17 Slick Kitchen Islands With Dishwashers

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Dishwashers save time and effort spent in the kitchen. Being a busy bee, you cannot do kitchen tasks on your own all at the same time especially when there is a large crowd, a party perhaps. The cleaning process after all the preparation and service can be a tedious task. Also, the use of water to clean utensils is saved with the dishwashers. Yes, they save water as the use one recirculates. Sustainability is a term here as well.

Now, saving time, effort and water can also be done with style. Selecting kitchen islands with dishwashers that fit your design is the best choice you can have. Also, there are more sophisticated kitchen islands with provision for dishwashers that can be your cup of tea. That is why we got you a list of kitchen islands that may help you in your cleaning work.

gray kitchen

Chinese White Quartz For Kitchen Countertops via ©countertop-factory.com All Rights Reserved

In our first option, you will notice the beauty of white quartz in the kitchen. The sink serves at the middle while the dishwasher is just near to it. The gap is not that wide to reach for the dishwasher. This kitchen island is part of the list for its convenience and material.

Contemporary Scandi-style Open Plan Kitchen by ©Simon Taylor Furniture All Rights Reserved
Photo via simon-taylor.co.uk

Up next is this present-day kitchen with generous space to move from. You will notice the dishwasher below, just beside the sink. It offers a lot of effort-saving power while serving a minimalist look.

custom kitchen
Custom Kitchen Renovation via ©harringtonkitchens.com.au All Rights Reserved

Harrington Kitchens serves a kitchen island with an extended dining area. Here, the workflow in the kitchen has ease and control. The sink and dishwasher are just adjacent to the serving area.

highgate kitchen

Highgate Kitchen by ©Paul Craig All Rights Reserved
Photo via Google Images

This design is a modern one with its mounted, built-in service bar on the kitchen island. The dishwasher is just near the sink to minimize effort and ease workflow in the kitchen.

innovative kitchen
Innovative kitchen island designs by ©John Lewis of Hungerford All Rights Reserved
Photo via loveproperty.com

This kitchen island has its sink at the edge. It has also a built-in seat for the dining area. It has become a part of the list for its effort-saving mechanism as well as its aesthetic appeal.


In-Sink Dishwashers by ©Fotile All Rights Reserved
Photo via us.fotileglobal.com

 A very modern one, Fotile has created this kitchen island for convenient cleaning. The dishwasher is built inside the kitchen island right beside the sink.

Kitchen by ©Telich Custom Homes All Rights Reserved

On this kitchen island, the dishwasher is in style with the sink as well as the oven. It is stylish and open to managing the workflow traffic in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island by ©Siemens All Rights Reserved

Siemens has a way of producing modern appliances. In this photo, you will see an innovative style for the kitchen island. It is an option for minimalist owners as this is stylish without any additional detail.

Leapai by Victoria Dundas of  ©MSN Homes All Rights Reserved
Photo via casf.com.au

This MSN home kitchen island serves the eyes of kitchen lovers with panels on the side. It is a provision for a dining area on the kitchen island.

Modern Kitchen 319 by ©Gazetta All Rights Reserved
Photo via gazetas.gr

This modern kitchen island is slick in its way with open storage under it. Selecting it for aesthetic appeal and multipurpose ability is a must!

Modern Kitchen Design from ©choicecabinet.com All Rights Reserved

White has been the motif of this kitchen island. The sink and dishwasher go hand in hand as they are reachable and classy. This kitchen island is a must together with a light fixture partner.

Montague House by ©Corian All Rights Reserved
Photo via in.pinterest.com

Talking about big parties or events? This kitchen island is a must-have with its big space for the dining experience. The dishwasher is beside the sink for convenience.

Renovation Realities Part VI: Before & After by ©Spotlight Sims All Rights Reserved
Photo via spotlightonsims.wordpress.com

Wood is the main material in this kitchen island. The dishwasher is not that wide which follows the proportions on the island. Also, the utensils cabinet is right beside the sink and dishwasher to minimize movement in the kitchen.

Round Kitchen Island from ©digsdigs.com All Rights Reserved
Photo via pinterest.ph

This dainty kitchen island is convenient as it serves ease of workflow with its round shape. The storage under is near the sink as they are generous being part of the design. It serves aesthetic appeal at the same purpose in the kitchen.

The Cowboy by ©Clayton Homes All Rights Reserved

In this image, a blue kitchen island fits in the kitchen. The elevation serves as a dining area while keeping the service area accessible. Workflow has eased as the sink and other equipments are near to each other.

Transitional Home Bar by ©Houzz All Rights Reserved
Photo via houzz.es

This home bar can also be a kitchen island design. We placed this as part of the list of inspirational designs. The dishwasher is below next to the sink while storage areas are open for bigger kitchen needs.

University Park Classic Kitchen Remodel by ©Blackline Renovations All Rights Reserved

This kitchen island has a bigger sink and dishwasher. The cabinets are also generous in space for more kitchen needs to be kept. It is a must-try for your kitchen design.

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