17 home solarium room ideas

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The sunlight is the best light that can enter your home. Yes, light fixtures are also good especially when there is no option due to tall buildings constructed in cities. However, we needed sunlight for the benefits it brings to our minds and body. Opting for areas with natural light peeking through saves energy as well with minimal light fixtures to think about. In line with this, one option is to put a home solarium for your leisure and entertainment or just to relax and meditate. Just remember that everything should be done in moderation. Solariums can emit more UV radiation from the sun. So, be careful not to overdo tanning inside these rooms.

Solariums have glass as their main material to let all the light pass through the room. Technically, its name is Latin which means a sun terrace or balcony. These rooms are interchangeable with greenhouse, sunroom or conservatory. Some solariums are adjacent to dining rooms and living rooms. Also, it is freestanding with its décor mostly natural materials. 

Do you want to have a solarium or are you planning for one in your house? Well, we hope you get inspiration from these solariums on our list.

 1970 Solarium via mn.gov

First on our list is this 1970’s solarium in The Minnesota Governor’s Residence. The focal point of this room is the North Star rug in the middle. Let us appreciate this timeless interior beauty of a solarium!

 3 Seasons Solarium 2 via solarium.ca

In one of the solarium photos from the gallery of solarium.ca, you will notice the white frame of the room. There is minimal furniture with bed foam to complete them. It looks like a personal haven fit for relaxation.

 3 Seasons Solarium via solarium.ca

Part of the solarium.ca gallery is this three-seasons solarium, like the one mentioned above. Compared to the other, this one has a smaller area. They used a tall indoor tree and hanging ornaments. The set of furniture blends in with the natural tone of the solarium.

 4 Seasons Solarium via solariumespacedevie.com

This minimalist solarium was constructed for four seasons. Advanced technology was applied to this structure to withstand the harmful effects of winter and summer. 

 Carmel Residence by Dirk Denison Architects
 Photo via homedesignlover.com

This residence is a solarium with its roof and walls. The balance of wood and stone greatly impacts the vibe. Appreciating nature in this area is a must!

 City Solarium via homedsgn.com

Ever wonder how solarium can fit in the city? This image shows that solariums can go well with modern style. The open space on the side gives room for a high ceiling and big windows.

 Colonel Mustard by getting Back Jojo
 Photo via homedesignlover.com

This exquisite solarium shows a boost of accessories for its chandelier. The tiles are also alive with the black and white colour. Also, the large potted plant added a connection with the nature outside.

 Interior Design Solarium Sun Room of Residential Home via gettyimages.com

Next is this solarium which has a homey vibe. Looking at the furniture style, the solarium exudes warmth. Try this style to make a welcoming feel.

Luxurious Solarium via onekindesign.com

This solarium is part of a mansion that is worth millions. With the types of plants in the area, the solarium is worth having. Look at the rattan furniture used. You may try to make a pattern using this type of furniture.

Solarium by Patio Enclosures

This floor-to-ceiling view is worth seeing in the solarium. The area is wide with sets of furniture to fit nicely. Ceiling fans are installed to make good ventilation.

 Solarium by Solarium Montreal Inc.
Photo via homedesignlover.com

In this solarium, the high ceiling creates a better feel of the surrounding nature. Not much furniture but more plants can be seen here.

Solarium in cold climates by Ecohome
 Photo via ecohome.net

This Ecohome solarium can withstand the extreme winter. The design is very natural with materials that perfectly blend with nature.

Solarium Style Rooms in North Hills via prosunroom.com

The sloping roof creates a low-ceiling effect in this solarium. The black frame with the metal furniture gives that rustic-industrial look to it. This style is a must-try!

Solarium via stouffvilleglass.com

This solarium shows the main colour green for the furniture. Blending in with nature, it looks relaxing and calm. You may try this motif for your solarium for a natural vibe.

 solarium02 via completehomeconstruction.ca

One of the solarium series of completehomeconstruction.ca, this solarium has the contrast of black and white. The black frame blends well with nature while the white furniture seems relaxing to go to.

solarium04 via completehomeconstruction.ca

Next is this elevated solarium with the metal railing. The indoor medium to large plants creates a connection with the outside view. The furniture implies a dining area in a solarium.

solarium07 via completehomeconstruction.ca

Part of the series as well is this adorable solarium. The design seems eclectic and the furniture set seems to be a handful. This solarium may be purposed for a break or quick catch-up.

Choosing from a three-season to four-season type of solarium can be easy depending on your location. You just have to be ready with the expenses that come with it. For the design and style that you want, trust your preferences. Keep in mind the balance and harmony of the elements in the room. Make sure to be aware also of the purpose of your solarium. Be it for entertainment, meditation or dining experience, keep it in moderation to keep you from being too exposed to UV radiation. 

The materials for the installation of your walls and roof are important for that matter. Choose the best for you. If there is advanced technology available, grab it for its worthiness and purpose. Of course, in planning, be ready with budgeting. Lastly, do your research. Look for the ones that offer a variety of options for your solarium. Enjoy the process!

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