10 Japanese bridges ideas

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Gardens are one of the most beautiful places we can find in exteriors. They provide a natural ambiance that irradiates peace and tranquility. In these spaces you can have plants, flowers, trees, or even bridges, in a space with bodies of water to connect one side to the other. They can be big or small just to have it as a decorative and fantastic detail in the garden. Emerse yourself in the world of Landscape Design with Home Design Institute's Landscape for Beginners free online course

So, if you like bridges, you can consider an ancient but very popular bridge, as Japanese brides. This design is special in the orient culture, since a bridge has a particular meaning in both practical and spiritual terms. For Japanese, this object symbolizes the transition between two states, the transition from live to the immortality. And, they also serve as a way to cross to the other side, as a way to stay a moment and enjoy the view, or as a way to come back. 

Japanese bridges are also called hashi, and it had its first appearance in the Heian period of China, where leaders of the country looked for peace in war times. But, over the time, these bridges have been the central point of tourists and Japanese inhabitants to admire the beauty of nature and relax. So, let’s see some Japanese bridges ideas you can build in your garden.

1. Arched red bridge
If you go to Japan, you may listen the word soribashi, and this is the most known bridge design in Japan. They are typically red and this is because that color signifies the life transformation, wisdom, and invites people to leave their attachment to material things. These red bridges are normally made in wood and stone, but you can find some of them made in metal and concrete. 

red japanese bridge

 © Snehit Design

2. Zig-zag bridge
This design comes from ancient legends that say that the zig-zag path confuses evil spirits that follow a line. That’s why this type of bridge is built with little paths that go from one side to the other just to not form a straight pathway. In addition, a zig-zag bridge is built in this way with the purpose of encourage people to pay attention to the here and now, and to admire the atmosphere of the place. 

zig zag japanese bridge

 © The urge to wander

3. Moon bridge
This bridge has the form of a high rounded arc that allows the pass of pedestrians from one side to the other of the canal, and at the same time, it gives the chance to boats to pass underneath. The focal point of this design is that it mirrors its form in the water, so the reflection forms a circle shape similar to the moon. 

japanese moon bridge

 © Chang Chia-ming, Taipei Times

4. Wooden arched bridge
This bridge is another typical design in Japan, and it can be added in your garden, even if you have a small space. It has a curved shape, and is made in redwood. It is resistant to the weather and you can find it in several sizes. This type of bridge is perfect to give a new look to your garden. 

wooden japanese bridge

 © Redwood garden bridges

5. Stone bridge
You can build a stone bridge if you want to create an authentic and unique space in your garden. This Japanese design is hand-carved with rough stones, making it resistant to use all year, allowing people to cross from one side to the other. 

stone Japanese bridge

 © Build a Japanese Garden

6. Wooden flat bridge
If you are a minimalist person, then you could install a simpler but aesthetic flat bridge, that can be made in gray granite stone or wood. This bridge will give your garden a natural and functional mood to the place, since you can cross it, and it gives the ambiance a warm look. You can leave it with an unfinished aspect or you can polish and seal the wood. 

flat wooden japanese bridge

 © Decoratorist

7. Stepping stone bridge
This bridge can be considered the simplest design, and people believe it was one of the first ways to cross bodies of water. This set of stones is placed in a pathway to allow people passing to arrive at the other side of the garden while water flows naturally through the stones. The particularity of this stepping stone bridge is that there are no spans, and it is not a straight pathway to walk, so you need to maintain the equilibrium between one stone and the other.

stepping stone bridge

 © Japan Experience

8. Half spindle bridge
Adding a new look to your garden is possible if you include a half-spindle bridge. This design characterizes by some half spindles attached to the arched base. It is made in wood and is a perfect option to give your garden an attractive touch. In addition, you can choose the exact size that matches better in your space. And, you can add some solar lights to illuminate fantastic nights.

half spindle japanese bridge

 © Redwood garden bridges

9. No posts footbridge
If you like gardens with a clear view and no obstacles to admire the beauty of nature, you can add a bridge without posts. It is made of redwood to guarantee that it resists the passing of time and the number of people that may cross it.

flat japanese bridge

 © Decoratorist

10. Hanging bridge
 And the top 10 bridges is complete with this design, a little bit riskier, the hanging or suspension bridge. This style characterizes by having a deck hung with cables attached to anchorages found at each extreme of the bridge. This type of bridge is due to the fact that the country has deep valleys, several hills, and high mountains with big rivers running through them, so the Japanese decided to build long and hanging bridges to connect the mountains. In this sense, if you are courageous and like adrenaline, this would be a great experience.  

hanging wire bridge

 © Japan Wireless

As you saw, there are different Japanese bridges that give any garden a new and aesthetic look. Frequently, these designs are found in oriental countries, but people worldwide have taken these ideas to create incredible spaces. So, you already know what other bridge designs could incorporate into your garden to give it a Japanese and spiritual touch.

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