How to design the perfect nursery?

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A newborn in a house is a blessing and additional happiness for a family. Their innocence and purity give a light mood and positive atmosphere in homes. Nurseries are lovely rooms inside the house that we usually picture with cute designs and subtle wallpapers. Now, if this is the situation you are in or know someone who needs a tip or two for the nursery of their baby, you are on the right track! The HDI Interior Design course is prepared in giving quality education on designing homes, especially the nursery. 

In the HDI Interior Design course, the fundamentals and key concepts such as light and colour will be tackled to have a deeper understanding of its impact. We just know that colour affects greatly our mood every day but, is there more to it? Light is very important, especially when working but, how about in the nursery? These questions are to be answered mostly in the sessions as you enrol in the course. The lecturer for this course is an expert and professional in the field of arts and design.

Having a nursery at home requires quietness and calmness. You do not want a baby to be stressed by loud noises and sounds. Unlike the other parts of a house, designing a nursery needs a simple approach with a bit of detail on some aspects like safety. There are a lot of options to choose from and they are all easy to follow.  Assessment is always the key to starting. To whom shall I make this nursery? Is it for a transitioning kid or an infant? From here, what furniture do I need? These are some of the questions you might need to ask yourself. For the design part, you may choose from your preferred colours for your type of design. We will help you in the selection part as we discuss tips on how you can design a nursery perfectly.

Allegra Gallese, Social Media Strategist at Pancake, gives us some tips on creating the perfect nursery: “In order to create the perfect nursery, the design process and the space must be serene. Start the process by creating a moodboard of references that inspire the space you want to create, taking into consideration three important aspects:

  • Colors: selecting a light and soothing paint color is key. If you were to choose a wallpaper, make sure that the patters are muted or minimal.
  • Lighting: create a relaxing, warm and inviting atmosphere by using soft and dimmed lighting.
  • Comfort: when it comes to nurseries always think comfort first, both for yourself and the baby. Choose furniture and decor that’s adaptable.
To make the design process easy and memorable, consider using a service like Pancake - where you can visualize the space in 3D and design in real time; in this way you will make sure the furniture and decoration fit the space as you envision it.”

Keeping in mind that babies should have a lovely cradle that is pleasant to the eyes, choosing baby pink, powder blue and neutral colours can give a soft look to your nursery. Make the background a little subtle although some wallpapers have patterns and designs of cartoon characters. The patterns should still be on the clean side. Choose the ones with light colours better than the darker tones. Some dark blues and greens can be balanced by light coloured furniture and a side table or chair. There are also designs that match darker hues but the aim is to make a nursery suitable for an innocent theme room.

The goal is to make a comfortable and calming room for a child. Brightness is a stimulus to babies. They cannot classify the type of hues yet but they see them as dark or light. The type of materials and furniture as well as the window contribute to the tranquillity of the room. There are more factors to consider together with the selection of colour.

nursery with gray wall

Having enough space to move and safe materials are some important aspects to consider. Of course, when the baby cries, how can you rush in when there are many clutters? Most especially if a child transitions to early childhood, how can you clean up easily with the number of furniture you included in the nursery? These are some of the questions you need to ponder as you choose the materials for your nursery.

Wooden pieces are used for nurseries as they give a sense of warmth. Especially for the crib, wood is like a witness to a lot of events yearly. It is sturdy with proper maintenance and can be modified easily. This material can also be used in accessorizing the nursery. Having wooden toy horses or rocking chairs can give drama inside the nursery.

In selecting the right furniture and cribs, the functionality should be considered. Can the crib be used after two years? Can we convert it into a bed? How much furniture do we need? Identifying the number of things inside the nursery means getting exact measurements of your room area. Having the right proportions should matter before buying the furniture.

Choose the furniture that can be repurposed. That rocking chair can be placed outdoors when the toddler comes out of the room for play. Convertible cribs are now available which can be a budget hack. Side chairs and tables should have a neutral colour and style that can stand the test of time. As some of the furniture can be passed down to generations, it is wise to be picky with the materials of furniture in your nursery or even in other parts of your home.

Looking ahead is one of the skills you should have in planning and designing. It is a smart move to think about what might be the next trends or what might happen in the years to come. Yes, we know you are not a psychic or fortune-teller but it is best to choose to be proactive in terms of decision-making. This minimizes spending and effort in looking for the right pieces for your new home.

Having multifunctional things in the room can save space and make those spaces safe for the baby. Natural materials are still the best option for accessories like cotton. Stuff toys and pillows should dominate in your style as they make the room warm and cosy. Of course, this should have a balance with the other elements of the nursery. 

While thinking far beyond nursery, having the right information can save you stress and doubts. Our free online interior design course is always available for forthcoming groups. You are very much invited to join us for more fun learning as we also help you with your design needs. You will be able to practice more if you know the essential elements to be discussed in every session. Browse, register and enrol now. Let your design career journey begin here!

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