Why Scandinavian House Design is Taking the World by Storm?

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When it comes to visual aesthetics, there’s no shortage of options. Even so, one particular design has begun to take the world by storm, and for good reason. The Scandinavian style originated in the early 20th century and has since become a prominent staple of interior design. Its neutral color palates and simple geometric shapes are especially appealing, and the fact that it's so natural-looking makes it even better.

Home Design Institute is giving you a chance to gain skills and knowledge on how to convert any part of your home into Scandinavian design. At the same time, you get a chance to work on real-life projects using study aid materials such as visual boards, and software, and above all this, our lecturers will guide you. Intake is ongoing for our Scandinavian Interior Design online course

This design style, Scandinavian, is perfect for anyone who wants to inject some modern pizazz into their home. At the same time, it’s also suitable for those who prefer a subdued aesthetic. Moreover, the Scandinavian home is also a great choice for first-time homeowners. Fortunately, we’ll explain all of these features and more in this blog post.

What Makes the Scandinavian Style So Popular? 
The Scandinavian style is so popular for several reasons. First, it's surprisingly affordable. Secondly, this design features neutral colour palettes and geometric shapes, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to inject some modern pizazz into their home. This is especially true because the Scandinavian style looks just as good with nature-inspired décor as it does with more industrial furniture pieces. Finally, the natural look of this design also makes it perfect for those who prefer a subdued aesthetic.

In summary, all of these elements make the Scandinavian style one of the most popular interior design styles in the world right now! Why not try this in your entire home? Or maybe your home office and kitchen? 

The professionals from NoChintz, say: “In a similar vein to the widespread departure from fast fashion clothing, the interiors sector is developing a revised and more sustainable perspective on a global scale.

Consumers are looking beyond trends to invest in design solutions with longevity and integrity. 

This has always been central to the philosophy of Scandinavian design, which values quality and craftsmanship along with high levels of functionality; meaning that objects remain useful and practical for the entirely of their lifespan, without falling out of fashion. “

Neutral Color Palates 
One of the things that makes the Scandinavian style so popular is its neutral colour palates. These are mainly brown and green. They blend easily and interior designers have found these easy to work with,

This design style also features a lot of beige, grey, and white tones. These colours are soothing to the eyes and allow for the abundance of natural light found in Scandinavian homes to shine through. This is especially important if you live in a more rural setting. That said, even city-dwellers can enjoy Scandinavian-style homes because they're still fairly easy on the eyes. 

Additionally, this palette has an anti-depressive effect and encourages relaxation. Most people find it easier to focus when they can tune out all other distractions coming from their surroundings-especially those that are artificial.

Scandinavian is a suitable style for anyone who'd like to work under a budget. This is why it is said to be suitable for first-time homeowners. However, other homeowners can adopt this style as well. 

minimalistic scandinavian design

Simple Geometric Shapes 
If you’re looking for a design that's easy to replicate and maintain, the Scandinavian style may be perfect for you. The neutral colour palettes and simple geometric shapes are all very straightforward. You can use these elements to your advantage by working with them in your own home without having to worry about things getting too complicated.

Aligning furniture into your home will be easy as well. Your house will be comfortable instead of being busy and complicated. Interior designers can also help you pick on furniture preferences that will blend in well with geometric patterns. 

To achieve the look of this style, you need only work with neutral colours, such as white or black, and geometric shapes like circles and squares. It's not necessary to invest in expensive furniture pieces; instead, simply use the furniture you already have or purchase inexpensive items from the store. If you want your space to be more lively, consider adding some bright pops of colour throughout your house with accent pieces like pillows or vases.

Open Floor Plans
The open floor plan is one of the most popular aspects of the Scandinavian design. Normally, this style has a sunken living area with a wood-burning fireplace and minimal furniture. There are also windows on every side, providing plenty of natural light. This type of layout is perfect for people who want to feel like they have an expansive amount of space in their homes. It also helps to make your home feel cosy and welcoming.

How about working on a cool project as your first Scandinavian home? For just 690 EUR, join an online class that goes for 3 months on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is convenient as you do not have to be a full-time student. You can ask for recorded classes and catch up whenever you do not get a chance to attend classes on time. We look forward to having you join us at our Scandinavian Interior design course.

“It is very easy to explain why we love this style. It is all about four main components: simplicity, practicality, restrained elegance of lines. As one, they help us to create a space filled with light and comfort, and point details in the form of geometric patterns add an aesthetic zest. As well, furniture and decor made from natural materials bring a feeling of absolute unity with nature. Thus, nothing superfluous and disturbing is the main rule here. And that's awesome”, share the experts from Brandon Archibald. Creating a minimalistic space is one of their specialties and their case study on Hide Hotel shows even better their experience in the field. 

Hide Hotel

Hide Hotel, designed by Brandon Archibald

Low-Maintenance Home 
A major appeal of the Scandinavian design is that it is low-maintenance. The reason behind this is that you don't need to worry about painting or repainting your walls every couple of years. Rather than making a bold statement with bright colours, the Scandinavian style prefers to use neutral colours and earthy shades. This way, you can create a space that will look good regardless of the current trends in interior design.

The minimalist Scandinavian design also means that you won’t be dealing with heavy furniture or too many decorations. Instead, you’ll be able to keep things light and simple by using lines and shapes for decoration. You can also choose from a range of materials like wood, metal, and glass to suit your tastes.

Being low-maintenance means that you won’t need to spend extra money on furnishings that are just going to get in your way. This also means less clutter in your home as well as more room for other things you want to do or buy in the future. All around, this makes it easier for first-time homeowners who might not have the budget or know-how yet to get their house looking good on their terms while still being able to afford it on their income now!

hide hotel lobby

Hide Hotel, designed by Brandon Archibald

Final Words: Why You Should Consider the Scandinavian Style
The Scandinavian style is a great choice for many people - first-time homeowners, those who prefer a subdued aesthetic, and those who want to inject some modern pizazz into their homes. Those who opt for this design will enjoy the neutral colour palates, simple geometric shapes, and natural feel of this design. The Scandinavian style originated in the early 20th century and has since become a prominent staple of interior design. As such, it’s an excellent option for anyone looking for new ideas when it comes to painting their walls or putting together furniture combinations.

This style despite being present since long ago, is a good style and is not likely to run out of time anytime soon. Whether you plan on building or renovating your home now, or in the future, consider Scandinavian. If you do not have the skills needed for this home type, join us, we will willingly ensure you have all the knowledge needed. If you are an interior designer but have no clue n Scandinavian design, our doors are open for you at Home Design Institute

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