10 small lights for your dining room

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Your home is plenty of rooms that become special to spend time with your friends and family, and one of those spaces is your dining room. Here, you can have a great meal to share a casual day, celebrate something particular, or even you can work or do the homework with your kids. But, regardless of the moment, one perfect element to create a stunning ambiance is lighting. Choosing the right light fixture is definitely one of the basic interior design skills and you can learn more about that in our free online interior design course

Illuminating any room in your home will help you to give the exact mood you want for your spaces, and that’s why you need to look for the best designs in lighting. There exist thousands of ideas, and they may come in different sizes and shapes, but you will select the light depending on the space you have in your dining room, the design style of your home, and the ambiance style you would like to create. So, we will share with you some small light ideas for your dining room. 

1. Simple glass globe pendant
This style is so simple and delicate to help you to illuminate your dining room. It is a perfect classy design if you have a small space, and it will give your room a modern and elegant style. These pendants come in different sizes, so you can choose longer or smaller lines, depending on the space and your tastes. You could find these globes in different colors to give your dining room a warm and unique look.

Ⓒ Home Designing

2. Flush mount lights
This design of lighting is directly attached to the ceiling, so there is no space between the light and the ceiling. The flush mount light is perfect if you have a small space and provides overall lighting. You can select among several shapes and unique designs to stand out in the décor of your dining room.

Ⓒ Walmart

3. Slim chandelier
A chandelier lighting scheme consists of a pendant hung to the ceiling, from which extended different light bulbs. There exist several designs and shapes you can evaluate to select the right for your dining room. And, as you could see in the image, that is one type of light consisting of a ring chandelier lighting, a unique and minimalist model that will give your space an outstanding look.

Ⓒ Goeco

4. Open shade lighting
Another option is to choose a light with an open shade that will allow the wide entrance of sunlight to your dining room. They are generally bulbs with a geometric fixture surrounding them. This type of light will create a serene atmosphere in your home. Learn how to create different atmosphere with the help of interior design with our Interior design decoration course

Ⓒ Lamps Plus

5. Floor lamps
This lighting alternative is perfect for you if you don’t have the exact wiring to install a lamp to the ceiling, or if you want to give your dining room a special focal point. Floor lamps are ideal to give your space a different and modern look.  

floor lamp for dining room

Ⓒ The Design Files

6. Wall-mounted sconce
If you want to revitalize your home and give any space a pretty and elegant look, then you can choose wall-mounted sconces. This type of lighting brings a brilliant accent to your dining room, especially if you would like to point the attention to a particular fixture like a piece of art or a mirror, like in the image. And a tip to use this design is to combine it with pendant lighting to create the perfect balance in the space.

Ⓒ Decoist

7. Dome lights
This type of lighting is a pendant in the form of a dome hung above the dining table, and it is perfect for a small place. Illuminating the space with a dome light will help you to create a warm and glowing mood in the room. The head of this dome pendant light is big enough to brighten all the space. They are usually made of rustic finishes to give a cozy touch.

dome light for dining room

Ⓒ Grahams Living

8. Drum shade pendant
This lighting characterizes by its cylindrical form around the bulb. From this fixture comes the name of drum, and the purpose of this drum is to diffuse the light intensity that generates the lamp. They are ideal if you want a general lighting with not too much brightness. In addition, you can find this model in different materials, and you can choose the perfect one for your home style. The drum shade pendant will give your dining room an aesthetic and chic look. 

drum shade light

Ⓒ Still organ decor

9. Linear pendant lighting
If you want a simple and modern lighting design for your dining room, this could be the perfect selection for your home. A linear pendant lighting consists of a single line or long tube with a main light source or multiple sources. They come in different shapes, designs and finishes that will adapt to your tastes and style. 

linear pendant lighting

Ⓒ Beautiful Halo

10. Lantern pendant
This type is also a pendant lighting, but its design is classier and vintage. They are inspired by lanterns placed in outside areas of a home, like a porch; and entry areas. This model of pendant lighting may contain one or multiple LED bulbs to illuminate your dining room. Adding this lantern pendant will give an extra level of elegance to your home.

lantern for dining room

Ⓒ Julie Blanner

As you could see, there exist different small lights for your dining room, and the perfect selection will depend on the general style design of your home, and of course, your preferences. Remember that lighting is that special and important element you should take into account when creating your spaces, because it will give them a distinctive and unique touch. Develop this and many more skills with our professional interior design online course

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