Kitchen design trends for 2022

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Keeping up with the trends requires observation and a lot of reading too. Well, in terms of reading, we mean not only browsing through articles but also understanding the flow of situations in the community and how it will lead to a certain fad. In terms of interior design trends, an example would be how the pandemic turned most of society into plant-lovers and home buddies. More and more people are looking through their homes and seeing the necessary changes they need to do. As for most parts, the kitchen can be put in the spotlight. Still, do not worry as we got you covered through the HDI Kitchen Design online course.

Following the kitchen, interior design trends can be a whole lot more meaningful when you are aware of the basic concepts in styling your kitchen. Observing the pattern on the trends list is one thing but if you do not understand some techniques and basic parts of kitchen interior design, it is like reading in the dark. Through the online kitchen design course, you will learn more about the theories and foundation of a kitchen design and you will have the chance to apply them in your individual projects. You heard it right. You will have the opportunity to work on an actual detailed project and present it through software which you will discover as the sessions go. Feeling interested? Feel free to browse our course tab and see more topics that might interest you.

The kitchen may be full of activity but with the right kind of design, it will be a relaxing and peaceful place. Over the years, the styles have been changing and a lot of infusions were included in the trends list. It is challenging to mix and match thus, keeping some worthy accessories and furniture here and there can save you time and energy in being at par with the trending designs. You may be asking, what is the trending kitchen design nowadays? We gathered some of the answers as we also observed the inclination of styles these days. Gear up for our list as we give you some of the noteworthy trends.

modern ktichen with fridge and in cupboard oven

Sustainability is the key concept these days. As the call to protect and preserve nature rises and the isolation we experienced with the onset of the pandemic, more and more people appreciate the beauty of nature and how healthy it can be by incorporating it into their home designs. Learn more about sustainable practises with our Sustainable Design online course

Using actual plants in decorating the kitchen, using energy-saving appliances and wastewater management are some of the sustainable actions most of us are doing now. Having an actual herb garden gives you an opportunity on cutting down your grocery list and a hobby that mother nature will be proud of. Pair this with proper wastewater management and you are off to sustainable living.

When it comes to appliances, there is a growing number of companies that create energy-saving appliances. They also come up with reusable materials so you can still save those appliances when they break down. One of the most efficient models that is definitely on the rise in the interior world is the multi use sink, thinks interior designer Shawn Stroker. 

“Work-Station sinks where you prepare, serve and wash both food and dishes are on the rise in the well appointed kitchen.  Several companies have models with these kinds of functions making the sink another appliance with all that it can do. The Galley has the best in my opinion while Kohler also showed several versions at KBIS this past April”, she says.

multipurpose sink

© The Galley

As nature has been given the most spotlight these days – when it should have always been – natural materials are also trending. The use of wood is still popular on chairs, tables and floors. The neutral colours are still in but with a more earthy note. Muted greens and blues are still top-notch. With this, other natural materials are welcomed with their different textures. The earth tones match and blend in with these materials perfectly.

Rattan, hardwood, cotton, wool and clay pots are used as well in accessories. These create layering and texture in the kitchen interior design. There may be more options to choose from. You just have to be aware of your preferred style.

“Staying at home for so many months has given most people the desire to create an atmosphere of calm. What better way than to bring natural elements into the room where we spend a great deal of our waking hours. Natural wood base cabinets have become more popular during this time, especially a mid-tone walnut. We are also seeing a matching countertops to backsplashes for a smooth and cohesive transition from horizontal to vertical surfaces. Engineered Quartz has been doing double duty in this area with companies like Dekton, Silestone, and Cambria that have created multi thickness materials making it easier than ever to apply to walls. Lastly, small herb gardens and other natural greenery continue to bring the outside in whether it is in a live wall application or a counter top display”, says professional Shawn Strok

© Cambria 

You may want to check out your storage areas for antique furniture and materials that can be alive in your interior this 2022 as they are included in the list of trending styles. Upcycling is in as you reuse the accessories and functional pieces you might have. Also, you may want to recycle and be resourceful in pouring out your creativity into used materials. 

An example of recycling is using your plastic bottle as draining pots for your herbs and plants. Bottles of wine may be used as accessories and cans may be turned into holders. These activities make up for sustainability as well and support the campaign on preserving our green environment.

The kitchen interior designs may change from time to time but some are just revived depending on the need of the people. As people become more and more comfortable staying in their homes, their creativity in them becomes practised by becoming aware of their preferences and interests. Designing can be part of their hobbies and they seek something new in their mundane tasks. The current kitchen interior design trends are purposeful and functional making it worth the try. Today’s trends make you appreciate more the natural aspects of things rather than the superficial ones. It makes you see the beauty of the genuineness of a design.

Knowing the trends and applying them in your home can be useful too. As in the case of the current trends, changing the interior design of your kitchen can make it more functional. It all depends on your preference and style. Keeping yourself updated with the articles and education can help you understand more about the differences between trending designs. You can even compare and contrast trending designs in the past and the current ones. 

With your education, we have the HDI online courses that will surely guide you in your process of planning. You will be able to apply the concepts as you learn them from professionals in the field. Updating yourself through reading materials and learning it through an organized and systemic curriculum are some of the tips you can follow as you keep up with the trends. So, put on your creative thinking hat and explore the world of interior design!

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