13 Hawaii kitchen designs

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The island, tradition, art and values are some of the things we appreciate in Hawaii. Beaches and ambience give us a peaceful vibe. Speaking of culture and tradition, the word Ohana which means family came from Hawaii, too. This concept is very important to them as well. While we talk about values and tradition, the art of tattooing is also their trademark. It does not only for aesthetic purposes but the patterns have meanings attached to them. The word family has its pattern. A spiral would mean rebirth or growth. Another is the fish hook which means abundance and a good voyage.

All of the mentioned aspects are part of Hawaiian culture. In this article, we will talk about the Hawaiian indication in kitchen designs. So, how can we say a kitchen interior is Hawaiian? What can be the foundation of all the designs that we can find in Hawaii? What is their oldest structure? There might be more to learn from their culture and architecture but for now, let us go back to Hawaiian architecture as we unravel interiors.


For this part, we will only tackle the simplest but known structure in Hawaii. A “Hale” is a basic structure in the 19th century in Hawaii made from natural materials. Rock or wood for the frame and grass or leaves for the roof. This simple structure is a trademark for islanders. There are four styles for it that you would notice in a native Hawaiian house: Open walls, lean-to, A-frame and fully enclosed. For the kitchen, you will see these recognizable features as you scroll for more Hawaii kitchen designs.


Now that you are familiar with the oldest, are you ready to see the modern kitchen interiors? Ready your keen observations as we take a look at the beauty of the various Hawaiian kitchen interior designs. These images are owned by their designers or photographers. If you want to visit them, you may check their websites and scroll on their pages.


622 Villages Mauna Lani by ©Resorticahawii.com All Rights Reserved


This resort in Mauna Lani shows an open-wall kitchen. Natural materials such as wood and rattan are used to bring out the homey vibe in the interior. Light fixtures boost the features of the kitchen while natural light relates well with the interior.


Hawaii Kitchen Remodeler by ©Hawaii Home Garden All Rights Reserved

Photo via hhgnet.com


Next on our list is this modern kitchen remodel. White is the main colour, the structure is a lean-to one. You would notice the roof sloping down. There is room for space and light despite big furniture and appliances.


Hawaii's Stylish Home by ©Hawaii Renovation All Rights Reserved

Photo via hawaiirenovation.staradvertiser.com


In this photo, the lights create some drama in the kitchen. The modern chairs allow a natural look in the interior design. It achieves a calm and welcoming mood as well. An open wall is a structure used in this image.


Honua Final 7741 by ©Lifestyle Design Studio Inc. All Rights Reserved


Another open wall, this Hawaiian kitchen serves a wide view on the side wall. The big windows and free spaces are good indicators of better airflow. Nature takes over!


Kohala Waterfront Architecture by ©Ethan Tweedie All Rights Reserved


Natural materials are used in this masterpiece as one of the islander structure trademarks. The high ceiling is made of wood and rattan as well. Here, the big windows are on the side only but the space was not sacrificed for better flow. The chairs are stunning with a rattan pattern.


Luxurious Villa by ©PMI Maui All Rights Reserved


The open wall was modified with a sliding door in this design. A centred kitchen island with a minimized number of chairs allows space and light to take over. Talk about luxury!


Mauna Lani Kahili home by ©Village At Mauna Lani Rental All Rights Reserved

Photo via villagesatmaunalanirental.com


This open wall design permits guests to see the natural greens outside the kitchen. The wooden materials are blending in together with the tiles. They unite as one with nature!


Modern Dream Design – Hillside Hawaii By ©Jule Lucero All Rights Reserved Courtesy of © hauteresidence.com All Rights Reserved


Indeed, a modern dream design! This kitchen faces the ocean, consenting the breeze to come in and light to illuminate the white interiors.


Mused Interiors by ©Ethan Tweedie Photography All Rights Reserved


In this kitchen interior design, the white background accepts the focal areas to be noticed. The number of windows is also recognizable as well as the space.


Ragsdale Kitchen Master 7435 Final by ©Lifestyle Design Studio Inc. All Rights Reserved


A homey feel! This kitchen design sends you off and takes you to your home to eat some delicious meal. The steel and wood combination does not overpower each other. Natural light is supported by the light fixtures.


Shades of Blue and Green by ©Hawaii Life All Rights Reserved


Open wall design is present in this kitchen. The colours blue and green are the main hue balanced in the accessories. Again, light and space are noticeable with the number of lights and measure of spaces in-between furniture. It exudes a calm and relaxing vibe.


Ultra-matte white shaker with textured melamine island by ©Patty Kincaid, Place Lift Design All Rights Reserved; Courtesy ©hawaiikitchenandbath.com All Rights Reserved


The famous white shaker is used in this design. Rattan chairs also add up to the Hawaiian vibe with the generous windows. Here, the number of chairs can be noticed as a factor for a bigger number of visitors or family members.


Walnut Sapwood Kitchen Island Countertop by ©Grothouse All Rights Reserved

Photo via glumber.com


In this modern kitchen design, the windows may not be as big as in the Hawaiian resorts but, the same aspects were taken into consideration. Notice the number of windows in the kitchen which lets natural light and air flow in. The kitchen island is centred and the materials used are wood and steel.


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