10 Kitchen Bookshelf Ideas

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When we think of storing books in the house, the kitchen is not the first place that comes to mind. But why not? Books can be useful or decorative in the kitchen. After all, how many of us have forgotten about cookbooks unceremoniously scattered through kitchen drawers and cabinets? Pulling them out into the light can not only beautify your kitchen but also inspire creativity while you eat! And, of course, you can always keep reading to wait for the water to boil. Although untypical, bookshelves are a really good idea for your kitchen - for more trips and tricks, check out our Kitchen Design online course

Many of us love to collect literature on the culinary traditions of different nations and to write down recipes shared with us by acquaintances and relatives. Some of us cherish the old notes made by our grandmothers and mothers so that we can serve up dishes from our childhood that bring back fond memories at family gatherings.

Shelves for the kitchen are quite a popular solution, which not only allows you to properly organize the space, but by placing on them beautiful plates, candles, souvenirs, figurines, boxes and any other items, to give the atmosphere a special coziness and form an interesting and relevant design.

All of these things should undoubtedly be in the kitchen and always on hand, but at the same time not make a mess. This is why it is best to make a special place for them and arrange it so that it blends in with the interior.

By the way, the more light in your kitchen, the more spacious and free it looks. Choose semi-transparent curtains, avoiding dark draperies. Free access to natural light is essential in a small kitchen, giving it freedom and pushing the boundaries of a small area.

Proper accent placement will make a small area kitchen stylish and attractive, giving it special charm and coziness even despite its modest size. Let's see how you can store books in the kitchen bookshelf so as to make your interior modern. 

Books Shelves With Decor Elements
Books can be placed on a shelf that also holds other everyday items or interesting decorations such as figurines, souvenirs and vases.

© The Spruce

Separate Shelf For Books
Create a separate shelf unit for books and make it an extension of the bookcase, so you can use the top shelf as extra workspace.

bookshelf in kitchen island

© Decoist

An Open Bookcase Underneath the Worktop
Place an open bookcase underneath the worktop, or create space for it in a roomy kitchen unit with drawers.

© Homebliss

Books in a Vintage Basket
Show off your cookbooks in a charming vintage basket. This option is both modern and very handy. Pick up your favorite book from the vintage basket and enjoy your time in kitchen. 

books in vintage basket

© callnuColleenme on Pinterest

Decorative Bookshelves
Wall book cabinets with open shelves. The shelves in these cabinets are usually located under the cabinets or at the bottom of the cabinets. Items that are constantly in use are placed there to make them easier to reach. This can be everyday utensils or a book for notes. They can be covered with beautiful embroidered towels, and then the shelf will become not only a useful element, but the pride of the hostess.

decorative bookshelves in kitchen

© The casual free

 Versatile Bookshelves
Use versatile bookshelves with hooks for kitchen towels, grocery bags and aprons. This kind of idea saves much space and looks beautiful at the same time. 

top shelves in kitchen

© Hanna Shant Verk

Built-in Shelving 
Organize built-in shelving on either side of the pantry entrance to save a significant amount of space and add a decorative touch to the room.

pantry with books

© The Creativity Exchange

Cupboard with Literature
Fill the empty space in the appliance cupboard with literature. Some kitchens are fitted with tall, narrow cupboards which, apart from magazines and books, hold little else.

kitchen cupboard with books

© Kraft Maid

Space Under the Microwave

Use the space under the microwave as a bookshelf - books are prettier anyway!

kitchen with books
© Decoratorist

10. On the Sides of Cabinets
If wall space is a rare luxury, hang narrow shelves on the sides of cabinets. In order to store cookbooks in the kitchen, it is rational to allocate open shelves that do not take up useful space.

Suspended open shelves make the kitchen interior design light and airy.  In addition, open shelves allow you to easily grab the book you need without opening cabinets. This will make it easy to find the recipe you need, without too much time, which will make it easier and faster to cook delicious food.

bookshelves in the kitchen

© Design Mag

When choosing open shelves, think about how they will combine with your existing furniture. If your lower cabinets are made of wood or it is an imitation wood floor, you should not buy plastic shelves for them. To facades that have a natural texture, openwork metal shelves or designs made of special durable glass will work well.

If you decide to decorate the shelves with colored dishes or other items of variegated colors, all this will look very advantageous against a white or monochrome background. And vice versa - light items will stand out against a dark background. The main thing is to create a contrast between them.

Bookshelves are not boring. When decorating the living room, a nursery or private office can not do without bookshelves. In addition to its functional purpose, this element of the furniture interior can be a highlight of the room. Nowadays designers have invented a lot of original models of shelves for books, which thanks to the refined and sometimes very whimsical design can attract everyone's attention.

Bookshelves not only allow you to properly organize the space, but also represent a full-fledged decorative element that can give the interior a unique charm and a great sense of style.

The kitchen is where we meet and spend time with our family, loved ones or friends. The kitchen is where we cook, eat, enjoy, read, philosophize... in other words: it's where we live. Our open-plan kitchens include built-in bookshelves, corner units and extra seating that integrate the living room with the kitchen.

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