10 pool remodeling tips and tricks

24.06.2022 Admin 180
Tired of your usual pool sight? Is it the pandemic that made you see how old your pool design is? Is it just you who want a new style for your pool? Maybe, your dream pool is out of sight yet. Well, you do not have to worry. There are several ways on how you can reach that design you would want for your pool. You just have to know some basics and you are good to go! Of course, with research done by us, you will be able to plan for your dream remodeled pool. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Before anything else, know your current pool and its measurements. The dimensions matter in planning for a design. Also, check your plumbing. Does it need fixtures or any maintenance? That will be counted in your budgeting. The next thing to think about is your budget. Will your current allotted budget fit any remodeling? For the style, there are a lot to choose from so, do not worry. While we give you a bit of an assessment over there, we will still guide you with some tips and tricks in remodeling your pool.

 Dream Pool Shape

Knowing your dream pool shape is important when you are ready for a remodel. Different shapes are available for your preference. There are circular pools that are nice for a little get-together with a few family members. Rectangular pools are common with an option for an upcycled shipping container (which is another good topic!). This shape is common in resorts and leisure establishments. However, if you want a distinct feature, you can play with the geometric shapes of the pool. These are also available per request to your chosen manufacturer. 

 Design Your Pool Deck

Of course, the pool is not just a pool. It is a complete picture of its surroundings and the pool deck. Looking for a matching pool deck is like looking for the perfect set of chairs for your table. There are a lot of ways to design your deck. Stones or aggregates, concrete and bricks are some of the options you have. Natural stones are also chosen for their beauty. But, for years, the cantilevered deck has been known for its simple yet flexible style. 

 Change of Pump and/or Filter

Having your pump and filter checked is a must. You do not want the contaminants to infiltrate your pool, right? When you let the pump and filter age for a long time, they may be inefficient already. Allotting the budget for them is worth it. Valves are important as well and 3-way valves are now available. Whichever type you choose, make sure to do your research and go to your trusted shop.

 Light Your Way

Work your way around the remodelling of your pool with new lights. Yes, LED lights are available for pools. There are a lot of colours to choose from. Similarly, luxury lights can give another boost to your pool. Simple yet stunning at night, these lights can give your pool a classy look. Another type is underwater lighting. It makes your pool alive with patterns or shapes available.
Relax with a Jacuzzi or Spa

Want to relax a bit and take your break to the next level? Try installing a jacuzzi or spa. These are must-haves if you have a pool. By adding it to the deck,  you will have an instant addition to your favourite spots.

 Make a Way for Water

What else is more important in a pool than water? You can make your pool more attractive by adding water features. Waterfalls, fountains or deck jets, the water feature will surely bring a new look to your pool. Also, you can add a waterway from boulders.

 Be Amazed at Rock Formation

Rock formations in this tip are not the literal meaning of it like towering rocks. The arrangement of rocks or faux rocks is what makes it look awesome. By adding a touch of nature to your pool, you will surely get your peace and calm in it. Big boulders are fine too especially if your pool is good for parties or you will be installing a big slide. It is still your preference that matters.

 An Enclosure will Do the Trick

Opting for a comfortable swim during the day? This trick can do wonders for you. A pool enclosure can be a protection from dirt, insects and excessive heat. Retractable enclosures are now available in a convenient way.

 Colourful Pool Tile

Having a good set of tiles for your pool is a must-have. There is a variety of colours to choose from and patterns to follow. They say mosaic tiles are still the best tiles for the pool. Some opt for a designed underwater than tiles. Whichever, they all put a little extra design on your pool.

 Get Advanced Technology Features

Part of our tips and tricks is the power of technology. Yes, pool automation, cleaning, lighting and effects are all available now. Adding these features is a matter of decision-making. Planning for the type of pool area that you want is very important. Still, all these advanced features make our life easier and more convenient. Doing your research about it and its energy efficiency is a must! Also, it is good to be aware of your chosen feature will fit your pool design. 

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