13 Modern Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets

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Coziness in the kitchen depends largely on the furniture. It is necessary to choose the right kitchen cabinets, which are used for storing dishes and kitchen utensils. They determine the entire design of the kitchen. The performance and aesthetic characteristics of the fronts are determined primarily by the properties of the material from which they are made.

Modern furniture manufacturers offer products made of different materials, including glass. A set with glass fronts can add a special touch of sophistication to the interior. It's a great replacement for closed kitchen cupboards, and the cabinets do not allow dust to get inside, but the tableware and decorative items, which are now offered in large quantities, are clearly visible. Learn how to style glass cabinets in your kitchen with our Kitchen design course

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Glass is a wonderful material that will provide a special, interesting look to the kitchen. It is also important that the glass front is practical, versatile, and looks great, as it comes in all shapes in colours. Modern technology allows you to create an amazing decoration, making a glass cabinet a bright accent of the entire room.

A cabinet for dishes with frosted glass will never lose its relevance. This is a timeless classic. The effect is achieved by applying sand or a special composition. Such glass is easy to care for. It partially hides the contents of the kitchen cabinets from prying eyes, yet it still gives the bright feeling of exposure.

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This technology makes it possible to obtain coloured glass of extraordinary beauty. It is based on the sintering process. Multi-colored pieces of colored glass are placed on transparent glass. After placing the whole structure in the furnace, a monolith is formed, which has a unique texture and color scheme. Stained glass in the fusing technique looks very beautiful. Cabinets with such doors are quite expensive, as special glass is used for fusing.

Ⓒ Kukhonnye Fasady

Stained glass windows
 Stained glass windows were used to decorate windows in the Middle Ages. Nowadays stained glass technique is widely used in the production of glass kitchen fronts. New technology has made its adjustments, and now stained glass windows are no longer what they were in early Christian temples.

stained glass


Float glass (thermo polished glass) 
This is the most affordable option. It is produced by special board-forming machines at high temperatures. It has a perfectly smooth surface and can be both transparent and tinted.


Laser engraving removes the top layer of glass. This way patterns, ornaments or simply the outlines of a picture are created. Such glass looks very delicate. You can experiment with this style as much as you want, since glass engravings are easily customisable. This style keeps your kitchen bright, but it is still see-through! Don't forget to keep your cupboards clean behind it. 

Ⓒ Stained Cabinet Glass

This is the most popular type of glass, which is ideal for a variety of kitchen design styles. Tempered glass is chosen for durability, although you can take ordinary or decorated glass. When using transparent glass, it is important to keep in mind that everything is perfectly visible behind it, i.e. there must be order. Of course, you will have to get a good cleaner for cleaning glass.

Ⓒ Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

Bubble Glass
The name of this material indicates: there are dots and numerous bubbles inside the glass, which can be different sizes (good glass has small bubbles). Bubble glass was invented during the colonial era, so it goes well with the vintage style of the kitchen.

Ⓒ Our Best Bites / Sara Wells

For the modern kitchen, such glass is ideal. It emphasizes the play of different colors and shades. For kitchen cabinets, colored glass or colored film is used, with the help of which any pattern is created. In this form, the furniture looks more interesting than with standard transparent glass. The color can be chosen according to any taste.

Ⓒ Scottish Stained Glass

Kitchen in the style of high-tech
Glass fronts are ideal for creating a high-tech kitchen. Bright colors, contrast, glossy surfaces create an atmosphere of modernity. Cabinets with transparent glass will be very appropriate against the background of wine-colored furniture and will fit perfectly into the interior.

Ⓒ Decoist

Kitchen in the style of minimalism
This kitchen is characterized by a laconic color scheme, elegance, minimum decor. The glass of the cabinets, inserted in a black frame, stands out spectacularly against a white background. A bright color accent was a decorative red stripe tiled along the sleeve.

beige modern kitchen
Ⓒ Expo Mebel

Kitchen in the Provence style
The glass fronts of the kitchen in the Provence style must have a frame. Very beautiful looks superimposed on the glass metal mesh. Often the doors of cabinets resemble a window, consisting of several glass inserts.

provence styled kitchen
Ⓒ GoodFon / Pauchok

It's easy to add sophistication, lightness and an unobtrusive touch of sophistication to your kitchen - just choose a set with glass fronts. Quality glass fronts are ideal for modern kitchens. They not only help to create a stylish and refined interior, but also last quite a long time.

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