Why Scandinavian House Design is so popular?

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When we mention the Scandinavian style, we talk about people who got inspired by climate and nature and created it. This interior design emerged in the 1930s and 1950s grew in popularity. Nowadays, this style is popping on all social media, being popular and interesting at the same time. Mainly because is minimal, full of functionality, and simplicity.

With our Scandinavian Interior Design course, you will be able to discover more about this interior decor style, starting from its history until today, together with the main elements to create it, being the ”beauty of every sunny day”. 

As we talked about above, the Scandinavian house design was mostly inspired by nature and climate. Clean lines, together with a neutral color palette and sleek furnishings are some of the elements that create this interior decor, but the Scandinavian style was influenced a lot by the climate of Nordic regions, going from short winter days to the wish to have a cozy interior, bright and warm, an interior that feels like a soft and safe hug. 

minimalistic beige living room

"When layering our spaces, we love utilizing antiques, artifacts, and accessories with natural materials.This complements our more modern choices of furniture and finishes and gives every space its own unique feeling", says Brittany Hakimfar, lead designer at Far Studio

Using light shades and pale colors would improve the way your interior might look, much brighter, ready to welcome your family or your dear ones (like friends or your soulmate).

For example, this style is taking the world by storm because, if you want to achieve it, you need to start to declutter your space. You need to eliminate every piece of furniture that is unnecessary, to have more open space and you need to make the right use of it. You could keep your living room simple, to keep it minimalist. A few furniture pieces are ideal, but not too many of them. A simple table, with styled chairs or even sofas without patterns, is a perfect match for this type of interior. In our Interior design course, you will be able to learn the importance of minimalism when it comes to this style. You will work with our best experts for a better understanding and you will learn and improve your skills and, by the end of it, you will design your interior!

As we talked about above, about the use of light tones, having white walls and neutral-colored floors are a great match to make your place more open, simple, and friendly. Keeping it simple is the main objective of this style, according to the Nordic climate, white, cold and ethereal. 

black and white scandinavian living room

Because in the Nordic regions is snowing a lot and the days are colder and the nights even worse, having a fireplace is a must. You could try and make it the center of attention in your living room and there is a lot of style for a fireplace! You could put it in a corner of a room, like a living room. You saw in movies a lot of scenes that took place around a fireplace, like a group meeting, a romantic date, a night spent between two lovers, or even a simple snack time with your friends. Why? Because this Scandinavian element has the power to add charm to your room, making the air more friendly or romantic, depending on the case. Nowadays, fireplaces have more details, thanks to the attention they receive, and people love them! Some of them have ornaments or intricate details, and there are a lot of colors from which you can pick the one you love!

The Scandinavian style is loved by everybody because it is finely crafted and simple, but beautiful at the same time. Furniture pieces are made with natural materials, lick wood or cotton. You could find some exceptions, like the use of fiberglass or textile materials. Because in the Nordic regions everything is almost white or not full of green (because green means like), the furniture pieces are simple and painted in light colors or earth tones. 

They need to be fluid, blend perfectly together, and bring the Scandinavian style to be the center of attention. During our home interior style course, you will discover a category for every home decor style, from modern to our main star, Scandinavian. Learning the basics is a must because it is important to know how to start. By achieving the best skills by using our best tools, you could improve your knowledge and your drawing style!

gray sofa

Because we use a neutral palette with light tones in Scandinavian style, you can always try and play with a splash of color, like different shades of brown, dark blue, navy blue, or even shades of green. It is important to use earth tones because this interior style was inspired by Nordic Nature. Add a brown or a dark blue sofa in the middle of the living room or some green colored shelves, if you want to keep it simple. You need to avoid using unnecessary items, that do not have a purpose.

When you decide to make your home look more Scandinavian, you need to keep a balance between cozy and minimalist. You can keep your decor minimal and go for some linen cushions, and this way, you could create it. You keep it simple and warm at the same time! Combine the use of natural elements, like wood or natural fibers, with textiles, that have organic shapes. There is no need for you to be afraid to experiment because there is no achievement without a small failure at first!

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