15 Cowhide Dining Chairs To Enhance Your Space

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Ever wonder what is missing in your dining area? The intricate design of your table is not enough without a perfect set of chairs. Two things to remember in choosing dining chairs: If it fits in terms of scale and if it fits in terms of style in your area. The back height, width, depth and seat are also important together with the material. All of which are considered in choosing the best dining chairs you can have. Speaking of dining chairs, if you are a fan of cow’s skin design or animal print for that matter, we are here to give you some options to maximize your space and give an aesthetic appeal to your dining experience.

Whether you want to add a spice of cowhide dining chairs to your dining table set or buy a whole set of cowhide chairs, it is important to know which one will fit your style. Designing your dining area can be tedious too. However, having the right options and keeping in mind your style and preferences can help you keep up with the search.

With this, we created a list for you in case you are still puzzled about cowhide dining chairs. Just keep in mind that animal prints have their way in different designs so, choose wisely which one can blend into your design. Also, there is a faux leather material that is common and cheaper compared to real ones. So, are you now ready to see our list?

faux cowhide chair
Acapulco Cowhide Dining Chair from ©Room Service Store All Rights Reserved

Talking about real and faux leather? This roomservicestore.com product is of genuine leather material. It is a modern Mexican dining chair with a cowhide genuine leather seat. 

Amisco Club Metal Faux Cowhide Chair from ©Lowe's All Rights Reserved

This next dining chair has faux cowhide material as it pulled the aesthetic appeal we need in our dining area. Its frame is made of metal which makes it durable and last for a long time.

dining room with cowhide chairs

Aria Residence by ©Leah Atkins Design, LLC All Rights Reserved

This home design is an example of a perfect match of cowhide with other styles. It is eclectic and pleasing to the eyes as the cowhide side chairs fit in the picture.

black cowhide chairs

Berkeley Dining Chairs by ©London Cows All Rights Reserved

These cowhide high back dining chairs are also good for an exquisite look in your dining area. It will give a mysterious but arty look to your home. Who would have thought cowhide can give off this vibe without following the trend?

octagon black cowhide chair

Bonanza Octagon Dining Chair from ©Room Service Store All Rights Reserved

Geometric pieces such as this octagon dining chair give a playful vibe in a style. The twist in this cowhide salt & pepper version dining chair is a must-have if we talk about an infusion of classic and modern.

cowhide faux leather dining chair

Cowhide Faux Leather Dining Chair from ©Elegant Furniture All Rights Reserved

Modern and industrial styles are the themes of this faux leather dining chair. You will appreciate the style as you experience its genuine cowhide seat. It might also fit in your design as it is not only exclusive to modern or industrial design.

dining room with cowhide chairs

Dining Room with Specialty Lighting from ©Suzanne Marie's Interiors All Rights Reserved

Including cowhide dining chairs among wooden and vintage pieces is a must-try. They easily complete the design. Here, the designers matched different colours of cowhide chairs.

DIY Cowhide Chairs

DIY Cowhide Chairs by A Stroll Thru Life ©All Rights Reserved

Now, this design will inspire you to learn more about upholstery. The designer of this cowhide chair just poured creativity and confidence into making a change in the dining area.

townhouse with cowhide chairs

Eclectic Townhouse from ©Adelene Keeler Smith Interior Design All Rights Reserved

The round table in a dining area is a flexible piece that cowhide chairs can go easily with. This eclectic design shows how the chairs blend in with style. Nothing can go wrong with it!

faux cowhide chair

Faux Cowhide Addison Upholstered Counter Stool from ©World Market All Rights Reserved

Cowhide Counter stools are also a must for a comfortable stay in the kitchen. They give spice to your area. Would you want a cowhide stool on your counter?

New Construction by Project Interiors

Having a modern style or even an eclectic one does not hinder designers from creating a work of art. An example of this is the contemporary project of Project Interiors. You would notice that the cowhide dining chairs gave a spark in the area. 

chair with cowhide back

Shaker Modern Chair by Ambrozia ©1stDibs All Rights Reserved

Shaker Modern Chair gives a sleek vibe to the room. It looks exquisite from the back. The design of cowhide is not overwhelming or overpowering if put together with other pieces.

cowhide modern chair

Sole Designs Rexford Faux Cowhide Leather and Fabric Upholstered Dining Side Chair, Nailhead Trim from Visual Hunt ©All Rights Reserved

You might be wondering what may be missing in your plain dining area? Maybe this chair may complete your puzzle. A faux cowhide dining side chair can be a sprinkle on top of your dining area design with its natural style blending in.

chair with cowhide sit pad

Tolix Style Chair with Cowhide Seat Pad from London Cows©All Rights Reserved

London Cows has their mark in cowhide style as they offer different options for chairs. These cowhide dining chairs are made of galvanized steel frames with real cowhide seats. Feel free to add them to your design plan.

modern kitchen with cowhide dining room

Toronto Contemporary by Drawing Room Architect Inc.©All Rights Reserved

Part of the list is the Drawing Room Architect’s interior masterpiece with the use of modern cowhide dining chairs. It was paired perfectly with the wooden table with intricate style. Cowhide blends well in the contemporary set-up!

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