10 ways to make a pool from a shipping container

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Sustainability has been one of the key terms that became popular these days. It is because of the environmental issues surfacing now with changing weather and all. Also, during the pandemic, many people focused on reinventing and organizing their homes. They were able to create and apply new ideas in their interiors. Part of it is the recycling and upcycling of accessories or furniture that are available. Fixtures and appliances that are eco-saving are also replacing the old ones. Advanced technology is also keeping up in terms of sustainability.

In upcycling, a bigger contribution to Mother Earth would be reusing containers. Shipping containers, for that matter, are durable for repurposing. Upcycling shipping containers have advantages for you and your home. For one, it can help you save more if you would repurpose them. Some use them to have a new home. Yes, container houses are trending for their cheap yet worth-it designs. The affordability and ease of styling DIYs are beneficial for homeowners who will upcycle shipping containers.

One of the DIY products you can have is a pool from these shipping containers. They say the cost of creating a pool using a shipping container is half the real price of the materials used for a design pool. Of course, we will not only look at the value but the appeal and durability. It was proven that these containers are durable that can last 20 years. For the aesthetic appeal, we listed some of the cool designs you can make using shipping containers. While the shaping and fitting require welding and specialized or skilled workers, the beauty is all worth every cent!

pool from shipping container

Australia Little Pools by ©Compass Pools All Rights Reserved 

First on our list is this little pool from Compass Pools. You will notice the small area in which the container was designed. They say this Little Pool can be installed easily and comes in different colours.

pool deck

Backyard Swimming Pool by ©Alignable All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of containeraddict.com

The levelling on the side serves as a DIY for the shipping container turned pool. This shows that it is not confined in its rectangular shape. Also, it was designed with a short wall which complements the surrounding. The white colour reflects light which makes it comfortable.

swimming pool from shipping container

Pool Box via ©busyboo.com All Rights Reserved

The rectangular shape of the container was maintained in this design. Wood was also used to have an aesthetic appeal in this area. Who would have thought of this as a shipping container?

upcycled pool

Haute Couture Containers via ©securecontainer.ca. All Rights Reserved

Did you say party pool? Yes, a shipping container can be turned into a party pool! This image shows fibre glass was used as the prefabricated container was installed.

infinity pool with swing

Modpool to sustainable swimming pool via ©yankodesign.com All Rights Reserved 

This modular pool shows a serene vibe with the use of natural materials. The shape of the container was fitting to the size of the area. Highlighting nature is the feature of this pool area.

recycled pool

Modpool to sustainable swimming pool via ©yankodesign.com All Rights Reserved

Another image from Yanko Design is this exquisite pool. Here, the black lining of the pool blends in with the area. The modular pool looks stunning from a view.

recycled swimming pool

Infinity pool with led lights via ©containeraddict.com. All Rights Reserved

Talk about light fixtures! LED lights are the best in this pool area. The wooden steps, turquoise beauty of the pool as well as the walls of the container are illuminated by the lights.

sunset at pool

Modpool by ©Fast Company All Rights Reserved

Just like one of the modular pools mentioned, this image shows a stunning sunrise on a hill with a rectangular pool on it. The style on the edge is beautiful. Who would not want to see nature’s beauty in this relaxing place?

pool from recycled shipping container

Modular Pool with Vinyl Liner via ©containeraddict.com All Rights Reserved 

This modular pool is a freestanding structure. It has the steps and can be viewed on the side. The depth is its focal point where you can see the beauty of the pool from the inside.

shipping container pool

Shipping Container Pool via ©discovercontainers.com All Rights Reserved

Connected to a house, this container pool shows that the design can still be aligned to it. Natural brown wood makes it blend in with nature. 

With more advantages than disadvantages, the shipping container pools are a must-have. The disadvantage would be the heat transfer which is an issue with pools. An insulated exterior can be a solution to this. For the advantages, the container pools are prepared off-site so, there is minimal process on-site. It is also reusable and eco-friendly. Your contribution to this preserving nature is a big one. Learn more about shipping container pools by researching them as you plan. The abovementioned sources may help you find a manufacturer that is best for your needs.

Surely, your preferences in terms of style or design can be applied in this kind of pool. It is very flexible when it comes to design and DIYs. It is just up to you how you can do it. Start planning for it by assessing your area. Small areas require a small pool. This does not hinder you from getting a shipping container pool. As mentioned above, you can still fit a shipping container pool in a small area. 

Again, know more about manufacturers and styles for shipping containers near you. It is still best to see which ones you can have for your convenience. Be confident with your choice and make the most out of your shipping container. Professionals can help you too in deciding on the dream pool that you want. So, what are you waiting for? Plan that dream pool and make your way to sustainable living!

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