The California Bungalow: Perfect For Small Space Living

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Bungalows have a distinct record in architecture, and they remain a part of the more prominent housing styles that most buyers prefer nowadays. Bungalows are easily managed houses that have withstood revivals in recent times, giving them a customized and modern feel. Exposed beams, smart kitchens, hardwood flooring, and beautiful light features are the many features you can consider for your small space.

The California bungalows are small or medium-sized homes that use wood and stucco with shingle siding. Builders normally don't construct California bungalows with bricks. There is an emphasis on using local materials that are used indoors. Redwood is common for exposed beams, and various types of wood are used considerably in the interior. 

A relatively casual floor plan and ample windows are appropriate for the California climate. A well-ventilated interior is excellent for days. Smart in-built features such as properly-used nooks and crannies and bookshelves implied that owners could avoid some traditional furnishings, staying true to the look of the open floor while celebrating the craftsmanship and details. 

The California bungalow is perfect for homeowners who have small spaces and are willing to live in it. Certainly, California bungalows are minimalist, what you can refer to as 'merely serviceable'. From the in-built features to beautiful woodworking, you have a lot to love about this little home. However, with the Interior Design online course, you'll be exposed to some things you aren't aware of about the California bungalow. 

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History of the California Bungalow
From one social campaign to the other, the bungalow, the little home, signified the advent of the dream of America: A place of your own, a yard between you and your neighbor, no landlord to be scared of. Something that's yours and no one else's. A California bungalow is a category of residential cottage architecture that's very popular in the United States but differs in styles in various countries. 

In Australia specifically, California bungalows are a prominent style. The style was very popular between World War I and World War Two and has continued to be an excellent home style for Australians who prefer modern yet informal houses. California bungalows are distinguished and do not come for sale so often. The California bungalow is a one-story building or sometimes with upper rooms in the roof space. 

California bungalows became prominent in the late nineteenth century in Southern California. The title California bungalow was because its early existence became popular in California. This was a result of a crucial sociological change in upscale Pasadena and Los Angeles, as they were rapidly growing, and single-family houses were on the increase.

It was loved because it is simple but artistic. The structure of the California bungalow is made from weatherboard, brick, and timber and has balustrades (wood and brick made). The color schemes are mostly red or bright colors, and they can also feature roughcast, greys, and rendered finishes. The California bungalow floor plans are either the same or differ minutely. 

It is more reasonable to erect a small house than to be in debt for building a larger one. A Gorgeous small house is an expression of aims and character, just like the larger house. Large size is only a waste of human endeavor and money. If you need more clarification on if California bungalows are perfect for small space living or not, the Online Interior Design course will provide more clarification on it. Small-space living means you don't have to succumb to clutter or sacrifice style. What it requires is just creative thinking.

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Features of California Bungalow
California bungalows are known for the variety of their architecture. There are some other well-detailed features to look out for in California bungalows that make them perfect for small space living.

Small Size 
California bungalows are generally small by design. They are small single-story structures. However, a half story or second story can be added at the top of its sloping roof. The living rooms are mostly located on the ground floor. That's what you'd see when you enter from the front door. The bedrooms, on the other hand, are mostly situated on the top floor. 

True bungalows do not include servant quarters; they have a simple-looking living room and a smaller kitchen. The centerpiece of the living room in a California bungalow is the fireplace. The living room also, most often than not, has a broad opening that leads into a dining room. Though the space may be small, all these features will still be obvious in your small living space. 

Open Floor Plan
California bungalows feature minimal storage and small square footage space. The housing plans of California bungalow-style tend to feature rooms directly connected instead of hallways. An open floor plan only allows for living rooms and other rooms except for a sitting room or a parlor. 

Large Front Porch 
The veranda is one of the most distinctive features. It is covered by a roof that's steeply pitched. The California bungalow has a simple layout, a sloping roof, and a front porch that allows for relaxation and community living. Interior Design is helpful when it comes to providing you with the necessary information you need concerning this distinctive feature of California bungalows. 

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From the front, California bungalows should be well-proportioned and balanced, not symmetrical. The porch of a California bungalow is normally unenclosed and accentuates hard support columns that are usually tapered or squared. Whenever anyone looks at the bungalow from afar, they should be able to see that it's well balanced.  

Plenty of Windows and Exposed Roof
The significance of windows in a California bungalow cannot be over-emphasized. The California bungalow usually features single-hung or double-hung windows. It may also include a large bay window or a casement window. An exposed and low roof is expected, often with rafters and beams showing. 

Why go into debt just to get a larger space when a California bungalow is just right for your small space? If you still think California bungalows cannot work in small spaces, let's convince you otherwise! Take the Free online interior design course and learn more about it. 

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