25 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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Having a blank wall in a house feels calm and serene for some. They opt for a plain or minimalist one. However, as artists are different from each other, some get excited when they see a blank canvas on a wall. It is fun to pour out all of your creativity especially if guests would appreciate them. The best area to design is the living room as visitors will stay mostly in this area. When there are a lot of designs and styles to choose from, it is difficult to pinpoint which one fits your ideals.

Designing the living room can be tedious but worthwhile. You must know your preferences when it comes to colour, texture, materials and mood. Keep in mind that opting to decorate it may last for a long time so, you must plan it wisely. Also, check your budget as some would require a bulk of materials. Do not worry. We prepared a list of wall décor ideas for you to choose from. You may modify them as you plan or it might spark your creativity and create a new masterpiece. Let’s begin!

wall art decor with red flower

Artwork from ©Colour Magazine All Rights Reserved 

An artwork is a design that never gets old. In this image, the split canvas is placed on different cuts and levels. This gives height and depth to the blank wall.

Beaded Hanging by ©Nicole Franzen All Rights Reserved

Part of the list is this creative wall art by Nicole Franzen. Beads were arranged on a single stick forming a single piece. The style fits a Boho living room design.

sparkling wall decorationg

Decorations for the Living Room via ©Almode.ru All Rights Reserved

In this image, a mirror seems to perfectly become a focus on a blank wall. The design is exquisite and minimalist.

DIY PomPom wall decor

DIY Pom-Pom Tassel Wall Hanging via ©Brit+Co All Rights Reserved

Just like the hanging beads, these pom-pom tassels will surely give colour to your white plain wall. It fits well with a tasselled pillowcase. A must-have!

Entertainment Center via ©Closet Factory All Rights Reserved

Of course, putting mounted open shelves and a hanging entertainment appliance will always go well with a plain wall. This gives the living room a certain fun feels like an entertainment centre.

3d wall panel decor

Extraordinary Use of 3d Wall Panel via ©Arch Zine All Rights Reserved

If you want a texture for your living room wall, this is the perfect suggestion for you. 3D wall panels are a thing. They also give depth to your living room.

wall decor ensemble

Eye for Art via ©woodenstreet.com All Rights Reserved

Speaking of art, another way to create a focus on your room is to make an ensemble. Try this design where boxes are arranged at levels while the artwork is on the side. You may add plants, too, to make it more natural.

Gentleman’s Lounge from ©G&M Interior Blog All Rights Reserved

You may also try a dark hue for your living room. Depending on your style or design, you may make an accent through your accessories.

living room colourful shelves

Living Room Shelves via ©home-ideas.ru All Rights Reserved

Shapes are good to play with in terms of décor. In this image, open shelving is used to create depth in the circle. Also, the colours play a fun role in the living room wall design.

basket wall decor

Hang Easy-Access Baskets via ©idealhome.co.uk

Not only tassels and beads can be hung. Baskets are a good way to splash a décor on your blank wall. Just make sure you will put pieces that are aligned to your design.

hangers as wall decor

Honey Amber Living Room via ©frenchyfancy.com All Rights Reserved

Following a certain design is good also. Here, the design seems to follow a colour combination as well as a Boho theme. Achieving the colour arrangement is awesome, too.

loft with bookshelves as wall decor

Loft Love by ©Jessica Helgerson All Rights Reserved

Designing your wall can mean putting a bookshelf in your loft. In this design, the bookshelf created a mood in the living room to top off the design.

mediterranean living room wall decor

Mediterranean Living Room by ©Natalie Fuglestveit All Rights Reserved

If you are a fan of colourful pieces, this design is for you! Different kinds of decorative plates were put in a collage to create an attractive living room wall.

modern wall shelve decor

Modern Wall Shelves from ©Interior Décor Designs All Rights Reserved

For a more modern style, this image gives a play on shapes. Squares and circles give a unique twist on the blank wall.

octagon shelves as wall decor

Mounted Hive Shelves with Plants from ©Displate Magazine All Rights Reserved

Hive shelves are a thing nowadays. With small pots and plants, the plain wall will be alive in the living room.

music notes wall sticker

Music Notes Wall Stickers by ©ISEE 360 All Rights Reserved

Stickers also can give spice to your living room wall. Choosing your style for stickers is fun as there can be a variety to choose from.

panel curtain wall

Panel Curtain Wall by ©Abiya Mashrabiya All Rights Reserved 

This exquisite wall was given depth by the panels. Carved wood can do the magic on your plain walls. Although carved ones can also be expensive but worth it.

Hartsan Wall Lamp LED Nordic DIY Design via aliexpres.com  All Rights Reserved

Light fixtures are good in a living room. Putting light on walls is also a must-try. They will illuminate well on white plain background.

lamps over living room sofa

Sconce Feature Wall by ©Jessica Sara Morris All Rights Reserved 

Sconce gives a different kind of vibe to your living room. Try it with frames and see how it will turn out.

scrabble wall decor

Scrabble Tiles from ©perfectforhome.com All Rights Reserved

Are you a fan of scrabble? Well, you can play with your idea on your plain wall in the living room. These tiles give style on your canvas.

bookshelves as wall decor

Unconventional Library – Books Of A Feather, Flock Together by ©Design Inspiration Gallery All Rights Reserved

Colourful book covers and white shelves are a must-have! The design in this image is certainly harmonious and balanced.

metal flowers for wall decor

Using Artwork by ©cafeland.vn All Rights Reserved

Iron sheets or any material, for that matter, can be carved into whatever shape you want. In this photo, you will see the elevation and texture given by the collection of shapes.

pink flower wallpaper

Wallpaper Laura Ashley by ©Aura All Rights Reserved 

A wallpaper can never go wrong as long as it fits your living room interior design. Here, a design by Laura Ashley was used as wallpaper. 

white wall decor

White and Cream Interiors by ©Emma Louise Layla All Rights Reserved

Nothing can go wrong with white. As said earlier, decorative plates can be a decoration for the wall. Similarly, a combination of white and cream can be perfect and smooth as well.

Wrought iron interior decorations from ©Metal Confex All Rights Reserved

one line wall decor

As carved wood is a good match to plain walls, so dies wrought iron. In this image, the focus in the living room can be turned to the wall.

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