12 cool bedroom chairs

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Sometimes we want to make a rearrangement in our home, but it is not something easy because we should take care of every room to select the best options that make us feel comfortable in our temple. In this sense, one of the spaces where you can rest and recharge your batteries is in the bedroom. So, if you want to remodel your bedroom and are looking for different ideas to refresh it and give it a new look, then you can add an accent chair.

But, what is an accent chair? This type of chair also called a “side chair” is an element that you can add to any space to have additional seating and to create a new look that invites people to admire the entire space. And, an accent chair in your bedroom could be an option to design a cozy and warm nook, where you can take a nap, read a book, or take a cup of coffee in the morning.

However, if you decide to add a chair to your bedroom, it is not something that you do at random, selecting any chair and putting it in any space of your room. On the contrary, it should be a very careful decision since you will spend time in your bedroom and you want something charming and comfy to be at. But, don’t worry, because we have gathered some cool bedroom chairs ideas that you will love.

1. Loveseat
There exist different styles of chairs that may be an attractive punch for your bedroom, and, in this opportunity, we present you the loveseat. This accent chair is designed for two people, and you can place it at the foot of your bed if you don’t have enough space around. It would be an excellent option to relax after a long day.

love seat in bedroom

Ⓒ Dayana Bolden

2. Carlisle upholstered chaise
This classic and elegant bedroom chair has deep loose cushions, English arms, and a tailored and slim structure that makes this element a perfect option to rest. You can choose upholstered cushions to give a soft sensation and increase comfort.  

bedroom seat for couples

Ⓒ Pottery Barn

3. Striped Club Chair
I If you want to create a cozy and traditional ambiance in your bedroom, the Striped Club Chair is for you. This oversized design offers you ample space to seat down, a thick upholstered seat with arms or armless, which can be perfect for giving your room an eye-catching aspect. It comes with thin or thick stripes and occupies a big space.

striped club chair

Ⓒ IAE Mall

4. Channel-tufted occasional chair
This type of chair will give your bedroom a luxurious and sleek style thanks to its refined structure. You can boost your room with a deep and generous armchair where you can rest or even take a nap because of its soft and upholstered cushions. You can enjoy a channel-tufted back with a very stylish look.

suade blue chair

Ⓒ Anthropologie

5. Brooksville swivel armchair
This design offers you a high cushion back with modern arms which allows having a good rest time. And, don’t forget the update of this chair, its swivel base helps you to have free movement from one side to the other. You can choose different materials, such as leather or velvet, so your chair fits perfectly in your bedroom.  

blue swivel armchair

Ⓒ Local Overstock Warehouse

6. Field lounge chair
This style is a beautiful accent chair with a comfortable recline for lounging, and not to work. Its design comes armless and it is built-in steel and plywood with soft padding cushions and back. It is a perfect chair for your bedroom if you want to give it a stylish focal point.  

field lounge chair for bedroom

Ⓒ Blu Dot

7. End-of-bed bench
This chair is put at the end of the bed, and its design consists of a long seat that can be solid or with four legs. You can find the chair in different materials, so you can choose upholstered benches, which can be in leather, velvet, or fabric; or you can select a wooden bench, which would be less elegant, but all will depend on your preferences and the style of your bedroom. This piece is perfect for resting, putting on your pillows, inviting someone to seat, or as an extra space for storage.

end of bed bench in bedroom

Ⓒ Foter

8. Flip chair 
 If you have enough space in your bedroom, you can consider a flip chair. This design consists of a headrest that can be reclined, and two thick layers of cushions, which can be extended to convert the chair into a long bed. It is the right option, if you have guests at home, or if you want to relax before going to bed.

pink flipchair

Ⓒ Posh Living

9. Linen Slipper chair
A slipper chair is an armless upholstered chair that has a high back and short four legs. They are comfortable and were made to help women, in the Victorian era, put on their shoes or slippers. They are usually made in fabric, but you can choose between different materials to adapt them to the style of your bedroom.  

flower linen armchair

Ⓒ Signature Design by Ashley

10. Chloe velvet armchair
If you want to give your bedroom a modern touch, then you could select a Chloe velvet armchair. In this design, the seat and back are made of foam upholstered in velvet to bring more comfort and coziness. These chairs are stylish and fit perfectly in any room.

chloe velvet pink armchair

Ⓒ Cox and Cox

11. Bean bag chair
 And what if you choose a Bean bag chair? This style has become one of the most used chairs due to its form that adapts to the body and allows you a great moment of relaxation. This chair is a large bag filled with different materials, such as shredded memory foam and polystyrene beans, which will help you to support your posture and reduce pain. You can place this chair in the nook of your bedroom and rest when you get home.

bean bag chair for bedroom

Ⓒ Your Best Digs

12. Ottoman chair
This piece is commonly armless and backless, and you can find it as an upholstered couch or as a small seat. In addition, the ottoman chair is versatile and you can use it as a stool, footstool, table, or even you can use it as storage for anything you want. You can place this design at the end of the bed, in a nook, or next to your vanity. This style will give a casual look to your room.

blue ottoman chair for bedroom

Ⓒ Home Designing

As you could see, there exist a great variety of chairs you can choose to include in your bedroom to create a stylish, comfortable, and elegant space.

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