Making the Most of a Small Front Yard

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Designing a small front yard can be quite challenging. So you will need to be very creative about it. However, designing a small front yard doesn't mean that you can not get the magical touch you want to achieve. You can get the most out of it without doing much.

To make things easier for you, our experts have loads of tips and ideas to offer you in the landscape Front Yard Ideas course to help you get the kind of front yard look that will blow you away. These practical tips will help you make the most of your front yard and transform the space entirely.

Play with Height with Trellises
Bring out your creativity and maximize space by planting boxes of different heights to create layers. With this, you can diversify your front yard's flora without using too much space. Playing with layered trellises is also a great way to introduce new dimensions to your front yard space, and it could also be a great way to make your front yard look bigger than it actually is.

Experiment With Texture
Create a vibrant and stylish front yard landscape by introducing smooth stones, lush mosses, blooming perennials and waxy succulents to its design. Different arrays of textures are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and they help you maximize your space. So, regardless of your front yard size, you can't go wrong with experimenting with texture.

Introduce Window Boxes
Another way to make your front yard exciting is to add window boxes. Plant beautiful colorful flowers on the windows facing your front yard to create a welcoming and relaxing ambiance without using much space.

girl reading in front yard

Make Use Out of an Old Wheelbarrow
Since you're designing a small front yard, you can incorporate a cottage-like aesthetic by decorating an old wooden wheelbarrow that you can find on online sites like eBay, Etsy or flea markets. Then, plant anything you wish inside it. As the plants overgrow in the wheelbarrow and spill to the wheelbarrow sides, the better for your front yard decor. 

Consider Adding a Climbing Wall
Another interesting way to make the most of your small front yard is by adding trellises. You can start by introducing a climbing wall ivy or clematis to give your front yard a majestic feel and positive energy. When doing this, always ensure that your soil is moist and cool and the climbing is situated close to where it can easily get plenty of sun.

Tier Your Flower Beds
If you have a sloped front yard, you should definitely try adding tiered flower beds. When you tier your flower beds, you can add some structure and height to your garden. With this, your front yard will appear bigger than it is.

Try Hanging Flowers and Plants
Hanging flowers and plants gives dimension to small yards; you should consider adding them to your decor. Start by hanging numerous plant hangers filled with beautiful flowers at different heights to give room to a lively front yard. You can get metal hanging baskets or plant hangers to get this look.

Create a Herb Garden
Another great way to make the most of your front yard space is through the introduction of an herb garden in your front yard. Aside from its great smell and pretty look, a herb garden makes your front yard more functional, and it ensures that your space is well used.

home herb garden

Grow Trees
There's a general misconception that you shouldn't plant trees in a small yard, but this is not entirely true. With the right Landscape Front Yard Ideas online course, you should achieve this without hassle. For a start, choose trees that grow upward and avoid trees that grow outward. This way, branches from trees will not take up your small front yard space. Evergreens and columnar trees are examples of great trees you can try.  

Skip The Fence
If your yard is already small, building a fence around it will make it smaller. Unless it's highly essential, you should not put up a fence in your small yard. A fence can also create an obstructed view of your garden, but you can have an obstructed view without a fence. Also, your yard will appear bigger, and you'll have a better sense of freedom.

Use a Fire Pit
Introducing a small fire pit is an excellent way to introduce an interesting new element to your space. It can also serve as a natural gathering spot, and you can use it throughout the year to keep your front yard cozy and inviting.

cozy front yard

Go Bold
When introducing flowering plants into your design, the amount of color you can incorporate into your front yard is limitless. After creating a center walkway, both sides of the path should be lined with periwinkle bluebell flowers or vibrant orange anemones. Then, instead of planting hedges around the house, make bold statements with black-eyed Susans.

You Don't Have to Go Grassy
If you can maintain it properly, you can introduce nice, well-trimmed lawns small into your front yard design. But then, it isn't always a must, especially when your front yard is small. If left unkempt, a front yard lawn can become ugly to your neighbors and guests. 

In conclusion, having the right landscape front yard ideas knowledge will help you make the right decision on designing your small front yard and making the most out of it. Before you begin, start by analyzing how much you want to spend on the project, how much time you're willing to spend on it and the particular look you want to achieve with your front yard. When you determine this way, you can design the small front yard of your dreams without hassle. Learn the basics to Landscape design now with our Landscape Design free online course

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