12 one-bedroom apartment styling tips

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Your apartment is your special place where you can work, share with friends, watch TV, cook, and rest. So, it is essential to build a space that may offer you comfort and peace. And, when you have your one-bedroom apartment, you have the opportunity to express all your personality and design your dream home.

That’s why when it comes to designing your new one-bedroom apartment you may ask what you can do to maximize the space because it could be a little bit small. But, no worries since there exist many design ideas you can use to get the most out of your apartment. And the most important thing to take into account when you are going to build these places is to visually manipulate the entire space to create the illusion of a bigger apartment. Learn more about apartment styling in our Interior Design online course

So, let’s see some ideas we have gathered to create a stylish one-bedroom apartment. 

1. Mirrors
As you may know, mirrors are perfect to give the visual illusion of a big space. In this sense, you can use some large mirrors to reflect the light that enters from the windows or that one from the artificial lighting. So, it is important to put the mirror strategically to create this sensation, and that’s why you should put your mirror on the opposite of a window, to reflect all the possible light and create a brighter space. 

gray sofa with mirror

Ⓒ Livspace

2. Fresh colors
Colors are one of the elements that allow you to give your apartment a style and a personality, and make your spaces feel bigger. You can use light colors, such as white, light blues, light gray, pastel pink, or green to paint your walls and floors, so all the surfaces of the room can reflect more light.

colorful sofa

Ⓒ Architecture Art Designs

3. Lighting
Lighting is fundamental in all spaces, and more in small ones. In this case, you can decorate your one-bedroom apartment with wall lamps or ceiling pendants, which will give you more space to your furniture and will create a chic ambiance. And, if you can afford it, architectural lighting is also a possibility to your apartment. This is integrated to the architecture, and it could be aesthetic and functional. For small spaces, we recommend you not to use floor lamps or big table lamps. 

light over sofa

Ⓒ Flos Lighting

4. Multifunctional furniture
When you have a small apartment, you need to get the most out of every space, and the key to reach this is to incorporate multifunctional furniture. These pieces can be adapted to any activity you have in your home, and can fulfill more than one function depending on the situation. For example, you can have a coffee table with hidden spaces to store small things. The most important is that every furniture you buy has different uses.

multifunctional table

Ⓒ Awesome Stuff 365

5. Transparent objects
When you are selecting furniture, one of those you can choose is transparent or weightless objects because they can help you to increase the illusion of a bigger space, and of course, they are so chic. And, to your one-bedroom apartment is even more important to select light objects, because solid or heavy furnishings will saturate the space. 

Ⓒ Fres Houz

6. Levitate furniture
Another idea to create a fantastic one-bedroom apartment is to include levitate furniture, that is to have wall mounted objects off the floor. This particular design makes your walls seem bigger because of the free space under the furniture.

levitating furniture

Ⓒ Decorathing

7. Think vertical
If you have a tiny apartment where the floor space is not enough to decorate as you would like, the solution is to use all the space that the walls offer you. This means that you need to get the most out of your wall and put things up to the ceiling, to create the illusion of open space. Remember to think vertical and include in your decoration some shelves or standing cabinets that help you with the storage. 

shelves in living room

Ⓒ Fantastic Frank

8. Layout
When you are designing a room, you should consider a strategic layout to create a cohesive space, where all the elements flow naturally. For example, elements in your living room should be around the focal point which is the sofa. So, you need to know that the furniture or accessory you incorporate into your décor cannot be put at random in the space, but they must have a special place where all things together play a role.

paintings over couch in living room

Ⓒ Leclar Decor

9. Consider the scale
Although you have a one-bedroom apartment, not all the elements you include must be small because it could mean that everything is cluttered and doesn’t have a space. It is essential to consider different furnishings between big and small to create a harmonious distribution. So, you should select the appropriate furniture that adapts to the space and the design style of your apartment.

new york apartment design

Ⓒ Decoholic

10. Nature
Including some plants in your apartment will give the space a fresher look and will help you to reduce stress and improve your life quality. You can have, for instance, a floor plant in a corner of the living room to give it a different touch. But, you can also build a stylish room with hanging plants or even sky planters. 

orchid in living room

Ⓒ Einrichten Design

11. Separate areas
Dividing your one-bedroom apartment in different areas is not a problem even if you don’t have enough space, because it is not always related with using walls. You can separate areas by using different colors schemes, heights, rugs, curtains, textures, multifunctional furniture, etc., to give each space a unique design. Your focus here is to create the visual illusion of a bigger place.

separate areas living room

Ⓒ Logan Apartments

12. Large artwork
Adding a piece of art may help to inspire you while decorating and selecting other accessories for your apartment. In this case, it is better to use a large artwork instead of different small pieces, because that will give the sensation of a cluttered room. In addition, the larger piece will allow you to have a focal point in the apartment and will give the room that pop of color to create an eye-catching and styling place.

artwork in living room

Ⓒ Nordic Wall Art

With these styling tips, you already know that no matters if you have a small space you will always can create an outstanding one-bedroom apartment without sacrificing beauty. 

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