Does the bathroom have to match the bedroom?

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Being experimental with different designs is great especially considering a lot of options for essential elements like colour, style and shapes. An example would be infusions of different designs combined to illuminate a room. What more if designing the whole house with different types of design? Is it possible? Well, we have the HDI Interior Design to help you with the basics. How about having two different styles for the bedroom and the bathroom? Should both rooms have matching designs? We will tackle that in today’s topic as we explore the best option: matching bedroom and bathroom or not?

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white bathroom

A bathroom design is as important as any other part of the house. But, does it really need to match the other rooms such as the bedroom? While you keep that question hanging, we did some analysis on the matter. Some people say the mix and match style happens when the rooms are adjacent to each other. While others say, the bathroom may also be located inside the bedroom so it is a must that it is matching. Well, location is just one thing. Let us explore further and take a look at some important aspects for that matter.

The most important thing in planning is your preference and interest if it is your home. Matching the bedroom with the bathroom can happen with your initiative. It is a matter of decision-making. If your style is a bit of the colourful and adventurous type, then you may opt for different sets for different rooms.

In choosing your style in both rooms, you have to consider balancing the elements. There should always be harmony among the materials, colours and styles that you choose. As with the other designs, the aim is to create a perfect proportion and balance in space and form on the layout whatever design it may be. Still, educate yourself with these elements rules in planning. 

“To give the feeling of a cohesive space, always consider painting the primary bedroom the same color as the primary bathroom. The ensuite should always feel like both spaces are connected with each other through color.  You can connect the spaces through color easily by doing the walls the same color, or a different value of the same color.  Adding texture to a primary bedroom wall, such as a feature wall can keep both spaces more interesting while using the same color. Another option would be to connect the spaces by painting the primary bedroom and the cabinets in the primary bathroom the same.  This still creates the illusion that both spaces are part of each other.   Adding tile in the primary bathroom to coordinate with the walls in the primary bedroom is another way to connect the colors and add texture and depth to the space.  The connection of color in both spaces is the best way to make both rooms feel as if the design is intentional“, says professional Refined Interior Staging Solutions.

marble bathtub
While it is not obligatory to match the bedroom and the bathroom, some use the colour palette in creating boundaries or harmony between them. Using the calm and peaceful effect of the colour blue in the bedroom induces sleep and rest. Meanwhile, a darker hue with a combination of white in the bathroom is an option. This dictates that the bedroom is now a different room from the bathroom but they are near to each other. The harmony is still present.

Also, using white as a go-to colour for a fresh and clean look can be applied to the bedroom and bathroom match. The materials and furniture will just balance through texture and design to make a completely different look. Other colours may be used depending on the preference of homeowners.

As mentioned above, having a different design for the bedroom and the bathroom is fine. They say you can use different styles in both rooms to create separation to it. You may use the farmhouse style in your bedroom while harmonizing it with the nautical bathroom. Those styles may be different but there are also similarities in them. A hint of difference can create separation in both rooms.

 There are more designs available that you can mix and match. It is just important to be aware of the elements and the materials that you will need in matching them. Again, matching is not required but balance, harmony and proportion still make a difference.

Setting boundaries and separation creates a stimulus in our minds that the rooms are different and their purposes are not the same too. It declares the notion that the bedroom is for sleeping while the bathroom is for a relaxing bath. Another way of this is trying to give clues through accessories.

The bed is the centre of the bedroom which is why some people use the same material or colour for the blanket and bathroom rug. If cotton or wool was used for the blanket, a plain cotton or wool rug will be used in front of the bathroom door. Others use ornamentations like hanging plants and rattan pieces. Natural materials can be placed in front of the mirror or near the sink of the bathroom. Several accessories can be used in both rooms. You just have to check out your shops for interesting pieces.

bedroom with bathroom

Talking about boundaries, light fixtures can also send different signals to the brain. Having a similar or coordinated style of light fixtures can definitely wow guests in your rooms. Ceiling-mount light fixtures are commonly used for both rooms. Also, light bulbs with iron tubing can be used as well most especially for industrial designs. 

The light fixtures are a good stimulus and hint at creating the boundary and coordination in the bedroom and the bathroom. As it is on top and illuminating, it captures the eyes of anyone going in. Having that as a stimulus can ground the room with distinction and synchronization of style as well.

Education and update on the current trends and styles of interior design can help us decide on the decoration and design of our homes. In mixing and matching, balancing or creating distinct features, having a clear and unique preference and interests at hand is the most important detail that you should have. So, always ask yourself: What style do I like?

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