12 Lanai pool styles

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Have you ever thought of having a pool in the comforts of your home? Not the Olympic-sized one, but a relaxing, personalized, and extended just in your home? Yes, it is possible. It can be a pool on your patio or any area for that matter, as long as you have a space. The pool can have an enclosure to protect you from insects while enjoying the comforts of your outdoor area during your free time.

The abovementioned area is called a Lanai. It is a Hawaiian term that means covered patio. Most of them have a hard floor and covered roof. In some tropical places, it is not necessarily fully covered but has a roofed section which is the entrance. Typically, this can be a dining area, breather, lounge area, meditation area, pool or garden. As time goes by, the designs become modified and the structures come in a wide variety too. 

With this, it is important to set your plan straight. First, assess your area to know the measurements for your pool. Second, know your style of pool in terms of its shape. Third, what furniture would you be needing? Lastly, know your preferred design. Your planning phase does not need to follow these steps religiously. Sometimes, the last step becomes your first. Whatever phase you are at, it is best to have enough knowledge and inspiration on lanai pool styles. Of course, we will not leave you hanging. That is why you are on the right page! We will provide some ideas for your dream lanai pool. Try to search some of them to see if the designs fit your taste.
above ground lanai pool

Above Ground Pool 
by ©Backyard Boss All Rights Reserved
Photo via backyardboss.net 

On our first pool, Backyard Boss has this amazing design which comes out at night. The lighting is simple yet dramatic. It creates a serene mood in this pool. The pool is a circle above the ground. Matching this with blue chairs is perfect. Though the area is not enclosed, the design is worth trying!

swim spa lanai pool

Amplitude 550 Swim Spa by ©Clairazur All Rights Reserved
Photo via clairazur.com

Next is a lanai with an oval-shaped pool. The area outside as shown in the image is a green grassy part with trees. The main accessories in this lanai are the antique tall vases. The black frame of the enclosure goes perfectly with the white curtain accessory as well.

enclosed lanai pool

Campbell Dome House by ©peerspace All Rights Reserved
Photo via peerspace.com

This lanai has a dome enclosure which can be seen from the curved roof. Here, the trees were taken indoors and some potted plants added up to the natural style. The pool style is rectangular, with curved angles. It has a refreshing vibe perfect for a short break!

spa lanai pool

Contemporary Pool by ©Progressive Design Build All Rights Reserved
Photo via progressivedesignbuild.com

Thinking about a geometric pool? This one even has a jacuzzi installed! Progressive Design Build remodelled the pool line with iridescent tiles. 

creative indoor lanai pool

Creative indoor pool mimics an exotic tropical pond by ©Decoist All Rights Reserved
Photo via decoist.com

If you love the tropical style, you might like this pond look alike. It has a brick-stone pattern that lines the curvy pool. Also, plants are used as accessories on one corner to copy a spontaneous tropical pond.

lanai pool with blue water

Del Webb - The Florida Home by ©Lakewood Ranch Florida All Rights Reserved
Photo via lakewoodranch.com

This Florida home has an exquisite square jacuzzi and rectangular pool. The light fixtures near the pool are under a bowl-like ceramic material. You will also notice the blue-patterned tiles along with the jacuzzi. 

dreamy lanai pool

Dream Pool by ©Southern Pool Designs All Rights Reserved
Photo via facebook.com/southernpooldesigns

The circular plant containers with the pink choice of flowers make this a dream pool. The little fountain and waterway are a must-try. 

modern lanai pool
Geometric Pool by ©Geremia Pools
Photo via geremiapools.com

This geometric pool is paired with a circular jacuzzi. The area may not be enclosed but the pool still looks stunning as an extension of a house. The view in this area is still relaxing with tall trees around.

modern lanai pool

Image by ©EBA All Rights Reserved 
Photo via pinterest.ph

A small rectangular pool with curvy corners and a brown enclosure is a perfect pair as well. This image from pinterest will inspire you to opt for a minimalist style. 

lanai pool with pool armchairs

Lanai Pool by ©Wet & Forget All Rights Reserved
Photo via wetandforget.com

If you opt for a smaller pool with more area for furniture or to simply just walk on, this one is for you. The curvy pool is perfect for a short swim on a weekend. The white frame of the enclosure blends with the white fences outside.

lanai pool in yard

Lennar Homes - The Toscana by ©Lakewood Ranch Florida All Rights Reserved
Photo via lakewoodranch.com

One of the Lakewood Ranch Florida designs, this lanai is smoothly made with a circular pool. The bricks were aligned as flooring and the chaises were placed on the side. Not much on accessories and plants but worth the try for its minimalist beauty.

lanai pool with plants

Outdoor Living by ©Don Julian Builders All Rights Reserved
Photo via donjulianbuilders.com

Last but not the least, this masterpiece by Don Julian Builders looks straight from a fairyland. The collection of plants and how they have arranged the stone décor blend with the turquoise colour of the pool. This one is a must-try!

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