13 home office ideas for women

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In recent years, working from home has become the new practice, for both men and women, even before the pandemic. And the reality is that certain people prefer to work from the comfort of their homes because they can control the space, how they distribute the time to make other things, and so on. That’s why freelancers and employees began to look for new ideas to remodel their spaces to include an office in the house. Learn how to design the perfect office space with our Office Interior Design Course

And if you are a woman that would like to make some changes in your life and want to work from home, here we will share with you the best home office ideas for women, that you could include in your remodeling plan to have the most spectacular space. 

1. Minimalist space
Minimalism means simplicity and clean lines, and if you are that woman that prefers minimum décor and the design style of your home is also minimalistic, then this is the perfect design for your office. First, to achieve this look, the main color palette is white or light colors for the entire space. Additionally, there is no ornamentation, so you could have some cabinets where you can save all your work elements to not have them on the exterior, and if you like, you can add some color accents with a book or a flower.

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2. Feminine desk
The focal point of any office is the desk, so you need to look for one that has delicate lines and shapes to give your space an elegant and feminine touch. You can choose a desk with feminine carvings or legs, and if you like you can select some light colors for your desk, such as beige, white, pastel pink, or even pastel blue. This will give your office a subtle and beautiful look.

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3. Floral wallpaper or artworks
If you want to give your new office a special touch and make it look sweet, you could use some wallpapers with floral patterns, or if you prefer, you can paint your wall in a solid light color and hang some floral pieces of art. If you like this idea, you could add a center artwork on the wall or put it like a gallery with different images. Don’t forget that flowers are always a perfect bet and their colors bring life to the space.

Ⓒ Rustic Craft

4. Gold accents
Golden décor gives elegance to the place, so you can include a desk or a chair with golden details. This will offer you a very feminist and chic office. In addition, you can install bookshelves with golden details too, to express your personality, and put some important books or artworks that make you feel relaxed in a place that you love.

Ⓒ Kathy Kuo Home

5. Pink chair
Pink is the preferred color to represent women, femininity, romance, and beauty, and that’s why it should be a must-have color in your home office. In this case, we recommend you a pink desk chair that is comfortable to spend some hours daily. So, you should buy an upholstered chair, which offers you relaxation and comfort to work.

Ⓒ Mercer 41

6. Bookshelves
Another important piece in any office is a bookshelf, and if you like to read or need to have different books near you when you are working, you could include some bookshelves with certain books and of course some little details or décor. Or if you want, you can add a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to save all your books, and it could be like a little library.

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7. Drawers
In any office, you will find drawers to store documents, folders, papers, and office materials, so it is important to add some drawers to your home office. They could be installed in your desk to facilitate the work, or you can have as well an individual cabinet. It should match with the entire style of the space. 

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8. Desk lamp
Lighting is one of the most essential elements when decorating any space, and in offices is important because you need a lot of light to see and work better. For this reason, most of the offices are near a window. However, if you don’t have enough natural light that enters the place, then you should have a desk lamp that fits your tastes and the style of your home office.

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9. Soft pink rug
As we said, pink and its shades are the preferred colors to build a feminine space. And, the rug is an element that provides elegance and stylishness. So, if you make a mix, you could have a soft pink rug to make your office feel comfy. You can choose between different shades of color, sizes, and materials, to create an office perfect for you.

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10. Nature
Plants not only help you to improve your life quality, and reduce stress, but they also bring life and fresh air to any space. So, you can let that Mother Nature enters your home office and give it a special, natural, and warm look. You can choose the plant that you like the most, or you can select the best of them depending on their meaning.

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11. Scents and flowers
Who don’t like flowers? They are colorful, elegant, and stunning, and they will help you to create an extraordinary atmosphere. In addition, they give that extra punch of color if your office is decorated with a neutral palette color. And, of course, the smell of flowers helps you to relax and feel comfortable. Besides flowers, scents of candles or oil diffusers are good to give your home office an outstanding touch.

Ⓒ Jane at home

12. Chandelier pendant
If you like luxury and you can afford it, a little stylish chandelier pendant would be an incredible feature to add to your home office. Lighting is one of the elements that gives the mood of a space, and if it has a chic design, then you will love even more this place. 

Ⓒ Clark & Co Homes

13. Curtains
For your backdrop, long curtains are perfect to your home office. These curtains are ideal if you need to record videos or if you receive some video calls while working. Materials and colors will depend on the design style you choose for the office.

Ⓒ Elle Events

Each element you select to build your home office has an importance into the place, and all of them must match well together to create a cohesive and harmonic space. So, if you are considering to work from home and need to remodel a room into an office, follow these tips we shared with you to construct an astonishing, feminine, and stylish home office. 

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