12 trendy kitchens with bay windows

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Designing your home can be a total adventure, and you could be happy but sometimes you can be also a little bit stressed because you need to take into account so many things to create your dream house. And, just as all the rooms in your house are important, one of those in which you spend the most time working and sharing with family and friends in the kitchen. Learn how to style the perfect kitchen with our Kitchen design online course.

The kitchen is a special and the main space in your home, so you should design the best place where you feel peace and comfort. In this sense, we would like to present to you some ideas to build an incredible kitchen with bay windows. And, this type of window will allow the entrance of extra light to give your kitchen a bright look thanks to their concept of three windows together, two angled with free movement and one fixed window that goes in the middle.

So, let’s see what are those trendy kitchens with bay windows that you could incorporate into your home.

1. Kitchen bay window with seats 
You can find different models or designs with bay windows for your kitchen, but the most attractive one is that kitchen with a bay window that allows you to include cushion seats. Here is the perfect place where you could take a break, read a book, and relax. And, the good thing is that if you don’t have a big kitchen or enough space to add a big bay window, you could perfectly add a small design that adapts to the general style and the available space. And if you like, you can add some drawers under the seat to store kitchen elements. 

Ⓒ Designing idea

2. Kitchen bay window with no cushions seats
 Another incredible idea for your bay window could be to add a granite top to your bay window if you don’t want to put cushions. This top will serve you to seat or put additional elements that you use in the kitchen.  

bay window with cushions

Ⓒ Thrisfty Decor Chick

3. Kitchen bay window over the sink
The next idea for your kitchen is to have a bay window behind the sink area. It will allow you to have more light while you are working. Additionally, you could have extra space on its nook to put, for example, some plants, and give your kitchen a natural vibe.

kitchen bay window over sink

Ⓒ Gabdearq

4. Dining area
 You could probably have the bay window on one side of the kitchen, so a perfect idea for you would be to include a dining area in the nook that offers you the design of a traditional bay window. Due to the form of the window, the best option is a round table to follow the same shape as the bay window nook. Including this area will help you to share the breakfast with your family looking to the outside; you can rest, work or help your kids with their homework. 

kitchen bay windows over dining table

Ⓒ LDA Architecture & Interiors

5. Four sides
As we said, typical bay windows have three sides, that are one in the middle and two more at angles. But, there are some bay windows with one more glass panel at the top of the window. This is excellent to receive more natural light in your kitchen. 

four sides kitchen bay windows

Ⓒ Window World Hudson Valley

6. Bay window with curtains
Having bay windows in your kitchen may become the center of attention, but if you want to add a sophisticated look then you could hang curtains. And, due to its shape, we recommend you install one curtain for each window. The material you could use for the curtains will depend on the general style of your kitchen to create a harmonic space. 

kitchen bay windows with curtains

Ⓒ Homedit

7. Bay windows with shutters
Another idea to design a better look in your kitchen is to cover the window with shutters. This will allow you to have more privacy if you live in a house, and reduce noise from outside. Moreover, thanks to the frames adapted to each panel of glass, you can control the entrance of light and regulate it depending on the work you are doing or the time of the day. 

kitchen bay windows with shutters

Ⓒ English Blinds

8. Kitchens with an arc over the sink
This design establishes that you have an arc in the area of the sink, and you can install a flat bay window with three glass panels behind the sink. You can also add an apron sink and use granite to your countertop. And, on both sides of the arc, there could be a cabinet to store your kitchen elements. 

window arc over the sink

Ⓒ Gadbearq

9. G-shaped kitchen
If you have the space, you can install a G-shaped kitchen in your home. This means that you have one complete wall to put your cabinetry and sink, one small continuation on one side, and just a countertop in half with cabinetries underneath in front of the other wall. In this case, a small bay window is placed behind the sink.

G shaped kitchen

Ⓒ Home Bliss

10. Bay window in an alley kitchen
In a narrow space, you can install an alleyway or galley kitchen with two walls, one in front of the other. Following this design scheme, on the extreme of the kitchen, you can have a bay window that provides more natural light to the interior. And, if you have enough space inside the kitchen, it could be possible to add a small round table with two chairs.

alley kitchen window

11. Plant box on the kitchen bay window
You can install a plant box behind the sink to bring color and fresh air to your kitchen and reduce the stress of daily life. In this case, the plants should be higher than the sink area, so you could put a mini wall to separate them. These plants and flowers will make your kitchen and bay window elegant and eye-catching.

plants on kitchen bay window

Ⓒ Mark Byerly

12. Bay window on one wall of the kitchen
You could find different kitchen designs with a bay window behind the sink, but it is not the only way to create it. You can also have a bay window on the other wall of the kitchen, separated from the sink area. So, you can leave the countertop free of elements to work better while you are cooking.

kitchen bay window on one wall

Ⓒ Amazing Spaces

Up here comes our selection of trendy kitchens with bay windows. So, you already know that, if you are planning the design of your new home or remodeling, you can check these ideas to choose the best one for your home and design style.

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