12 luxurious bedroom ideas

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Your bedroom is your temple, is that place where you rest of the daily journey, and where you can be entirely yourself. And, of course, it should express all your personality because is the space where you spend part of your life and where you will feel comfortable relaxing and recharging your energies for the next day. The importance of bedrooms is great, that's why you need to plan a space that suits your needs. Learn how to do that with our online bedroom interior design course

That’s why you need to create an ambiance where you feel well to enjoy the time of sleeping. So, we have gathered some of the best ideas you would like to know if you want to build a luxurious bedroom, with details and décor that will make you feel like a pop star. And remember that regardless of the style of your home, you will always adapt the ideas of interior design to any space and preference in order to build a glamorous and outstanding atmosphere.

1. Golden details
A bedroom will never fail as a luxurious one if you add some gold accents. This color comes from royalty, and added to your décor will make your bedroom gains a sophisticated touch. To reach this, you can have golden accessories such as a lamp or pendant chandelier with some details in gold, golden pillow cases, insets on your walls, or even the feet of your bed, sofa, or divan.

luxurious gold bedroom


2. Double doors
If you have enough space in your home, you can add a magnificent entrance to your bedroom with a double door. This feature will give your space an elegant and a very aristocratic look. You can include chandelier lighting to increase the impact when opening the bedroom. 

double door bedroom


3. Shades of blue
The color blue is timeless and you can find it in most royal design styles as it is the favorite color to create a luxurious atmosphere. And, to reach this, you can paint your walls dark blue, and then add different shades of the same color to your pillows, blankets, or even in a little sofa or divan. In addition, you can have some details in white or gold to give an extra touch of sleekness.

blue luxurious bedroom


4. Silver color
And, if you want to feel like a princess, silver is another idea to decorate your bedroom. You can have an entire space in silver-white, and paint your walls, ceiling, and floor in white, add a mirror with golden accents, and a big chandelier pendant light to brighten the place. Moreover, you can select some silver-white pillows, sheets, and curtains, and combine different soft materials such as cotton, furs, and silk. This color will create a delicate and comfortable bedroom.

silver bedroom


5. Golden canopy
Sometimes bedrooms are framed with a canopy to give the air and design style of royalty bedrooms. And if you add this canopy in golden color, the sophisticated touch will increase. With this detail, we recommend you have your walls and the rest of the décor in muted or light tones.

golden canopy

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6. Elegant divan
One of the elements that make your bedroom more luxurious is a divan, and you can add one to the foot of the bed. This detail will give a comfortable mood to the space and it is beautiful and sleek. And if you want more opulence in your bedroom, velvet is the perfect material to reach this look. In addition, you can add as well a blanket and some pillows.

elegant divan in bedroom

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7. Purple
Purple color means elegance, magic, and luxury. It is used to represent these characteristics in brands, clothes, and of course, interior design. Adding different shades of purple will help you to create a magnificent bedroom. For example, you can have your ceiling, walls, and floor painted in light shades of purple; and use darker tones of purple, like wine, to add particular accents to the space, such as the divan, pillows, blanket, and night lamps. And if you like, you can have some little details in gold to give brightness to your bedroom.

purple bedroom


8. Light and neutral colors
If you like lighter colors, then this idea is for you. Neutral colors are the best option to add sophistication with simplicity. You can use some soft colors to paint your walls such as beige, gray, and white. These colors are fresh, and easy to combine with colors of the other elements in your room. And, to activate the mood of your bedroom you can select some dark colors to give it an accent to the space. Another idea would be to combine neutral colors with muted or pastels colors in order to create balance. The perfect color for your bedroom will depend on the design style of your home, and the atmosphere you want to generate.

neutral bedroom

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9. Fabrics
The bed is the focal point and center of your bedroom, so you need to add different layers of fabrics and textures. This means that your bed doesn’t have to be flat just with one color. For example, you can mix distinctive textures in neutral colors and combine them with pillows and blankets made of different fabrics and textures to give your bedroom a contrasting and elegant touch. 

different textures in the bedroom

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10. Large mirrors
Mirrors are usually used to give the visual sensation of more space if you have a tiny room. But, they also serve to be the center of your room because they direct the look to that space, and give your bedroom a more elegant appearance. You can hang it on the wall or keep it against the wall. In addition, you can add a frame to give it a more ostentatious look. If your bedroom is small, then you can place the mirror in a space where the natural light that enters from the window reflects on the mirror and give it that sensation of wideness.

large mirror in bedroom


11. Lighting 
Depending on the lamps you use in the spaces you can create different ambiance moods. That’s why lighting is a key factor to add the final touch to any interior design. And, building a luxurious bedroom is easy if you select more than one lighting source. This style is not about using only one lamp on the ceiling, but it is about choosing several lamps that match between them. So, if you want to add luxury and elegance to your bedroom, you need to add a ceiling lamp, alongside with night lamps, wall-mounted sconces, or floor lamps. And, remember that all the lamps should be connected by the material or the color to create a cohesive atmosphere.

lights in bedroom

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12. Scents
And, as a special touch to your bedroom, you can add some scents to relax your mind and feel comfortable. So, you can have diffusers, essential oils, candles, or flowers, and place them in your vanity, night tables, or in the window. These elements help you to reduce the daily stress and improve your life quality since you feel better after a good rest.

scented candle

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This is our selection of some ideas you can include in your bedroom if you would like to achieve a luxurious bedroom. However, there exist many more ideas you can evaluate to reach this look, but everything will depend on your tastes, the interior design style of your home, and the type of ambiance you want to create to feel like a star or a princess.

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