13 small patio ideas

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Ever have that open area attached to your house where you lounge and pass the time? Maybe, this small area is the place where you entertain yourself by seating mostly and just breathing in the air while it gets stuffy inside. Yes, patios are the best to entertain yourself and of course, some guests or loved ones. As important as a kitchen, patios can feed our minds with good vibes and relaxation. Calmness and clarity when everything seems out of hand.

Designing and decorating your patio may not be as tedious as any other place in your house. You only need a pair of chairs and a table for your furniture. Sometimes, a concrete slab will do. Depending on your preference and style, your patio can be your artwork as you play around with your ideas. With that, we can help your find your path in creating the patio that you desire! Ready your notes as we walk you through different designs of patios that we discovered. Be aware of the ideas you have in mind as you might get to see them one by one in the following patio ideas.

backyard design

Backyard Design from ©simplestylings.com All Rights Reserved

First on the list is a backyard design with spaced wooden roofing. You might notice the concrete seat with a few pillows to accessorize it. This image is straight out of a fairytale with its homey feel.

small space garden

Best Small Spaces Garden via ©newcastlesbestgarden.com.au All Rights Reserved

Next is the awarded garden space in newcastlesbestgarden.com.au. You will see that medium to large plants were used to decorate the patio. A levelling was made too as seen from the wooden stairs.

green patio

Green Your Space by ©Martha Stewart All Rights Reserved

On this patio, you will see the plant choices in its decoration. The designer/s created a patio with small to large ones as well as vines. Indeed, a green space!

white patio furniture

Install appropriate patio flooring by ©Chique Home Living All Rights Reserved

With concrete flooring, anything is possible! The white colour as the central tone creates a peaceful yet exquisite vibe in this image. The tall potted plants serve as height on the patio.

modern white furniture
Modern Small Patio Design via ©designtrends.com All Rights Reserved

Similarly, white has been the focal hue in this image. However, grass has been the flooring of this patio which makes it look simple and minimalist.

colourful patio furniture

One Room Challenge Fall via ©oldbrandnew.com All Rights Reserved

This patio seems to be on a festival theme with its colourful accessories. The eclectic furniture is a mood where you can enjoy the open space. Pillows as accessories serve right with the number of them on the seat. A party-ready patio!

patio with flowers

Outdoor Living – Summer Patio via ©cleanandscentsible.com All Rights Reserved

Yes, summer on the patio! Hanging plants are a thing and a must-try. They create a certain refreshing mood on your patio. We can say, summer is here to stay!

modern pastel patio

Patio by ©Brit Arnesen All Rights Reserved
Photo via blog.omysa.com

In this photo, you will notice the effect of shadows and horizontal lines. It makes the patio look wider. The design is simple yet creative. Also, the natural colours are to be recognized for their harmony with white.

patio with fairy lights

Patio Design Idea via pinterest.ph

Again, levelling is made in this patio just like in the earlier image. Here, wooden material is utilized with a natural vibe in mind. A light fixture is also used which makes it more dramatic when it gets dark.

patio with fireplace
Small Landscaped Patio via ©visualhunt.com All Rights Reserved

This patio served the constructed stones as flooring. It also has a fireplace for warmth. Talk about calm and relaxing breaks!

small boho patio

Small Patio by ©Popfizz/Bryan Allen
Photo via hgtv.com

Another eclectic patio serves light fixtures. Natural vibes with a Boho look make it homey. The hanging plants added a more balanced feel. You may want to just enjoy your free time with this kind of design and play relaxing music as a background.

stone patio benches

Stone Patio Benches via ©foter.com All Rights Reserved 

Stoned patios with benches can serve a large group. Here, the open space was given for bigger accommodation. It has a fireplace as well in the middle. This sophisticated and dramatic design with the lighted path creates a romantic and warm vibe.

vegetable garden with patio

Vegetable Garden Container by ©Leigh Clapp All Rights Reserved
Photo via homesandgardens.com 

This garden patio is a dual purpose. While enjoying the place, you get to enjoy the harvest of vegetables ready to be cooked in the kitchen. Of course, serving them on the patio itself is also a good way of enjoying life’s simple pleasures!

Given the options, you might have an idea of which ones to try. You may try to plan with these images as guides while keeping in mind your preferences. Also, you need to know the scale of your patio. How small or big is it? Can it accommodate a large group of friends or is it just for your alone time? This first step in planning is important. Of course, next, you must know which chairs and tables you might need. Do you already have a material in mind? Do you prefer wooden ones or are you amazed by stones and cemented seats? Accessories follow these questions. You must have a design that you feel like having. Is it eclectic, Bohemian, minimalist or do you opt for a sustainable design? 

Having the questions above gives you an idea of where to begin. Have the confidence to try new decors and explore the ones that might fit your tea. Prioritize your purpose. The patio's purpose of entertainment, relaxation or dining should be kept in mind while planning for the best design. At the end of the day, it is YOU who will experience the mood and vibe on the patio. So, go now and start designing the patio of your dreams. We are excited to see your dream patio become fully alive with your chosen style.

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