. Harmonize the elements and make use of the little accessories you have. A little goes a long way. Do not add too much furniture have more space to move and include windows for airflow. The windows also create natural ventilation most especially if your area is near a body of water or a spacious land. Light and air can freely dance around the nursery which can make the child feel comfortable.

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Creating the perfect nursery room is a process, too. While being a parent can be a matter of preparation as they wait nine months for the baby, a little pressure is healthy when it is a positive feeling of excitement and joy for the special person to come. Do not hesitate to learn while waiting. Read more and ask the experts. That is why the HDI team invite you to join the forthcoming groups for the Interior design classes. We want you to make the most out of the modules that we have prepared. So, try to discover more on our website and see you in our sessions!

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